Have you ever imagined of the showers of this natural beauty?

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Yeah, waterfalls make the best showers for one to bath under, India blessed with rich biodiversity along the western coast and the blissful Western Ghats is one of the enchanting Natures to be explored in the list of the one who loves to travel. Laying in the luscious green forest the Dudhsagar waterfall Trek gives peaceful energy for one to refresh in the go. Dudhsagar water fall having the scenic view is used for various shooting sites as you can’t fill the overwhelming nature, and the misty cool water giving the refreshment of the river flowing. 

Where is it located and how you will get there?

Dudhsagar waterfalls are located in Goa district of India situated on river Mondovi which is the lifeline river of Goa, and you must be aware of the Mondovi river controversies in the news so what makes it so important that even the states are fighting for its water? The river originating in the Western Ghats forming the border between Goa and Karnataka.  And draining in the Arabian Sea. situated in the interior of the Goa district the Dudhsagar has many routes but the two main routes are the from Panaji the capital of Goa and other from the one through railway at the castle rock station, you can also get the route from Belgaum town from Karnataka. You will get many ferries of buses and also private vehicles if one wishes to get in through the jungles.

Is it in the forest or just running water down the stream?

Dudhsagar waterfalls trek are the most captivating activity to do at such wonderful scenic environment. The Dudhsagar waterfall is located in the Bhagwan Mahaveer national park the semi-evergreen deciduous forest of the tropical zone the national park supports a wide range of flora and fauna as the butterflies reptiles and many treks through the forest.

What is the specialty of the waterfall?

 As the name suggests the waterfall is the milky way of India the gushing water down the hill entangling with the air makes the water appears misty milk like over the dark granite rocks of the western ghats. The height of the waterfall is 1017 feet at the elevation of 890m above the mean sea level. The Dudhsagar trekking provides with the 5 falls which are joined to form one single fall and that what it makes it the milk running down the stream.

Is there only one waterfall in the whole district?

No. The Dudhsagar waterfall treks will take you to various small waterfalls such as the Tamdisurla waterfall, and the one with the devils’ canyon. It is the cave carved out of the Dudhsagar waterfall making many small underground streams. Bathing under the sooting cool waterfall will refresh your soul from within. The adjoining lake reservoir is the perfect place for diving in for small children and the endless view for you to click photos and make memories.

What about trekking?

Trekkers make their way when they are set on the journey, the misty mountains and the river flowing through is the best opportunity to grasp to Trekk down the valley. Dudhsagar trekking is the famous destination for various sporty youth, climbing over the mountains and reaching the top is one of the trekkers love. The railway bridge opposite to the fall will give you the enchanting view of the mystic nature, as it is convenient for people coming with children who can’t go trekking.

Will it is affordable in every sense to run down the waterfall?

Absolutely! The Dudhsagar waterfall package will give you the complete fun of this beautiful place and will say heaven is the place on earth. You will get to visit the waterfalls and trek through the jungle, and spent the valuable time with your loved ones which are no great than any other activity to do.

What are the other activities and sights to be seen?

Filled with thrill and adventure water sports there is a safari along the national park to visit the wild habitat. Or else you can go the distance by yourself and explore many unknown surprises of the beauty nature. You will get to visit the spice plantation done by the local people of Goa. The spices where they are nurtured with care so their fertility expands, the amazing aromatic spices in their nature is the rare opportunity to see on this trek. Scuba Diving in Malvan is the one of the best under water activity to do.

When is the best time to visit this Dudhsagar waterfall trek?

Hmmm, One of the perennial river of India the waterfall having the cool weather condition the pace can be visited during any period of the year. Rivers flow in abundance during the monsoon and the overflowing of this Mondovi River Cruise makes the best falls to dive into. The onset of monsoon with new growing flora and with the sweet smell of the soil and the raw vegetation will give your taste buds the flavour of the nature. Youngsters prefer adventure boat trip in Goa during monsoon season to gain the thrilling experience of their youthfulness.

It is Goa, and what about Goa?

Goa the holiday destination of India and during this trek a visit to old Goa and witnessing the history of the Portuguese visit making one of the cultural heritage sites of India. Water sports packages in Goa are the best packages for youngster. The old Goa church information will be provided at the site. The churches to visit in Goa are the basilica of Bom Jesus, UNESCO world heritage site, with the lying body of St Xaviers Francis, accompanying feast every year in December. The next halt to the Se’cathedral de santa Catarina built to commemorate the victory over the Muslim army. The church of St Francis of Assisi built-in 1517, well known for feasts and architecture. Comes the St Augustine tower built by Augustinian friars. The local places will introduce you to the openness of the culture and will make you change the perspective of your life to something beautiful.

From where do I prefer to enter the waterfall will I get any pickup point?

If you are on vacation in Goa enjoying the sunny side on beach and warming up the sensational air with your presence you also need to get into the other side of Goa, the Dudhsagar waterfall trek package will comprise all the essential services you need to reach comfortably. From goa, there are pickup point at Calangute, Baga, Candolim, Arpora, Panaji, and Porvorim. Availability of both AC and non AC cars and you can also take your own car on the tour. All the inconvenience will be replaced with smile and comfort.

 You might not know the Bhagwan Mahaveernational park comprises of the famous Tambdi Surla temple for lord shiva, the temple tells about the prevailing history of the Shaivism from the kadamba period and the ceremonial festivals of this deities are celebrated by the people of the native. Our famous Indian the railway passes through this waterfall to connect to the southern region of India giving the iconic view of the dudhsagar waterfall.

You will also hear the story of the princes who bathed in milk and thus the name of the waterfall happened to be Dudhsagar due to its appearance. The lake below the waterfall makes it the perfect place to dive in for children and the safety concerns are taken to the maximum.

Why you should visit this Dudhsagar waterfall trek?

One tip to all when you are on any holiday destination make sure you explore each and every place in the vicinity. Second walking through the Kolem national park a get through gate you will encounter various animals and species to play around, on the journey the railway tracks leading to the waterfall the dripping through the caves will make to feel so vulnerable to your own self being. The wildlife underwater will make you understand the nourishment of the waterfall and the unending view of the sky adjoining misty mountains like the sky have walked down on earth.

So what do you need to carry?

Carry a comfortable pair of clothes and trekking shoes with you as the fierce jungle has wild vegetation. As you will get wet with the misty water rising from the waterfall and if were to bath stay well hydrated.

Precautionary measure to be taken!

Your safety is our first duty and makes sure you take a sufficient amount of food and high water intake because the trek might cause exhaustion. Do not feed your food to the animals when you cross the national parks, as the wild fauna might like your food tasty but might bear their health in the future. If any further issue will happen, our correspondence will take care of all the problems.

So set yourself on this Milky Way adventure and let the fun adventure of Goa beach also take you to the other side of this fiery jungle. Thus a perfect combination of mountains, waterfall, beach, jungle and you set on the adventure.  

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