A Day Out in Hoods is Beneficial for Every Mood!

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Camping making a very exciting experience of all the fun that we do enjoy indoors but and enjoy the natural beauty of this heavenly topography that gives every chance to explore the new place. The rough roads enhancing the stories of every wanderer, the trees depicting the growth and the high raising mountains protecting strong and high with the journey of their formation and many more travel logs carrying the carving of the rocks. One of the best camping near Mumbai. The vegetation blossoming with fresh chlorophyll and the dews of the early morning.

So where is Prabalmachi?

Situated in the Raigad district of the state of Maharashtra, the prabalmachi is the located at the height of +2000ft above the sea level. The exciting point of the parabalmachi camping is the proximity from the Mumbai and Pune so you can get to the location from these nearest cities. The prabalmachi camping is situated between the kalavantin durg in the northern zone to the prabalgad in the southern zone. It is like a small plateau favorable for various camping sites with the adjoining mountains and the luscious green vegetation.

How to get there?

Prabalmachi camping lying in the location nearest from Mumbai and Pune, the complete journey will be instructed by our guides who will take you to the camping location. If one wants to travel by the roadways can make a verge to the camping site traveling along the Mumbai Pune expressway. You can draw to the spot either from Panvel or Matheran if you wish to explore new roads and rides. Lying in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra the place has the coolness that everyone wishes to escape from the city life and drown in the mesmerizing scenery of this nature.

What is so exciting about Prabalmachi?

If you are a nature lover then you will experience how the variation in weather takes place along the whole journey, the high mountains covered with misty clouds and the dampness in the air carrying the Goosebumps of the cool breeze that kisses your face making every breath refreshing and relaxing. The prabalgad fort was built during the Bahamani kingdom era 1458AD that is still standing strong high. On the other side, the kalavantin durg built during the 15th-century making named after the queen kalavantin. Also, the bhandardara lake camping is an amazing spot for lakeside camping. Making the epic history of the watch guard forts to spy over the regions of Panvel and various routes to protect the regions.

What are the activities to be done?

Prabalmachi camping is filled with various treks and outdoor games that you would love to do on the go. The prabalagad trek, trailing along with the forests, you can also go hiking on the adjacent the kalavantin trek which is considered to be the most difficult in the world. The steep steps without any support climbing over the misty mountains to enraging spirit of the strong fort. You can discover the ancient routes that were used to travel and the epic scenery down the valley with small villages and with the greenery of the region.

When is the best time to visit?

Prabalamchi camping has various seasons and every season has something new to offer. The summer season making a fun adventure for youngsters in their vacations. On the onset of monsoon the blooming trails of vegetation making the environment pleasant and the most visited time of the year. The cold shivering winter with the open clean sky making the gaze out twinkling. And not the least the bonfire making the camping complete to warm up the life and burn down every tiredness with the sizzling barbeque that will make your mouth water.


Make sure you carry your trek shoes, and comfortable jerseys with the goggles and leave all to us.

Swayourway will provide every facility that you deserve for the convenience of the camping. Another option you have for pawna lake camping and Igatpuri camping with peaceful scenery in Maharashtra. From the first aid till the tents will be arranged at the site. The prabalmachi camping packages at the affordable rates, that will give you the complete soothing experience of nature. Though camping is available throughout the year you can visit different seasons to notice the changing colors of nature. Any inconvenience will be taken care of at the site. So get ready to conquer the fort!

Winter Has Started, Why And Where Should We Go For Camping?

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India blessed with three seasons that makes everyone adaptable to all the weather conditions and to experience the nature that surprises with new blooming flora and fauna. One of the most beloved and lazy seasons comes the winter. We all love to get tucked in bed and watch our favorite films and series and enjoy the warmth of the blanket! Though we do this every year why don’t we enjoy the winter in a new way at a different place and enjoy the sip of the hot drinks!

Here are some of the most exciting places that you should go camping and enjoy the chills with warm care.

1. Prabalmachi Camping

As we rise above the sea level the climate gets cooler and cooler, though the cool places become more chilling and that makes the fun of winter. Prabalmachi situated in the Pune district of Maharashtra state is the trek lovers’ destination. People find reasons to visit prabalmachi as it is one of the most difficult treks to conquer. At an elevation of 2300ft, the prabalmachi camping the site is located in between the two big fort top one is the Prabalgad and other being the Kalavatin durg. Though the forts were built during the reign of Shivaji Maharaj to guard the regions of Panvel and its adjoining territory. The nights are quiet and pleasant with no noise where you can hear your echo.

The Prabalmachi camping site is well equipped with all the facilities. You can place yourself and imagine the beauty of the rustic evening with the cup of hot coffee in your hand. Prabalmachi camping is trekkers, love. The trekking makes the body warm that the chills of the winter will not make you sense any of the weather. Being one of the toughest treks in India the steep hills gives the enchanting view of the Sahyadri Mountains that you would have seen. The topography of the black rocks painted with lush green colors.

Adjoining the camp you can enjoy the barbeque with sizzling cuisines with the spicy corners that warm up the inner appetite and making complete satisfaction of the food. At the camping site, you can make up with various games or go on the trail to wander in the hoods and discover the new wildlife. The bonfire with collecting memories and building new ones in the warmth of the the fire that will bake them to be strong forever, and of course the photography that no one will like to miss.

But the real sense of the winter is acknowledged when we step into the wild and take the experience of the world life who live in their natural habitat.

2. Pawna Lakeside Camping

Another hot destination of the chilling cold winter is the Pawna lake camping. The Pawna Lake camping located in the Pune district of Maharashtra on Mumbai-Pune road 26km into the mountains. We always dream of staying by the lakeside or riverside away from the chaos and lie in nature with complete silence to revive ourselves. The Pawna Lake is 25km long on the river Pawna various camping spots with you in the middle of the mountain! Pawna River making a reservoir over the dam is one of the best adventures of Pawna dam camping. The lifeline for the adjacent villages, the atmosphere over the lake is cool and calm that you can perform various water sports like the boat ride, kayaking, lake rafting and simply wander over the edges of the lake with your loved ones. One can also go for paragliding over the ranges of Sahayadri.

Trekking points to explore when you visit the Pawna lake as the Lohgad fort, Vissapur fort, Tikkona fort the visit to Ambey valley, Korigad fort, and many other forts. Trekking is the most activity that you should go on that drives out the cold winter and rejuvenates with the energetic spirits. You can picture yourself standing by the lakeside and the sun setting behind the mountains the amber color sky giving you the Romanising feeling drowning you into the love of the nature that would make you the poet to write the heart out. And yes the bonfire that makes the camping incomplete. Resting in the silence of the valley and waking to the misty morning with the cup of tea.

The Pawna lake camping is the place where you can enjoy the vacation with your whole family. The light of the lanterns brightening, and the twinkling sky overhead making the most magical experience you ever have seen. So make sure you dive into the mystic nature.

3. Bhandardara lake Camping

Bhandardara is the small village located along the Western Ghats, Which is India’s hotspot for the wild flora and fauna. It is situated in Akole tehsil of the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. A four hours travel or 185 km from Mumbai, located at the elevation of 2340ft above the sea level nature is flourishing in the bountiful environment. Bhandardara lakeside camping is the perfect spot to spend weekends and discover oneself in the silence of the valley. The Sahyadri’s ranges covered with lush green mountains. Sahaydris known for the valley of shadows will make no trek tiring on the go. The mountain ranges are home to many peaks as the Kalsubai peak which is the highest peak in Maharashtra state and the proudly called as Everest of Maharashtra.

Bhandardara is situated on the river pravara. The Bhandardara is one of the camping sites has various open grounds to wander in the open sky and gaze at the forest life with numerous creatures and birds. The Bhandardara lakeside is accommodated with trekking spots at the Ratangad fort and the other of the Kokanada. The Ratanwadi is famous for various fireflies watchers during the winter and monsoon when the environment gets colder the fireflies dances with lightening spirits and warming our souls. The clear skies of the winter to observe various stars that we miss in the city life.

The Randha falls creating a gorge of 170ft with a mesmerizing view, The Ghatkar the point from where you can watch the wide ranges of Sahyadris the emergent topography where the ancient forts were built and to hide disguise. The Sandhan valley Trek at 25km from Bhandarara where ‘The grand canyon of Maharashtra is situated. Harishchandragad fort from where the trails leading to the Ajoba peak and Ghanchakkar  peak are the most trekking spots and people love to go hiking. The hanging tents of the bhandardara to enjoy a different stay out over the mountains. Bhandardara was the mediating point of Agastya rishi( A sage) you can sense the spirituality in the mountain ranges.

Make sure you enjoy the warmth of the treks and nature that protect from the chilling cold with the bonfire in the hoods weaving stories and adventures of the unending spirits of the fireflies and the expedition of the mountain tops.

4. Igatpuri Camping

Igatpuri located in the Nasik district of Maharashtra state 130km from Mumbai. Situated in the western ghats in the sahayadri ranges. Igatpuri is famous for the Vipassana meditation centre that follows the dhama and accordingly the processions of the sessions take place. The igatpuri camping sites are located along the lakes and valleys of the bhatsa river, camel valley and many more. The kalsubai peak located at 35 km from Igatpuri is the favourite trekking and carrying various expeditions. The Arthur Lake formed over the river pravara being one of the camping sites. The five waterfall site is the most mesmerizing trek to be explored on. The Tringalwadi fort situated at the height of 3000ft above the sea level gives the picturesque scenes of the kalsubai and the kulang mountain ranges.

You can perform lake rafting, lake tube floating or go on kayaking in the lake. Being in the silence of the valley you can perform the archery and rifle shooting. The youth are dragged during their weekends for small breaks. The vaitarna dam, karoli ghat are various spots that you can visit during the camping. Camping in Igatpuri has a different from other camping sites here nature is always blooming with bounties. And the misty valleys of winter are the enchanting as it is always said you should enjoy the cold morning of the Nashik district. The cuisine of the Nashik blended with spice where you’ll get the authentic food of bhakar and jhunka that warms up the cold appetite and never-ending warmness. 

And the heart-warming bonfire that lights the spirit of the campaigners with the rich delicacies of barbeque and many more exciting sports that you will get to explore. So travel with Swayourway with amazing camping near Mumbai packed with the fun thrilling adventures and Water sports activities. We will be provided with all the facilities and convenience so you could enjoy the cold winter nights with the misty mornings. The affordable packages that will make you visit again over time. The tents with full safety. So grab your bag with warming comforts and set the journey into nature.