Islands that are separated yet attached to the body

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Islands in Goa are the ones that carry the wide and rich history telling the stories from old Goa to new Goa and new upcoming sights that you will get to witness when you take a complete tour wandering in the trees, beaches overwater and underwater. You must always travel by railways roadways to reach small destinations but not much by boat. Snorkeling Island tour in Goa will give you the perfect chance to visit step by step and carrying various water sports packages in Goa! Goa is huge district filled with flora and fauna that you need to take chance and visit. Snorkeling is the activity loved by the swimmers and having no limits to the depth and vastness wherein you all need is to breathe. The island tour in Goa consists of islands that are interconnected and each depicting its own rich history.

The following are the islands in Goa that you need to definitely visit during the island tour make sure this time you change your way from roadway to the boat way.

Situated on banks of river Mondovi which is a lifeline of Goa the Vanxim beach that is known for providing fresh water. Home to mangroves and counted in India’s mangroves zone, blooming with green trees and dwelling home to various sea creatures like crabs, shrimps, clamps and much more to be enjoyed as seafood. The fishing is the prominent activity carried over this island and the harbor ports for various jetties to halt at. The island is named after local goddess Ajdurga Devi,  Anjediva island situated on Arabian coast in south Goa. Anjediva fort, the shrines of Our Lady of Brotas and Sao Francisco de Assis built by the Portuguese, are the historical churches and monuments that must be seen, the architecture of the monuments, the efforts taken to beautify the richness of the culture will indeed make you wonder the majestic nature of Goa.

Cumbarjua Island situated in backwaters of Goa famous for fishing, this island is habituated with Indian mugger a crocodile species. It is one of the three crocodile species that are found in India and are listed under the wildlife protection act that makes it unique and the survival of this crocodile is the epitome responsibility. Also if we are a underwater lover scuba diving in malvan is the best water sports activity to do in Goa. 

The Bonderam festival is celebrated on fourth Saturday of August every year, Thousands of tourist dancing and singing across the street for liberation from Portuguese. Potekar festival known amongst the youth like Halloween is one of attracting event for youth, The Divar island home to the famous church of Goa, the church of Our Lady of compassion. The feast and the rhythmic music giving this sensational happiness throughout the tour.

Saint hyacinth chapel of the Sao Jacinto the island the rocky island having the lighthouse of Goa from the ancient period making the way for the voyagers.

Raneache zuvem, revora situated in north Goa, Conco island also known as monkey island, Chorao island known for churches and Salim bird life the sanctuary is an estuarine mangrove and home to many indigenous and exotic bird species that you need to definitely take the visit.

And the most loved amongst all the Grande Island. Having shallow waters and a hotspot destination for the corals and vivid colors fishes that you must have never seen. The snorkeling in Goa along this island is carried on a large scale. The free-floating to observe the underwater creatures from a height giving the epic scene of the bountiful abundant sea. The turtles visiting during their period of migration will make you introduce to the various species. Crawling vertebrates, the delicate impulse nature of the fishes to run in disguise without getting caught! The upthrust making you fleet your senses without any strings attached, and the sunlight dispersing and enhancing the blue colour of the ocean. Taking a deep dive to the seafloor in one breath and much exciting underwater photography to capture your beautiful moments. No need of carrying heavy oxygen cylinders just a breathing apparatus and goggles with all you need is to breathe at intervals. Swayourway will guarantee you the complete fun package and safety. Scuba Diving in Grand Island will introduce you to the real nature and the adapting fauna that will make you flexible in every walk of life. So set yourself on the vacation to Goa and exciting scuba diving packages to play.

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