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Wandering around has its little fun, and staying out overnight with the fun of barbeque and the heat of bonfire makes a different essence of the camping. Camping in India has its own little story of every region, being the country of native every road, every den, every turn makes you feel like home. The nature having the words of history and the topography with growing flora and fauna is way enchanting and will give you the complete fun of adventure. One of the camping destinations is camping in Maharashtra. Many camping locations like igatpuri camping, prabalmachi camping are available at every region and one of the famous camping being the Pawna lake camping.

Where is Pawna lake camping?

Pawna is a small artificial lake formed over river Pavana, a reservoir built over it in the Western Ghats in a town named Lonavala in the district of Pune, state of Maharashtra. The most favourite holiday destination of people from Mumbai and Pune. The best location to reveal all the stress and carry the new spirits of the mountains giving you every chance to explore. At the elevation of 2047ft above the sea level, the climate being cool and pleasant throughout the year. Giving you every chance to escape the tiring life and spent a day out in nature. The geographical hotspot for flora and fauna making it a tourist spot to enjoy the unknown.

How to get there?

Many routes will lead you to the camp. The Indian railways making a halt at Lonavala station when you board train either from Mumbai or Pune. It is located at merely 100km from Mumbai when you get along the Mumbai Pune expressway. The nearest airports are Mumbai and Pune and further by road or rail leading you to the destination. Our camping trips to the Pawna lake will give take you to the destination with every comfort and accommodation. Being a native place it is very well connected with roadways and state transports available every hour so do not worry even if you get lost!

Every care will be taken by our team so don’t worry about directions!

What is camping all about?

Pawna lakeside camping gives you the complete satisfaction of your dream to camp around. Our team is ready with every facility to serve you at the site. The tents set up at the location giving you the complete scenery of the Sahyadri mountains with the lake by side having the canopy of green vegetation and the open blue sky with the breeze flowing across your hair. You can imagine yourself standing away from busy schedule no pressure and time limit, enough for you to drown in and discover the new self. The bonfire for you and your friends to dance and make fun, sharing the vulnerability of the hidden true self. Sleeping under the open sky making a count of every star that you miss the city lights. The sense of you moving under the large sky.

The unforgotten adventure is the trekking, camping near Lonavala has its benefits with the topography that gives every chance to go hiking.

What will you get to see at the camping?

Lonavala the home to forts, during the medieval reign the expedition led to the formation of various forts. Trekking along with the Lohgad fort, Vissapur fort, Tikkona fort the visit to Ambey valley, Korigad fort, and when you look down in the valley the unending view of the greenery. and when you are in Lonavala the Karle and Bhaja caves should not be missed. Trolling along the mountains. The famous tiger point, lion point.

If one wishes can also go fishing and for paragliding to catch the bird’s eye view. Having a romantic evening with the cup of tea and snacks making gazing at the sunset with the pink sky and the glowing stars appearing over the head.

What is so fascinating about Lonavala Pawna lake camping?

Pawna lake is the favourable camping near Mumbai with unending adventure and the destination of Lonavala with the epic history. The Karle caves where the Buddhism dwelled and the trek to Rajmachi fort that youth wish to conquer. The Shivaji udyan with very old trees and temples.  You can also visit the Bhushi dam, and trek along the Sahyadri discovering the old routes. At the camping sites many games as tug war,  cricket, carom whatever that you wish to play.

What is the best time to visit?

Pawna lake camping is available all around the year. The best destination to go summer camps and hike along the mountains.  The onset of the monsoon in Maharashtra gives the blossoming fragrance of the soil quenching its thirst and the chlorophyll rejuvenating to the new budding plants. One of the most amaze campsite is bhandardara lake camping. The winter with chilling nights making it perfect to den around the bonfire. Every climate carrying a different experience making it a better place to escape the busy life.

Make sure you carry your trekking shoes and caps or scarf along with goggles. Make yourself comfortable with light clothing, making you walk on the rough terrain is much better than you will ever get your pedicure. Camping has its benefits, open fresh air, greenery wooing your eyes, and the calmness in the surrounding that you miss in the city life. Stay hydrated throughout the way that will get you through the trek. Swayourway is all day long the clock to help you guide throughout your camping adventure. Camping near Pawna lake has made various stories around us that you love to explore with us. With affordable camping packages along with outdoor adventures that you must try. Making you comfortable with every facility around giving you complete satisfaction of the outdoor camping. Let yourself escape at every stress cause we believe nature is not away from you and dwelling in such tourism of Maharashtra has its worth and fun.

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