Water Sports in Goa

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Goa is a small state in Western India and lies in the Konkan district of the Western Ghats. It is one of the most popular places in India as it is privileged with fascinating biodiversity.  Being the smallest state in India, it provides a wide variety of activities for the visitors. With an extended coastline, breezy shorelines and beautiful skies, Goa give adequate options to experience enthusiasts to explore them in as many ways possible as you want. The waters of Goa have something for everybody regardless of whether you are a casual amateur or a gutsy water-skiing expert. Goa has been a favorite destination of all the water sports enthusiasts as it offers a long list of water sports like go wilderness boating, surfing, cruising, parasailing, sea diving, etc.

Below are some of the most famous water sports you can enjoy in Goa:

Scuba Diving

Discover the sea algae and the coral reefs as you delve deep into the ocean. Scuba diving in Goa is an amazing activity that you should embrace if you are looking for some thrill and fun. It’s a perfect adventure as what you will discover underwater is something which you will never forget. Get a chance to experience the differing and beautiful marine animals of the ocean and appreciate them very close with this movement. you will be prepared by experienced jumpers before you try it and they will train and guide you forward. You can also find some great scuba diving packages. This is an experience of a lifetime and is amongst the best underwater activities.


Kayaking is a perfect water sport for those who want to mix adventure with sightseeing. Kayaking is a hit among international and local tourists and is definitely considered as one of the best-known water sports in Goa. Kayak, a special kind of boat, is required and one should be fit and have good balance to try it. The activity involves moving across the water in a kayak which can accommodate not more than two people at a time. The ride will take tourists past some thick jungles, mangroves, as well as unspoiled beaches. For safety, participants are fitted with life jackets and are also trained to avoid making excess body movements to avoid the kayak from capsizing. It is one of the best adventure activities in Goa.


Parasailing is one of the most thrilling water sports in Goa . Parasailing offers the perfect blend of thrill and enjoyment while being comparatively easier than the other water sports. A rope measuring 30-40 m is attached to the harness of the parasail and the other end is attached to a speedboat. The individual pleasantly gets lifted off the ground when the boat kicks into high gear, and within a few seconds, the flyer hits the clouds. October to May is the best time to enjoy parasailing in Goa since winds are perfect to glide the parachute and the sea is calmer.


Windsurfing is perfect for the beginners as It combines the thrill of surfing and sailing together. This water sport requires a surfer to balance himself on a surfboard and cruise through the waves. While cruising through the ocean waters, it requires a good balancing act on the surfboard. Dona Paula bay is the perfect place for beginners to learn the skill. A surfboard of two to four meters long and a strong wind is the basic requirement for the sport. October to March is the best time to try out this water sport.

White Water Rafting

Mandovi or Mhadei river is one of the most picturesque rivers of India and is the perfect place for white water rafting in Goa. White water rafting is one of the most favorite water sports in India that excites a large number of water sport enthusiasts. Based on the different water routes one has to navigate through, there are various levels of difficulty. It is a 10-kilometer adventure trip and you are provided with a safety equipment, small training . session and life jackets that are necessary for the activity.  Monsoon season is the best time to go for White Water Rafting as the water flow in the river is conducive.

Banana Boat Ride

Banana boat rides are a huge attraction in South Goa. You will be seated on an inflatable boat that is shaped just like a banana and connected to a speedboat, which pulls it along the water at high speeds. These can accommodate up to 6 people at a time and are quite comfortable. The ideal time to undertake these rides and enjoy the pleasantness of the sea is during the summer season. Safety handles and Life jackets on the boat helps the participants to maintain their balance as the boat makes its way over the bumpy waves and guarantee maximum fun as well. You can easily find some great water sports packages in Goa which includes this activity.

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