Scuba diving- the best water sports activity

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The ocean is always known for its mystery and enchanting beauty, the silence of ocean is hidden with deep secrets and life beneath is Astonishing the thirst at every gulp. Water sports are made for quenching the thirst of the vast ocean. Adventure water sports include various activities from under the water till one flying over the sea. One of the adventurous Sports is scuba diving, observing the naturally formed life in the salinity where humans might fear to survive gives us the epic serenity of life thriving under there. Corals, oysters, the spectacular colours of the rocks and corals and fishes wavering along with the sea currents.

India is gifted with 7500km vast coastline located in tropical zone alternating pressure and currents warm water suitable for fishing zone and development of life underwater creatures. India’s favourite holiday destination for sea lovers and humid coastal regions is goa. Goa accommodated with the perfect scenario of ocean and wellness. The adventure of water sports in goa gives invigorating experience to be remembered till eternity. Scuba diving in Goa is one of the breath-taking adventures of water sports in Goa. The density of the ocean will make you feel every nerve in your body. Guided by the professional diving instructors and security of life to its fullest.

From people who can’t swim till the elderly can have fun? Pumped with oxygen cylinders the cost of every breath is realized, you can notice your heart beats touching the ribs making every breath feel the power of one’s existence. The density of sea makes us feels the pressure of the vast ocean and the energy you required to get through. Blue canvas painted with captivating colours of creatures as one notices in the aquarium. The transparency of the water will take you beyond your visibility.

Scuba diving cost in goa will make worth every penny and abundance of memories heart-thumping experiences you ever had in this life. At the depth of 4600ft the refraction of sunlight lightening every water molecule and dispersing the magical colours of nature. Warming ocean with running cool currents will make you chuckle within your body. Islands in Goa like Grande Island, Bat Island, St George Island have coral reefs and live corals thriving on the planktons over which the life cycle of the underwater world is blooming. India one of the biodiversity hotspot and home to natural coral reefs, making India shine in the conservation of this sensitive world, prone to hazard and ever-growing pollution. Protection and nurturing of the corals are done at its best so that people could reveal themselves to this bountiful nature.

Grand Island Scuba diving is one of the heavenly sports in adventures of water sports. Though humans cannot hear underwater as every voice goes damp making you feel the silence underneath. It makes you concentrate on your breath and feel the air you take inhale and exhale. Scuba diving Goa gives the peace of mediation far away from the chaos you hear in your busy life. No voice no echo only your expression makes the count of the happiness in the heart.

The underwater world is as enchanting as we could ever imagine. You can watch fishes in their natural habitat, their behavioural movement, the sensitivity to swim against any threat, jellyfishes swirling from the depth to the surface octopus hiding under the reefs, crawling of the hermit crabs starfish urchins and a countless number of various species beautifying this wonderful nature. Diving makes you float on your wilderness no land under your feet ranging over a liquid of enormously occupied world.

One of the underwater visitors is the turtles wandering, nestling over the coast, and the slow-moving wanderer with their tremendous speed in ocean teaching us that one can only be master in its habitat. One can observe dolphins spread across the sea including some sharks. Underwater ridges and caves having the wonderful life thriving home to planktons and sources over which the fishes and other animals feed. Moving down the depth, the seafloor home to crawlers, oysters and also some remains of drowned ships which will surprise you, as the ocean carries mystery.

 People who cannot swim or have fear of water can also take advantage of this scuba diving adventures as this sport requires no skill nor special training or knowledge. The only one thing to be done is to breathe and dive yourself into the ocean of uncertainty and explore the hidden spirit making it worth to change the perspective of any upcoming challenges.

One of the loving activity people does in everyday life to make the post of scuba diving. Photographs make memories live again and capturing the event is part of the holiday fun package. But the one caught in the eye can replenish the joy and drive again the desire to do scuba diving once again. The scuba diving in goa is experienced at best after monsoon season as the ocean is at abundance new life coming to the world and calm sea gives every reason to dive in the mystery. Migration of various oceanic creatures also acknowledges us the pattern of animal behaviour striving for their survival.

The main reasons to do scuba diving in Goa are:

1. To get to the Indian coastal scenario shallow water over which the underwater life strives.

2. To take the abundance of beauty the Arabian Sea and these tropical waters offer.

3. Detach yourself from the everyday schedule in drown in the calmness with your eyes open and bubbling breathe.

4. Take a deep breathe and experience your existence.

5. Peddle and peddle to the depth until you find yourself.

Scuba diving is different from other activities, the weightlessness making float in the fantasy, one can increase self-confidence by driving the unknown and boost self-esteem. Tearing the barriers one can notice flexibility after the dive, the changes our physical goes through, resting every nerve and mind. The zeal of curiosity reaches the epitome when you search within. Scuba diving requires tremendous energy and may get the feel of dehydration, it is necessary to have a good meal and sufficient water to avoid the seasickness.

Blue sky above and blue sea underneath, the colours are known to calmness and diving in the ocean quantifies to reanimate our daily activities. Every adventure magnifies the felicity when it begins and the ending exemplifies when we make the transition from one phase to another similarly when we transit from land to sea our world changes and thus our perspective to view our surrounding.

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