10 Best Sunset Points In India

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Beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies- Paulo Coelho

Dive into the enigma of the sunset with Swayourway. Making the day end with the romantic sunset across India chosen only for you. The best sunset points that you would love to dive in and capture the day with a wish for the beautiful tomorrow. The zenith that makes a perfect moment of the day. Here are the 10 best sunset points in India for your glimpse.

1. The Rann of Kutch.

Situated in the state of Gujarat, the region has the large saltpans of India. The topography of Rann of Kutch being flat like tale land makes the perfect scenery of sunset point. The white desert that sparkles up with the evening amber shades colour sky. The Rann Utsav adds the colour to the sky, making a huge attraction during the winter solstice. The casting shadows of the sunset in Rann of Kutch make the best photographic scene. The sunset followed by the dusty sky makes your senses to wander in the Rann and not set back.

Rann Of Kutch Sunset

2. Taj Mahal, Agra.

The white marble when dazzles with the pink sky. Standing by the bank of the Yamuna river, the panoramic view of the sun setting over the Taj Mahal. The cloudy sky adds the pinch of the dust to the sky scattering the colours. Sunset points of Agra should never be missed if you ever visit the Taj Mahal. The chromatic view of the sunset, the Taj Mahal with the river Yamuna by side adds to the beauty.

Taj mahal sunset

3. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

The sand dunes of Rajasthan, like the one we see in the movies with the sun setting over it. The western part of Rajasthan in the Thar desert that carries the refection of the mounds of sand. The caravan of people with camels with the camel rides in the evening adds magic to the scene. The Jaisalmer is known to be the golden city gleaming gold during the sunset. The city lightens up with the cool blue sky during sunset.

Jaisalmer Sunset Point

4. Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu.

The southern tip of India in state of Tamil Nadu that carries the best of India. The Vivekananda memorial adds to the scenic view of the sunset. The sky filled with clouds that enhances the ravish sunset along the coast. The rocky beaches of Kanyakumari with the shimmering waves over makes the best sunset in India. The sunset points during the winter and summer make the sky staggering beauty making the best photographic moment. The Triveni Sangam of Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian ocean with the best sunset of India.

Kanyakumari sunset point

5. Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

The Mount Abu is one of the hill stations in India and thus makes excellent sunset at the sunset point.  The cool breezy evenings with the valley enhancing with varying colours of the sunset. The cloudy weather adds to the sun-kissed images that one would never miss capturing. One of the famous tourist attraction of Mount Abu. Another sunset point at the Nakki Lake that lightens up the area of the Mount Abu. The picturesque scene with the shadowing photography makes the day yet revealing. 

Mount Abu Sunset

6. Palolem beach, Goa.

No sunset point is as beautiful as the one by the sea. The sun drowning in the sea leaving the smearing trail of the sunset. The Palolem beach, Goa encounters as one of the calmest each to troll on. The Palolem beach with white sand and the slithering view of the sun setting between the two lands. The calm water cool enough to spot some dolphins on the go. One of the best sunset point in south goa which should be visited whenever you have a holiday in goa. The best way to end the day by the sea at the Palolem beach in Goa.

7. Varanasi ghat, Uttar Pradesh.

The most heavenly place on earth with the glimmering sun shining over the shrines of temple. The Varanasi ghat along the river Ganga makes the spiritual place the divinely blessed by the sunset. The reflection of the sun trail over the Ganga waters and the sky filled with the birds flying their way home. The boat ride in Ganga waters makes the sunset more appealing and mesmerising to hold the burning sun. The Varanasi ghat makes loaded with the spirituality and the emerging temples make the photographic scene to be captured!

varanasi ghats sunset

8. Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Jaipur has many numbers of the sunset points that spurge out the beauty of the place. Sunset at the Nahargarh palace is one of the most beautiful places. The view of the sun setting over the city and the street lights lightening the street at the sunset. The overview of the Jaipur city can be seen through Nahargarh fort. The sunset at the Jal Mahal palace makes the unbound glory of the place. The Chandlai Lake makes the place spectacular at the sunset, the warmth of the sunset fills you with the rejuvenating spirit on a visit to Jaipur.  

Jaipur sunset

9. Porcupine sunset, Matheran.

Matheran, a small hill point in the Raigad, Maharashtra. Lying in the vicinity of the Mumbai. Along the Western Ghats bound by the Sahyadri mountain ranges. The dimming sun makes nature go calm. With the birds hovering in the valleys of Sahyadri with the echo going wild down the lanes. Ending the day at the Matheran sunset point with the night conquering the light. The colours of the nature mixing with the setting sky make the relaxing eyesight. After the long day trek in the Matheran, the moment at the sunset point completes the day.

Matheran Porcupine Sunset

10. Umiam lake, Meghalaya.

The Umiam Lake, Meghalaya is made over the Umiam river. The valley appears cool with the greenery and the valleys shadowing over the lake. The sunset point at the Umiam Lake is similar to the one observes in the painting that you like to capture through clicks. The cloudy weather over the Umiam Lake ads the reflection of beauty. At sunset the sky appearing the shades of red and blue that scatters the greenery of the place with the magnificent mixture. The calm vicinity and the boat ride in the Umiam lake make no less than heaven.  

umiam lake sunset

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The Land Where the Lifeline for The Whole of India Originates

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Himachal Pradesh the state with the greater Himalayas in the north and the Shiwalik ranges in the south, and the towns lying over the mountains. The snow-clad ranges having the temperature of coolness throughout the year gives you bucket lists of places to wander and discover the hidden secrets of the mighty mountains. With the alpine forestry and the with Jammu Kashmir to the north with Haryana and Uttarakhand to the south and our neighbouring country China to the east. the complete topography of cold desert to the east, dunes to the south, paddy field to the west and Himalayas to the north.

Himachal Pradesh is well connected with roadways, airways and railways. it has 3 airports so you could land any of these and head to your adventure. The way pass to Tibet also begins from Himachal Pradesh as you can also get the pass from various towns and natives. The Kalka Shimla railway is renounced as the UNESCO world heritage centre. You will come to the Rohtang pass leading to the Jammu Kashmir. Travelling through your private vehicle would be more fun so you could halt to your favourite views.

Places that you would love to visit in Himachal Pradesh.


One of the favourite spot to linger around with the serendipity of nature. the most beloved of honeymoon couples. long roads to troll along. The Solang valley should not be missed for you to go for trek, zorbing and if you wish to fly do fly with paragliding, skiing.

Other places that you could come across like the Chandratal trek in the Spiti and the Manikaran kund if you want to get touched by the spirituality as well the Kullu the adjacent town to Manali enshrined with temples and rituals which will take you to the calmness of the soul. The waterfalls in the region like the Jogini waterfall, Jana waterfall, Rahala waterfall, Rozy waterfall.

Monasteries like the Gadhan Tekcchokling Gompa monastery, Himalayan Nyingmapa Buddhist temple, and temples like the Gauri Shankar, Gayatri temple, Manu temple which will give you the warmness of all the cultural sects that are dwelling here from centuries.


It is the town having its little history, being the summer holiday destination for British, you can see their presence in the monuments and town planning system that is still existing the way it was before. Shimla is packed with many markets and artistic works that you will not resist yourself. The Lakkar Bazar with the wooden works, scandal road, mall road and streets packed with various coffee shops.

You can visit many historic places like the gaiety heritage cultural centre, Shimla heritage walk, Gorten castle, Rothni castle. The town is packed with many fairs and like Lavi fair, Bhoj fair, Bharara fair make sure you be the part of this wonderful festive habitat.

The snow-clad Shimla is even more enchanting in the dim lights, you can go for skiing, ice skating and even along the hills of Shimla.


Another most loved destination, known as mini Switzerland, the adventure lovers destination to go for river rafting, paragliding, river crossing, mountain climbing.

to have the scenic views of the ranges visit the Diankund peak, Bakrota hills, Sach pass and trekking along the valleys.

Spiti Valley.

One of the youth favourite spot to get through the site. the desert nurturing the Buddhist cult occupied with various monasteries and lakes that will take you to the next extent of the travel and tourism in India.

In Spiti, you will come across lakes like the famous Chandratal lake, Suraj Tal Lake, Dhankar lake. and the well-known monasteries like the Tabo monastery, Dhankar monastery, Shashur monastery, Gandhola monastery, Tayud and Tangyud monastery, Khardang and Khungri monastery. Lakeside camping in Spiti and gazing the sky making it appear so dazzling and shiny that you will always visit on your holidays.

You will find many passes on the India China border in Himachal Pradesh which were once the way to enter India from Tibet.

If you like to visit the snow-clad mountains with the clouds lowering down to your feet then you should head over to the Bara Bhangal Trek, Hampta pass trek, Deo tibia trek, friendship peak,  Pin Parvati pass, Parwanoo, during the snowfall these places appears never the less than a fantasy.

Himachal Pradesh has many towns and ranging to small settlements the least visited places that appear to give the exquisite experience of the tour. These places include the Mcleodganj a small hill station, Dharamshala the holy resident of Dalai lama, Kinnaur Kailash from where you can view the Kailash mountain, Bilaspur is known for the Gobind Sagar lake,  Arki with the cultural heritage of the Rajasthani and Mughals magnificent architecture.

When we think of hilly areas and river the best option to do outdoor adventures include camping. Himachal Pradesh is one of the best destinations. For the best camping experiences you must go to the Chandratal lake in Spiti valley, Bhugru lake camping, Naddi near Mcleodganj, Kheer Ganga in Kullu, Khajiir near Dalhousie, Hampt pass in Kullu, Jalori pass Pangi valley. post monsoon camping and the during the spring the valleys of Himachal Pradesh plunge out with the wild vegetation and luscious green grass all around.

Himachal Pradesh being is cold destination is famous for wool woven clothes, the shawls and blankets, sweaters, do grab these woollen covers to keep the warmness of your tour. The authentic traditional wear of the tribal and the oxide tanned jewellery will fascinate ladies and won’t resist without purchasing it.

The cuisine of this region will energise you with the heat to keep you going despite the cold weather. The Tibetan blend with spices and the curries made of tamarind will never fill your appetite. Tudkiya Bhat, Bhey, Siddhu, Babru, trout fish carries the authenticity of the state, and wide range listed all around in Himachal Pradesh. So set yourself for the ride over the mountains and dive in the valleys of vastness.

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