Boat Party

Party Boat Trip – A Little Party Will Never Hurt Anybody!

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Swayourway guarantees you with the adventure boat trip in goa that you always wish for. The boat trip starting from Rs. 1400/- inclusive of all the activities. With the affordable tour packages, we can rationalize the stay place with various water sports packages in Goa. The north Goa, south Goa trip and old goa churches. The cruise bookings to different destinations or the overnight cruise stay with all luxury and comfort that you deserve. The complete Goa tour package with a houseboat stay in goa. We do provide vacation reservations for the new year and Christmas.

The Goa being the land for party hikers the carnivals and festivals of varying seasons you will get to know with us! We all work hard over days and nights to earn the living. What is the use if don’t use this earnings to enjoy. We love to groove and sing and enjoy the years of youth and parties. The party destination for all ages and no barriers to the wildness and the madness. We might think of partying in the club and over the beaches in Goa, the whole state is the stage for you to dance all the way. Partying over the boat has its new rhythm. 

Party Boat Goa

What it is all About?

Every time we hoard over one or the other beach and wander around to have adventures and accommodate over the hotels for complete leisure. You can book a boat for your family members and friends or the most beloved bachelor’s party. Enjoying the summers under the blue open sky with the cool breeze of the sea giving you the sensational experience of the Goa. Hovering over the Goa seeing the old forts, Reporting place for this adventure cruise being the Captain of Ports JettyPanjim.

From Panjim to Aguada cape the trip will accompany the views of old Goa, the high standing churches, the coconut gardens and the majestic view of the lush green coast. The Miramar beach is the capital of party fun in Panjim for party lovers. The endless fun of the day and party.

The party adventure boat trip includes activities like the snorkeling in goa, swimmers leave no chance to explore the underwater world on their terms. The equipment of the snorkeling will be provided at the site. The shallow waters of Goa and the clear aquamarine waters of Goa will make the scene more amplifying. One of the most thrilling water sports like scuba diving in malvan, grand island scuba diving, & water sports in Goa.

birthday Party Boat

Other being the kayaking, rowing your won boat is much satisfying. Kayaking in Goa over the calm waters to discover new adventures. The dolphin safari in the deep waters near the Aguada beach in Goa and the photographer’s adventure to sight them in the Goa.

The Miramar beach is suitable for sunbathing and strolling along the beach. The cool waters that you could go swimming and if you wish to go fishing. The paddle boating for you and your partner to spend the time in the silence of the sea. The enchanting evenings sipping the cold beers and conceitedness of the wine and cocktails. Waking up your senses to the party mood to go for the floating dance overnight at the Miramar beach. The concerts if you are lucky to catch one. The musically romantic and blasting evenings are the one that makes the party fun come to live!

Adventure party boat

Other Requirements

The party adventure boat trip in Goa is accommodated with all the facilities that are always pleasing. The cuisines including vegetarian and non-vegetarian food with cold beers, juices. Make sure you carry your extra pairs of clothes and eyeshades with the sunscreens, as the sun will tan you!

The romantic sunset river cruise witnessing the gatherings of people from worldwide. The small happenings like the dance or any stand-ups with the show cast of your uniqueness. Steeping over the boat from the land over the waves with the luxurious boat reserved only for your fun

With complete security and guidance, we provide complete satisfaction and the packages that will never disappoint you. We ensure the fulfillment of every time you plan your vacations Swayourway is always at your service.


Flyboarding – Experience Flying Through Water

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Flyboarding in Goa with Swayourway will guarantee you complete coordination and patience to make you take every part of the adventure. The recreational and food facility will be provided you over the site. With the internationally trained trainers, we guarantee you the safety that you deserve over the sport. Swayourway provides Flight Bookings, adventure planning with the most exciting deals during the season visit. This includes trips to the North Goa and South Goa. Accompanied by various water sports packages in Goa like scuba diving in malvan, parasailing boat ride in Goa, bumper ride in Goa, banana ride in Goa with many Others.

Flyboarding in goa

Travel journey through airways or roadways or waterways that includes international journeys. With the best accommodation plans for your comfort stay at hotel booking or villa for your friends and family  

We try and search for a new fun and the thrill that will bring the chills over the body. The fear before trying and the spirit after it is done will engross you for the fun you did! With growing technology, it is easy to do anything and the way nature demands we get absorbed by it. Water sports that we always find easy because, in the end, we fall into the sea or pool. Get wet and it doesn’t hurt, hmm the water sports in Goa are indeed unstable. One of the exciting features to go for water sports is flyboarding, of course, you must have always wonder to stand over water and do stunts as those heroes do.

What is Flyboarding?

 Flyboarding is invented by Franky Zapata, a famous Jetski Racer in France in 2011. Flyboarding is a water sport that has a board connected to a hose, the tremendous speed of the water gushing out of the hose makes the board fly high over the water, and all you have to do is balance over the boat. It seems to be difficult but the way different than any other sport. The hydro fleeting raising you to the height of 15metres above the surface of the water. A little practice then you will be the rider of the sea.

Flyboarding Sport

Where will you get to do the flyboarding?

Goa the hub of all the water sports and thrilling adventure that encounter every path that you go. The sea of Goa being calm and soothing with the coolness in the air and the waves flattering the shores, the flyboarding activity that you must do at least once in all the other water sports like grand island scuba diving, speed boat ride in Goa, adventure activity Dudh Sagar waterfall trek, Snorkeling in Goa and sea rafting in Goa


You will be provided with the instructions by the guide with all the safety gear and precautions to be taken care of, with the video watching so you will get acknowledged by it. 

The Fun of Flyboarding 

Flyboarding will make you fly initially you will wobble but once you have the grip then all you do is a jump, swim, dive you can also perform the stunts like diving, precision flying, flying underwater, aerobatics like spins, backflips, twists and dolphin flying the surface like the fish. Children above the age of 15 are guided to do the Flyboarding. The pictures that we never miss to take for the memory of the sport. Flyboarding will drive out your all fear that you won’t be able to perform this… The enthusiast never fears the fails and the confidence that you gain when you perform the sport.

Stunts Flyboarding

The fun of flyboarding is available all around the year, the day you visit Goa is the beginning of your new season!


Under the sun you can get tan so better be ready with your sunscreen and glares. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes that will make you easy for doing the flyboarding. The water may say cause you sickness so stays well hydrated and well equipped with food and beverages. Life jackets and helmets will be provided at the sight of flyboarding. The excitement will make you stay awake and enthusiastic all the time! 

Flyboarding Goa

Other Adventure Activities

The complete package of flyboarding included other fun like the kayaking. If you wish to troll down in the sea and the speed boat crushing that will surely make you scream out of you! The state of Goa is home to diversity also includes the sightseeing at the eagle island. The stand-up paddle boat with relaxing over the beaches under the shades of the coconut trees. Ending fun on the coast of goa so you could enjoy every bit of the amazing scenario of the sea and the blue sky.

 At the affordable rates that prove convenient for your budget. We assure you with a satisfying vacation that you are always in search of!


10 Best Sunset Points In India

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Beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies- Paulo Coelho

Dive into the enigma of the sunset with Swayourway. Making the day end with the romantic sunset across India chosen only for you. The best sunset points that you would love to dive in and capture the day with a wish for the beautiful tomorrow. The zenith that makes a perfect moment of the day. Here are the 10 best sunset points in India for your glimpse.

1. The Rann of Kutch.

Situated in the state of Gujarat, the region has the large saltpans of India. The topography of Rann of Kutch being flat like tale land makes the perfect scenery of sunset point. The white desert that sparkles up with the evening amber shades colour sky. The Rann Utsav adds the colour to the sky, making a huge attraction during the winter solstice. The casting shadows of the sunset in Rann of Kutch make the best photographic scene. The sunset followed by the dusty sky makes your senses to wander in the Rann and not set back.

Rann Of Kutch Sunset

2. Taj Mahal, Agra.

The white marble when dazzles with the pink sky. Standing by the bank of the Yamuna river, the panoramic view of the sun setting over the Taj Mahal. The cloudy sky adds the pinch of the dust to the sky scattering the colours. Sunset points of Agra should never be missed if you ever visit the Taj Mahal. The chromatic view of the sunset, the Taj Mahal with the river Yamuna by side adds to the beauty.

Taj mahal sunset

3. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

The sand dunes of Rajasthan, like the one we see in the movies with the sun setting over it. The western part of Rajasthan in the Thar desert that carries the refection of the mounds of sand. The caravan of people with camels with the camel rides in the evening adds magic to the scene. The Jaisalmer is known to be the golden city gleaming gold during the sunset. The city lightens up with the cool blue sky during sunset.

Jaisalmer Sunset Point

4. Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu.

The southern tip of India in state of Tamil Nadu that carries the best of India. The Vivekananda memorial adds to the scenic view of the sunset. The sky filled with clouds that enhances the ravish sunset along the coast. The rocky beaches of Kanyakumari with the shimmering waves over makes the best sunset in India. The sunset points during the winter and summer make the sky staggering beauty making the best photographic moment. The Triveni Sangam of Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian ocean with the best sunset of India.

Kanyakumari sunset point

5. Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

The Mount Abu is one of the hill stations in India and thus makes excellent sunset at the sunset point.  The cool breezy evenings with the valley enhancing with varying colours of the sunset. The cloudy weather adds to the sun-kissed images that one would never miss capturing. One of the famous tourist attraction of Mount Abu. Another sunset point at the Nakki Lake that lightens up the area of the Mount Abu. The picturesque scene with the shadowing photography makes the day yet revealing. 

Mount Abu Sunset

6. Palolem beach, Goa.

No sunset point is as beautiful as the one by the sea. The sun drowning in the sea leaving the smearing trail of the sunset. The Palolem beach, Goa encounters as one of the calmest each to troll on. The Palolem beach with white sand and the slithering view of the sun setting between the two lands. The calm water cool enough to spot some dolphins on the go. One of the best sunset point in south goa which should be visited whenever you have a holiday in goa. The best way to end the day by the sea at the Palolem beach in Goa.

7. Varanasi ghat, Uttar Pradesh.

The most heavenly place on earth with the glimmering sun shining over the shrines of temple. The Varanasi ghat along the river Ganga makes the spiritual place the divinely blessed by the sunset. The reflection of the sun trail over the Ganga waters and the sky filled with the birds flying their way home. The boat ride in Ganga waters makes the sunset more appealing and mesmerising to hold the burning sun. The Varanasi ghat makes loaded with the spirituality and the emerging temples make the photographic scene to be captured!

varanasi ghats sunset

8. Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Jaipur has many numbers of the sunset points that spurge out the beauty of the place. Sunset at the Nahargarh palace is one of the most beautiful places. The view of the sun setting over the city and the street lights lightening the street at the sunset. The overview of the Jaipur city can be seen through Nahargarh fort. The sunset at the Jal Mahal palace makes the unbound glory of the place. The Chandlai Lake makes the place spectacular at the sunset, the warmth of the sunset fills you with the rejuvenating spirit on a visit to Jaipur.  

Jaipur sunset

9. Porcupine sunset, Matheran.

Matheran, a small hill point in the Raigad, Maharashtra. Lying in the vicinity of the Mumbai. Along the Western Ghats bound by the Sahyadri mountain ranges. The dimming sun makes nature go calm. With the birds hovering in the valleys of Sahyadri with the echo going wild down the lanes. Ending the day at the Matheran sunset point with the night conquering the light. The colours of the nature mixing with the setting sky make the relaxing eyesight. After the long day trek in the Matheran, the moment at the sunset point completes the day.

Matheran Porcupine Sunset

10. Umiam lake, Meghalaya.

The Umiam Lake, Meghalaya is made over the Umiam river. The valley appears cool with the greenery and the valleys shadowing over the lake. The sunset point at the Umiam Lake is similar to the one observes in the painting that you like to capture through clicks. The cloudy weather over the Umiam Lake ads the reflection of beauty. At sunset the sky appearing the shades of red and blue that scatters the greenery of the place with the magnificent mixture. The calm vicinity and the boat ride in the Umiam lake make no less than heaven.  

umiam lake sunset

Capture the link of sunset with swayourway. Taking you to the best holiday destination with varying places that you would like to explore. The essence of the place that will cherish your memories whenever you visit. Swayourway offers you with the holiday packages suitable according to your budget and conveniences. Making the best of this vacation and taking you to the destination all under one roof. Swayourway offers with best travel deals over bookings for airways, cruise boats travelling over various destinations. The sunset river cruise trip or the romantic sunset dinner cruise to spend the lavish time by the sea. Make the best of this summer with the coolest places in India with swayourway!

water sports

Adventure Water Sports in Goa

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The water sports of Goa is the rejuvenation where you will ever get on your vacation. The blue water and the dazzling waves, the overriding of waves, the sandy beaches, coconut shadows and the marine animals. A lot to explore and exciting to ride. Goa is the destination of party lovers and summer holidays as you have no limits over this sea indeed. The fun has countless memories for you to capture and take away. The water sports in

The water sports in Goa that will make you dance around and crave for fun with captivating experiences you always wish for. The following water sports in Goa with amazing offers on the seasonal visits and a bunch of packages that you want at one place. 

The Banana boat ride.

You must have known banana good for digestion and energy, but we provide you with the banana ride. The tapering end similar to banana made of rubber and all you have is the support of a rope. You have to just balance and stay intact on the boat. The boat is driven by the speed boat so it is like the train hovering over the water.

The real fun is when the banana boat gets a tilt and you fell! Loved by the group people and one of the exciting for children. the banana boat ride price being Rs. 449/- will make your fun exciting when you have waves in the sea. Do carry your sunglasses, and make a twist and turns at every edge you move!. You will provide with the life jackets and even if you fall you will be taken back to the coast. So get ready to slip over the banana!

Banana Boat Ride

The Bumper ride.

The rubber boat will drag you over the sea and all you need is to sit and enjoy the ride. The bumper boat ride is the most relaxing one where you will never get any even surface. Jumping over the waves is another fun. The speed boat dragging you with such high speed that will make you fly over the waves. The bumper boat ride in Goa with price Rs. 399/- will give you the effortless fun. Most loved by children and family members along with the two-seater for you and your loved ones. Very comfortable and safe for those who fear waters. But this bumper ride will pull out all those!

Bumper Rides

Parasailing boat ride.

Oh the bird-like feel and the waves underneath conquering the sea in one flight, yes the parasailing boat ride. The parasailing in which you will attach to a parachute which will be dragged by the boat. That will make you fly high in the sky that is fun we always crave to fly! The two-seater for you and your partner watching the view of the coastline with people enjoying and celebrating their holidays. The parasailing in Goa prices starting from Rs. 899/- will make one of the thrilling sport for you to enjoy. In the end, you will have a safe landing in the sea, sure the lifeguards will bring you back to the ground. The awesome fun of flying and floating over the and sea to feel your ears with the sound of the ocean.


Fly Boarding

If you want to stand over the waves and flyboarding in Goa is the best option. The fly board attached to the hose that gushes out water with such a tremendous speed making you stand over the waves. Though it requires balancing and some practise, but one can perform with practice. The training will be provided by the trainer all you do is stay calm and balance. Flyboarding in Goa starting from Rs.2799/- with the activities of kayaking, speed boat crashing, with sights of eagle island. All the safety equipment are made available at the spot, just carry extra pairs of clothes and sunglasses. Flaunt your stunts over and underwater. 

Fly Boarding

Jet ski ride 

If you want to conquer the waves on your own then the jet ski will give you the thrill that you deserve. Driving at speed of 100-150 hp leaving your trail over the sea. Moving against the waves and kissing the wind proves to be the best sport. Energy enthusiast that don’t pull themselves out of the water. Jet ski boat being highly maintained all the time so don’t worry for any inconvenience. Jet ski price starting from Rs.399/-so that you could enjoy the ride without any hesitation. Playing the chase game with your group friends and performing stunts that you usually see in the movies. Better apply sunscreens else get ready for the sunburns! rest you will be provided with the life jackets and guidance at the sea.

Jet Ski Ride

Speed boat ride.

 The soothing ride to cut through the winds and waves hitting the new horizon of the sea. Speed boat ride, unlike the jet ski you can travel with your group or family. The fun of the speed boat ride is the fullest when the waves are calm and obvious in the tides the ride. The speed boat ride price in Goa Rs.549/- is always beneficial to enjoy all over. The troll along the beach and back to the coast is something you should never miss. Carry your eyeshades rest leave it up to us. Along the Calangute beach and Baga beach in Goa, the speed boat rides are enjoyed over the majority

Speed Boat Ride

Scuba diving.

If you ever want to observe the underwater world then scuba diving is the best option you will ever get. The sea of Goa is filled with colourful life and taking you to that world is our responsibility. Scuba diving being equipped with the oxygen cylinders to breathe underwater with the swimsuit for your easy adventure. You will be trained with the diving and then to the actual dive in the sea. The marine life comprising of turtles, starfish, dolphins, corals and infinite variety of fishes. Scuba diving in Goa will cost you Rs.2100/- inclusive of all the training facility with food and costumes. You can capture your underwater moments as we also provide with the photography at the site. The silent world of the underwater world communicating only through gestures colours.

Scuba Diving

Sea rafting in Goa.

You must do rafting in the rivers in the mountainous region, but sea rafting fun is way beyond flowing stream. Rafting in the open sea against the waves and balancing your boat with your team spirit. Sea rafting is more adventurous when there are tides in the sea, tilts by the waves, that is more fun!. Sea rafting in Goa price of Rs.1999/- is way enough for you to access all your fun. Inclusive of food and drinks, with pick up and drop facility. There are instructors to guide and all the safety gears are handy is you need not worry about any injury or inconvenience. Along the Vagator beach in North Goa, the view of the sea rafters will never let you settle along the shore!

Sea Rafting


Snorkelling, the sport with no barriers for the explorers. The floors supporting the wide range of corals with their rainbow colours that will enrapture your senses to this vivid world. Snorkelling with island tour will make you cost Rs.1500/- which include the tour along the Grande island. Pick and drop service with the rich delicacies of the seafood. Snorkelling along with the Grande island in Goa with the crystal clear water with the shining sun.

Illuminating every colour of the underwater floor Along with the snorkelling. You can go fishing and roast it for the barbeque. You will be provided with the snorkelling equipment at the site and other recreational facilities. Snorkelling id fun in the shallow water of Goa wherein you can freely float and you can drive down the sea to gain some more. The floating sensation will make you relax all your anxiety and stress in float go!

You can go fishing and roast it for the barbeque. You will be provided with the snorkelling equipment at the site and other recreational facilities. Snorkelling id fun in the shallow water of Goa wherein you can freely float and you can drive down the sea to gain some more. The floating sensation will make you relax all your anxiety and stress in float go!


Swayourway offers you the best deals for travel package and planning for your trips. From the ticket booking for flights and railways or roadways, we provide with every facility that you ever want for a peaceful journey. The adventure water sports in Goa with the full package of the sports that you wish to enjoy. Accommodation at the hotels or resorts or book any villa we guarantee you a happy place to reside.  

Tour adventure from North Goa to South Goa with boat trips including the trips to the ancient churches in old Goa. Over the seasonal vacations the affordable tour packages that will never let you wander for a good experience cause we take care of our customers till the end of their vacations. We are available all around the year and eager to serve you with the best deals and to make memories for you as well as us.

Hampi and Gokarna

Hampi And Gokarna – A Historic Tour

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The historical monuments are the time travelers whose legacy goes beyond years. The monuments of the land their architecture carve out the beauty of the place. India has a rich cultural background of kings with dynasties and the monuments that inspire the creativity of the place. Amongst these are the Hampi and Gokarna in the state of Karnataka.


As the name derived from the pampa Devi the incarnation of goddess Parvati named the place as pampa or Hampi. Situated in the Ballari district of Karnataka can be easily accessed by roadways. Hampi temple is recognized as the UNESCO world heritage site which has many reasons to visit. The reign of the Vijayanagara Empire that ruled over the 14century BC


From temples comprising the architecture of Dravidian style temple with huge Gopurams and Mandapas. Following the Vaishnavite and Shaivism, the literature of the place is seen in every corner. The relics of king Ashoka, the stories of Ramayana, Mahabharata still has the significance in daily life. 

The Hampi tour stretches over more than 4000hectares. Located at the bank of river Tungabhadra the Places to visit in Hampi are…

The Virupaksha Temple.                                                                                         

Built by Krishnadevraya during the 11th century marks the incarnation of Lord Shiva. Having the huge Gopuram with the stairs leading to the sanctum of the temple. The architecture carved out the mythology stories if Ramayana and Mahabharata. Following the Advaitism Vedanta, the place embarks the strict management for worshipping.

Virupaksha Temple Hampi
The Virupaksha Temple

The Vitthalla Temple complex.

The Vitthalla temple lies to the northeast of the Virupaksha Temple. Devoted to Lord Vitthal, the incarnation of Lord Krishna. The Gopuram marked with the pillared entrance on either side. The Mandapas having the carving depicting the life of Lord Krishna. The chariot centered on the temple premises is the famous attraction of the Hampi called the Garuda shrine.

Vitthalla Temple Hampi
The Vitthalla Temple

Hemakuta Hill Monuments.

The hill lies to the south of Virupakasha temple and the north of Krishna temple. The hill comprises of 30 small temples with the Phamsana style architecture, the small Vimana with the globular body. The deities in the temple belonged to the reigns of the Rashtrakutas, Chalukyas. 

Hemakuta temple
The Hemakuta Hills

The Hazara Rama temple. 

The temple devoted to Lord Rama built during the 15th century AD by devraya1. Hazara Rama Temple in Hampi is an important shrine in Hampi. This small but beautiful temple and is located at the center of the royal area. It was originally built as a simple structure. It consisted of only a sanctum, a pillared hall, and an Ardha Mantapa.

Hazara Rama temple hampi
The Hazara Rama Temple

The Lotus Mahal and The Elephant Stable.

The kings of south India marked elephants as the prestige of the empire. The huge stables tell you the tales about how the elephants were trained and nurtured… On the other hand, the lotus palace built in Persian style with the vimana in the Hindu style. The echoing power of the palace will make you wonder about the architecture built so symmetric.

lotus temple hampi
The Lotus Mahal, Hampi

Pattahirama temple. The 100 pillared halls made to feed the people over festivals. There are many Jain temples like the Hemkut Jain temples, Ratnaykrut temple, Parshvanath charan, and the Ganagitti Jain temples. 

Elephant stable
The Elephant Stable

The Muslim monuments like the Ahmed khan tom, varying mosques, and dargahs lying in the vicinity of the Hampi temples. The reign of the Muhammad Tughlaq and the sultans of Deccan’s have the inscriptions over the pillars of Hampi.


A small town located over the coast of Karnataka. Gokarna is the holy place comprising of temples having the legacy of coastal culture. Goa to Gokarna distance160km can be traveled through railways and roadways. One can easily access the place through roadways from Bangalore. Murudeshwar to Gokarna at 78.3km.


Situated by the coast of the Arabian Sea the Gokarna is the best destination to spend the summers. The place facilitates the Gokarna international each resort and other best hotels in Gokarna. The places to visit in Gokarna are…

The Mahabaleshwar Temple. 

The Gokarna Mahabaleshwar temple is one of the pilgrimage centers in India, also known as the Dakshin Kashi. Devoted to lord shiva Hindu community comes over this place for various holy rituals. Built by the Kadamba dynasty the architecture belongs to the Dravidian style. Other attractions of the place like the Gogarha, Maha Ganapathi temple is most visited by people.

mahabaleshwar temple
The Mahabaleshwar Temple, Gokarna

The Gokarna Beach 

The Gokarna beach makes it a magnificent place to spent the day by the sea. Many sports activities like snorkeling, banana boat ride, bumper boat rides. The blue sea with the blue sky makes the place attractive. The Gokarna beach resorts under the shadows of the coconut have a way different experience than of Goa.

Gokarna beach
The Gokarna Beach

Kudle Beach 

Near to the Gokarna each lies the Kudle each. One of the quiet each where the solitude can be sensed. The Kudle beach in Gokarna makes the place romantic with the sunset. The waves washing sand beneath feet drowning you to the coolness of the sea. 

kudle beach
The Kudle Beach

The camping experience y the sea with the overnight stay under the dazzling sky. The barbeque and the bonfire lightening up the spirit of the campaigners. Having one of the best scenic view making you capture the moments. The play over the water with amazing water sports.

Paradise Beach.

Paradise each Gokarna is the stretch over the Om beach and the half-moon beach. These beaches are separated by small cliffs. The beauty of the beaches lies at night. When the sea illuminates with planktons. Having the starry view over the sea makes it the romantic places of all time. The least crowded beaches over the western coast of India.

The Paradise Beach

Yana Caves.

Lying in the western gats the yana caves depicts the raw untouched nature. The greenery dwells with a sense of coolness. The raw roots carving over the caves gives you the best Gokarna adventure. 

Yana Rocks Caves

Gokarna tourism and Hampi tourism with swayourway with amazing deals over the seasonal visits. Over many accommodations sources like hotels and resorts. Swayourway offers with reasonable travel to Hampi and Gokarna. Easy to access from Goa, swayourway gives you the offers over the trip in Goa. Traveling from north Goa to south Goa and varying water sports adventures. 

Corals watch in scuba diving with the snorkeling in Goa making you float. Swayourway gives you the best camping experiences over many hill stations in India. All around the seasons of the year, we offer new travel packages and the places of the worth visiting. 

Kerala House Boat

A Backwater Houseboat is a Home in disguise

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backwater houseboat

It’s being every time to halt at the hotel or any resorts and even convenient but of the less fun. When set on an adventurous holiday and why make the accommodation so common? The backwaters are the regional features of the coastal regions in India. The point where the river meets the sea and thus two ecosystems encountering at the point. The flora and fauna of the backwaters are way different from those we observe in any sanctuary or topography. The best backwater stay in India is along the western coast in Goa and Kerala.

Backwater houseboat in Goa.

Goa, the state of the amazing tourism with the flora and fauna generated in the humidity making the region cool. Mandovi the lifeline of Goa originating in the Western Ghats of Karnataka flows down to the Arabian Sea. Making the survival for the flora in this region and the tributaries joining the river adds to the beauty. 

Staying over the houseboat is the pleasant experience one could ever have! The green luscious mangroves along the ways add the scenic view. The coconut gardens over the narrow flows make the place suitable for kayaking. Fishing in the backwaters makes the meal for the evening dinner. Waking to the misty mornings and the houseboat makes the best suitable for the family and friends to stay. Partying in the backwaters, with the astonishing nature that satisfies the holidaying fun.

Backwater in Goa along the river Mandovi, Chapora river which forms the Chapora Island in the path. The Zuari River, Nerul River forms part of the backwaters. The Dr Salim Ali bird sanctuary over the Mandovi rivers makes you encounter the varieties of bird species and crocodile safari. Goa holds one of the 3 species of crocodile in India known as the ‘mugger’. 

HouseBoat In Goa

The best feature if the houseboat stays is you can halt wherever you want and thus have no limitation over the journey. The best view to see the Churches that are situated in the dense regions. The forest area like the St. Anthony Chapel, Sao Pedro church, the chapel of our lady of the mount and one over the Vaxim island. Boarding from the Panjim you are easily guided  

Backwaters of Kerala.

Kerala is well known for the backwaters and thus the backwater houseboat stays with the open sea nearby. The coconut over the estuaries adds to the sweet and sour taste of the river water and the sea. The evergreen and refreshing backwaters with the wooden boats add peace to the accommodation. 

The Thirivallam backwater formed by the rivers Killi and Karamana, easy to access from Thiruvananthapuram is the favourite tourist’s attractions. The Calicut or the Kozhikode backwaters from the river Canoli canal and Kalayi River makes the best houseboat stays and cruises. In Kasargod region lies the kavyavi backwaters having the cruise experience.

Houseboat kerala

The Monroe Island which is the hoard of 8 islands makes the best destination for the halt of migratory birds. The heaven for the birdwatchers making you encounter the birds like the kingfisher, woodpecker, Erget, Bee-eater and many locals’ birds. The Vembanad Lake in the Kuttanad region adds to the favourite tourist attractions of the backwaters. The Kumarakom bird sanctuary is located to watch the flora and fauna of this region.

The best feature of Kerala is the snake boat race that is held during August and September. Held in the Pathanamthitta, Kerala on the river Pampa.

The estuaries support a league variety of fishes and crabs, dishing in the backwaters. Kayaking is an amazing activity to carry out. Kerela tourism is famous for its backwaters and the essence of the open sea and the greenery.

The backwaters are the new way to the open sea and the backwater houseboat the new way of staying. Amidst the quiet nature and waters and the open sky, the backwater houseboat is the tourist favourite all the time. Swayourway offers you the whole new experience of staying in the backwaters and the houseboats for you and your loved ones making holiday with fun. The scenic beauty of the land, sea, and river will never be held elsewhere. With all the convenience and services will be taken care of.

 alleppey houseboat

Swayourway offers tourist packages over the holidays all around India. One of the major providers of the Goa tourism making you tour from North Goa till South Goa. To give you the taste of every bit of the place, the water sports activities that include scuba diving in malvan, snorkelling with an island tour, parasailing boat ride and many more. We provide for the best camping site in Maharashtra with varying booking offers over the domestic and international routes. Discover the new ways of slaying places with swayourway.



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Sars- corona or severe acute respiratory syndrome is zoonotic disease spread from animals to human beings. It is also a form of Mers-Covid or Middle East respiratory syndrome. Covid-19 as named by the world health organization. The corona virus affects the respiratory system of the body which may cause breathing problem. The disease is an epidemic and cannot be detected in one day. Prolonged illness may add the effect to spread of Covid-19.

The basic symptoms of getting affected by the Covid-19 include:


1. Fever. The temperature of the body goes beyond 100 degree Fahrenheit or 37.77 degree Celsius. Followed with shivering and body pain.

2. Cough. Having a dry cough.

3. Tiredness.

4. Difficulty in breathing. Shortness of breath and even in severe case one may develop pneumonia.

(A) The symptoms of Covid-19 may occur at the peak when one person has prolonged illness. On recurrence of these symptoms make sure you consult to your family doctor or nearby healthcare facility and take the required advice.

(B) Covid-19 being declared as epidemic may cause one to panic. But there is no need to get scared over the news. Though the symptoms of the Covid-19 are similar to that of cold and flu. Do not confuse yourself with symptoms of cold flu and Covid-19 and create the fear amongst people. Consult your physician and take necessary steps.

(C) One can avoid by taking some precautionary measures to tackle the spread of the Covid-19.

1. Wash your hands constantly or sanitize your hands with alcohol based sanitizers.

2. Cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing.

3. Avoid spitting in public places.

4. Avoid close contact with people.

Do the five

5. Keep safe distance from the people coughing and sneezing. Make use of clean tissues and dispose them properly.

6. Use mask like N95 or the mask recommended by the health institutes.

7. Quarantine yourself when you come across these symptoms and consult the healthcare facility.

8. Avoid gathering on a large scale.

9. Maintain the personal hygiene.

(D) Covid-19 does not have any vaccination or medication precautionary measures would help to concur the spread of disease. Follow the instructions broadcasted by the government about the Covid-19 and take measures as per suggested.

(E) Social media may cause panic amongst the people about the spread of Covid-19. Have constant update through news and follow the instructions of the government decisions to quarantine the state. Spread awareness and stay positive. Taking the right measures has always benefitted the cause.

(F) Cancel your journey to the countries affected by the Covid-19. Unnecessary travel should be avoided as possible. Despite of lockdown medical shops will remain open.

(G) Do not hoard food items or medical equipment unnecessarily. Steps will be taken if there is any shortage of any food or medicines.

About Sars and Mers.

The Sars-Cov or severe acute respiratory syndrome has its origin in china from the Guangdong province in 2002. Caused the spread through bats and civet cats. The disease affected 26 countries around the world in 2003

The Sars has the symptoms like that of influenza. Cough, fever, fatigue, diarrhea, breathing problem are the major ones. But by the precautionary measures with the basic hygiene practice the spread was controlled.


The Mers or Middle East respiratory syndrome has the origin from Saudi Arabia in year 2012. The dromedary camels are the main cause behind the spread of disease.

Corona virus is the virus family affecting the respiratory system in human. Commonly spread from animals to human beings.

Having a constant practice of basic hygiene and environmental cleanliness can decrease the spread of disease.

water parks

Top Best 5 Water parks near Mumbai.

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The eagerness of the holiday makes us the happiest! Summers are the most loved holidays to enjoy from work and studies and the best summer holidays are Water parks. The pools that wait for us to dive and calm the burning senses of the hot summer. To have a great escape from this are the Water parks, and thus some of the most amazing water parks nearby that you should take advantage of! Here are some of the best water parks near Mumbai with amazing rides and fun to seek.

1.Suraj Water Park.

Situated in the Thane district, the Suraj water park is located on the NH48 highway. You can drive through from Mumbai and Nasik as well from Pune. At an hour distance from the thane railway station, one can easily get access through the vehicles. 

Suraj Water Park

Of the biggest water park in Asia that is still the most visited by families. The biggest that accommodates the rides like the Dingdong sing-song, Dhadkan sabke dil ki. The wave pool is the most loved by the kids with a varying height of the pool best for swimming.  The Rimjhim Barish to groove with the showers and songs. The rainbow slides, The Har har Gange slide that makes the most notorious slides of the park. The Ulat Palat slides making the largest slide to wave along. This water park is considered to be the safest for kids and families. 

2. Water kingdom

Another park that is the preferred one for all time water rides. Situated in the Gorai region in the north of Mumbai. One can get through the Gorai jetty from Borivali or the road route from the west Bhayander. Water kingdom comprises of the biggest water rides and many pools to troll. 

Water kingdom

Some of the amazing rides like, what a coaster is a vertical slide which slides at speed of 40 miles/hour. Brat zone that includes the rain dance with the coco beach and Mama Miya… grooving over the beats. The adventure amazona has the serpent safari, rock, and roll, elephant safari sliding down to the huge water pool. The wetlantic having the largest water pool of all and the lagoon where the water bucket pours over your head. Goofers lagoon that has small pools for the children to float in rubber tubes and many more to discover. 

3. Aqua Imagica  

The water park that has opened in recent years has the greatest attraction of all the time. Situated in the Khopoli region, Raigad district one can easily access the route through the Mumbai Pune expressway. One can board the train from Mumbai and get down by the station. Private vehicles can also make you reach the destination.  

Aqua Imagica

The water park different from the theme park has the water rides from small children till the elders. Rides like loopy Woopy, Zip Zap Zoom, swirl whirl, this are slides with twists and turns and tunnels. Soakers, the water raft, Raftaastic are the fun-loving rides for the family. The water park will make the screams come out of you and thus the memorable experience of all the time. 

4. The great escape water park

The water park situated in the Virar, Thane district. The most preferred destination near the Mumbai and easy to reach from Mumbai. The cheapest of the water park situated between the mountains of the thane region. Packed with greenery and coolness the water is perfect for instant plans. The rides like the pendulum slide, mat racer, jungle-themed park system, the floaters for the small children. 

Great Escape Resort

The rain dance with DJ adds the fun to the romance with water. The wave pool that makes every theme park the best. Waving along with the waves and settling out the pool with magic. With safety gear, the water park is best suited for children with shallow pools and rides to have fun. 

5.The Shangrila resort and water park

The Shangrila water resort is the best accommodated with luxurious stay located in the Bhiwandi region of the Thane district. Easy access from the Mumbai Thane expressway and by railway. The resort comprises of varying pools and wave pool for enjoying the free floatation over water. The rain dance and the amazing tunnel flows are the safest for the fun. The availability of all the recreational facilities including food and security. The perfect escape to the Shangrila water park over the hot summer days even all-round the year. 

Shangrila Resort

The fun of the water parks, when visited with friends and family, set out to be the unending fleetness. The water that replenishes you from within are memories to remember. And of course the snaps of the wet under the shining sun. Make sure you carry your sunscreens to be well protected under the sun.  

Swayourway is one of the companies that provides water sports activities all over goa. Making love for water sports activities we provide various packages of water sports customized one that you want to enjoy. Our membership for our frequent visitors including offers and discounts over the seasonal visits. Summer season is fully equipped with the water sports all over the coast of goa will never leave you unsatisfied!  

Swayourway also offers with varying holiday packages all season round the year. Including the domestic and international tours, swayourway guarantees you the ease of travel. From planning with one-day trips till accommodation, everything will be arranged at a click. We make avail the camping in Maharashtra and including various one-day trips in Goa and Maharashtra. We assure you the best of all services and various holiday packages that come out every season of the year. Take this holiday with swayourway to drown down in the coolness.  


Once you travel, the journey never ends!

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When the plan to visit new places arises the booking and planning for the whole trip becomes difficult and thus we provide the tour and travel packages all in one place to make the journey more comfortable and relaxing. Swayourway is a travel company established in the year 2018 and is growing with the horizon. More of the journey we want our customers to enjoy the moments with their loved ones and acknowledge the beauty of nature as well the cultural cities all around India and the world. The diversity ranging from the places making it worth exploring every ounce of the walk. With a wide range of options for you to choose from, with affordable prices and packages.

The mode of transport…

To distance ranging to the miles of walking Swayourway offers with best deals over the transport. Flight bookings from the cheapest range and yet with the services that you deserve. Including the international and domestic flight bookings ranging with the seats that you wish to book. Making the system hassle-free so you could save your time at the click of the minute.

With the railway booking for family and friends across India and well-coordinated with the IRCTC and the facilities that would be provided to you. Long journeys and the luxury trains booking that are opened to people by the government of India. Booking and emergency bookings so you could travel with the least trouble.

Swayourway also provides with the bus bookings for vacations if you are road roader, and also with the vehicle bookings for road trips.

AC and NON AC car bookings taking you to your destined place we assure you the travel which seems to be more tiring of the whole trip with great ease and care at the reasonable prices that accomplices with the fun of traveling cause we believe people traveling the same journey carry a common vivacity of the place.

Where to stay?

With the growing vulnerability, people tend to stay at the place away from the crowd where you feel safe and makes you feel like home. Swayourway has all arrangements and harmonizing hotel clients to give you the best deals over the stay. Hotel Bookings that stay in your budget with all the facilities for you that would make you feel comfortable at the place. From the luxury hotels till the one you want your villa we will get you one! the villas in Goa or Alibaugh or stay out in Pune and many more, having the fun around with friends and family in one place. With the whole combined journey, Swayorway gets you the travel booking and accommodation over domestic and international journeys. For business, travelers voyage around the world until the houseboat stays in the backwaters

Your demand to stay across the place that you wish for.

Holidays in India.

India has varying places to visit with the cultural diversity and the religion that blend with the never-ending harmony that changes the essence of the region with love and care. Being the four directions with the Himalayas in the north, greenery in the east to the desert in the west and the whole ocean to the south. With these places the holiday destinations that chosen for you which has its magnanimity and the places that are barely touched. Swayourway introduces you to the authenticity of the place that lies in the roads, people, their culture that is preserved so well and the smell of the place trickling down the roads of the street.

The Leh Ladakh trip over the cold desert, the valleys of Kashmir famous for its saffron cuisines with the woolen garments, the Himachal Pradesh with the British towns and valleys for the diversity best for the photography scenes. The Himalayan valleys known for various sports like the zorbing, paragliding, mountain climbing, rope crossing if you wish to set the camp in the hoods! The spiritual journeys over the temples and monasteries and many more.


The western zones of Rajasthan and Gujarat with the festivals and dances that are celebrated all over India, the history of forts and the lakes with varying wells you will get to know the water storage techniques, the sweet-spicy cuisines with the aroma of the oils and flavors. The royalty that you will get every walks and talk of life. The pleasant climate of this region is opulent for you to return. The Rann Utsav in Gujarat and the statue of unity designated as the pride of India.

To the south with the coolness of the sea the perfect destination for the water sports in Goa, the coalescing of the British and Portugal culture, the Christmas celebration of the year with the new year eve. The party destination for youth for adventures and the madness that won’t let you turn down. The backwater of Kerala, The Poovar island of Kerala known as India’s Mini Maldives.

To the east with the literature spirit and the artistic journey of India took place, the West Bengal. The Darjeeling with Himalayas encountering in the north having the rich biodiversity of India including the UNESCO  world heritage sights, the iconic view of Kanchenjunga, the monasteries. The tea fields of India that will rapture you senses with greenery everywhere.

 Sightseeing and day tours.


Sometimes it is difficult to escape the customs of life but a little trip makes you rejuvenate for that while. the nearby destinations convenient for road trips and stay over the place away from the chaotic life. Though every place has its distinct character and it differs from people to people that binds story all around. The perfect to your nearby city where you can visit the beautiful nature.

With the limited time and maximum tour we provide even over holidays like the old Goa tour, Dudhsagar fall, North Goa and South Goa and many more places to come on the way! you will be guided over the tour over places learning the habitat of the region.



If you are an outdoor person and love hunting the nature then camping options are available during every season around the year. The camping in Maharashtra in the Western Ghats making perfect for trekking and tent stay. Like the Pawna lakeside camping or the Sandhan valley camping, or the Igatpuri camping. A various expedition is organized as per your convenience.

Swayourway organizes the tent stay with all the facilities including the food and games with many indoor and outdoor games to spend the time with your loved ones. With summer camps for children for them to set on the adventure. Overnight sky gazing and the fireflies watching in the valleys. The bonfire that lightens the spirit of the travelers. Maharashtra well known for forts, going trekking over the steep terrain of the forts to gaze the sky down in the valley. The epic histories and hiking experience.

During the seasons the camping has its fun, you can see the varying diversity of every season and yet; it is sensational and cool to visit any time round the year. With the best prices, you discover the comforts and the more time you spent with nature.

Water sports.


Swayourway offers you the best deals over the water sports in Goa. The unending water sports packages that are made for you so you could enjoy the fun of the Goa shore. The water sports packages include scuba diving in Malvan. Scuba diving in Grande island, snorkeling with the island tour and the advance water sports packages which include the parasailing, bumper rides, jet ski ride, speed boat. We also customize the water sports packages that you require for your family and children. The fun of the flyboarding for the enthusiasts that will inherit the memories for a lifetime!

River rafting at Kolad river in Raigad, the rafting experience in the state of Maharashtra. The sea rafting in goa, the way out of the rafting fun that you get in those hilly regions of Himalayas.

With the seasons all around the year, we provide the best offer affordable and with all the amenities all under one roof. All you have to do is to set for the escape and wander in a go!

Payment options

In this digitally transacted world, we accept payments with MasterCard, visa, Paytm, Rupay along with debit and credit cards with complete payment security. All payments on the site are Verisign SSL secured. This means all personal information you provide to is transmitted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. SSL is a proven coding system that lets your browser automatically encrypt, or scramble, data before you send it to us. The packages and payments under one roof, you don’t have to wander for booking holidays to the branch!

Our privacy policy data assures you the safety of your information and we don’t render the information to the third party. The promotional emails and letters will be provided through our data generation, so complete protection of your sources won’t harm your privacy!

For our members, swayourway also offer many coupons and deals with discounts on their visits, uncertain surprises and unusual visits make the journey more happening and memorable.


Best Places to visit in Alibaug.

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India the region backed amazing vegetation and the huge coastlines. The vegetation and the seacoast that allows diving in the eastern as well the western coast of India making the long beach line to grab new adventures that are waiting for you. India lying in the tropical waters and the coastlines well suitable for the water sports adventures to carry on. One of the places that lie across the western coast of India is the Alibaug. The place where the serenity meets the grace depicting the beautiful scenery of nature. The best sites that you should never miss to explore!

Alibaug… How to get there?

Alibaug is located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra and to the south of the Mumbai. One can reach the destination through, railway, waterways, and airways. Many natural harbours exist along the coast and multiple ferries from the south Mumbai. Boarding ferries from Bhaucha Dhakka or the gateway of India can lead you to the place.

Supported by the Agri community, the beaches are splendid with abundance and prosperity. 

For the accommodation one can also book hotels and villas for friends and family. The perfect escape from the busy life of the city. Making the best one-day trips and the weekends with the relaxing cool air of the sea.

What is so cool about Alibaug?

Alibaug comprises of beaches that are never so tiring with beach having its specialty. The coastline covered with huge coconut trees with causerie and suru trees. The shadows and mellow water makes the beach Romanizing and pleasant.


The Alibaug beach – The nearest to the Mumbai having the enchanting coasts to troll over. The best gateway for city life in the niche.

The Nagaon beach – The coast is well known for various water sports. Encounter sports like scuba diving, parasailing, Jet Ski, speed boats and many other water sports. Best suited for family and children.

Mandwa beach – It is popular as a weekend beach destination from Mumbai city, mainly because of the direct Ferry services available near Mandwa Beach to and from Mumbai.

Kasim beach – Supported with large flora and fauna, the mangroves make the best photographic destination. Yet the peaceful for the travelers to relax.

Akshi beach – The large coast across length and breadth makes and the hometown of the fisherman community. The loamy sand makes it the best for the beach biking.

The Varsoli beach – The calmest of all and least crowded makes the best option to have a peaceful gateway.

Murud beach – Another water sports destination of Alibaug. The ferries are available for dolphin sightseeing. Packed with fun and many amazing activities along the coastline. People prefer it the most.


Kashid beach – The beach camping destination if you wish to spend the night by the sea. Having the campfire and sizzling seafood makes the camping go memorable.

Saswane beach – The rocky beach of the Alibaug, where you can encounter varying seashells over the coast. Encountering the fishermen in high waters making the perfect scene for the photography.

Korlai beach – The hub of the people where you can encounter the korlai fort built by the Portuguese in 1521. Each depicts the ruins of history like the lighthouse, churches and many cultures that you would love to see.

The cuisines of the Alibaug that mentions the huge varieties of seafood with the taste of coastal curries. The refreshing water of coconut with amazing cocktails to enjoy with. The sunsets that woo your senses at the day end.

Water sports.

Where there is water there are water sports. Nothing is as great as having a dive in the sea. The saltiness that sweetens the adventure of the sports. The water sports along the Mandwa beach and Nagaon beach will splurge the energy out of you.


The Banana boat ride – With no efforts, one can carry the stumbling banana boat ride. Dragged by the high-speed boat it makes the joyful ride for children as well as elders.

Jet Ski – If you are the lone rider than the Jet Ski will make the perfect sport for you. Leaving the trails over the water and having the games with your friend will make the ride even more memorable.

Sea kayaking – The precious time floating over the huge sea and waving along with the waves.

Parasailing – The goosebumps that raise you high in the air. Sailing over the sea with the speed boat dragging over the sea underneath the blue sky.

Scuba Diving – The scuba diving along the Murud Janjira beach to discover the whole new world underwater. Scuba diving gives you the essence of the real sea that goes damp when you dive.

The Paddleboat – The ride over the wild waves making you stand like the warrior over the waves. It makes the adventure more existing that boosts your courage conquering the fear.

The Kiteboarding – Tearing the waves with the board withstanding the speed of the ride with the tension. This is the unison of the fun and adventures in one hold!

The Speed boat ride – Speed is what makes the senses come alive. Riding with the breeze over the sea with well-equipped safety gear and life jackets the coastguards with attention at your service for any inconvenience. The adventure water sports complete the day by the sea.

Alibaug camping, the pacifying stays by the seashore. The on fire and the delicacies of the barbeque give the starry sky the warmth of love. Making the whole new living by the beachside is how we can get in touch with nature.

Explore Alibuag with swayourway with amazing water sports packages. We plan for complete trips that comprise of the tours and travel with the accommodation and the adventures that you wish for. Bookings for hotels and villas and many one day trips are made available as per your convenience.

Swayourway is one of the leading companies to provide water sports packages. Water sports in Goa like scuba diving in Malvan, parasailing boat ride, flyboarding and many more that are waiting at just one click. We make travel bookings for road, airways, railways and international cruise ship bookings. Varying one-day trips and camping in Maharashtra. Taking you to the desired destination so you could enjoy your holidays without any hitch. Make sure you enjoy your summers making the best of the water sports with swayourway.