Have u ever tried Camping from the ancient era used to travel places?

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We all love to go outing, hiking, trekking, camping nearby Mumbai and many more. To lie down in nature’s womb and calm down our senses is the best escape that we could beside our busy life. India having a divergent variety of topography that provides various sites where we could set and camp and enjoy the life of the wild. One of the most indigenous sites in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra lie’s the Sandhan valley and the eye-catching scenery of nature will attract to again and again.

Where is it located?

Sandhan the valley is located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra at the elevation of 3000ft above the sea level. one can travel through the kasara ghat of Igatpuri and turn towards the Sandhen valley. The Igatpuri camping has a further extent in the Sandhen valley where you can trail along the Sahyadri mountains exploring new every time.

What is the Sandhen valley camping all about?

Sandhan valley is known for locating the grand canyon of India, the canyon similar to that of the grand canyon. It is 2km long canyon where you can trek along the narrow path that supports the wild vegetation and small streams. The Sandhan valley camp base is located by the lakeside on an open ground providing the scenery of the high raising Sahyadri mountains filled with lush green vegetation.

During the Sandhan valley camping, you can go for Ratangad fort trekking, when we are surrounded by the people we love to go for a trek, the camping fun maximizes up to the extent that you cannot count, the trek never becomes tiring.

The most fascinating place or you would say heaven is the place on earth that will be the Ratanwadi trek. The Ratanwadi trek goes through the dense forest leading to the bottom of the mountains where you will encounter the fireflies. The best to locate them would be at the onset of monsoon and winter season. The twinkling stars on earth making the night romantic and pleasant.

If you wish to travel more you can also visit the Harishchandra wildlife sanctuary and trek along with the Harishchandra range.

The eye-catching views of the reverse waterfalls making it worth watching and drowning yourself into the misty mountains.

What are the activities that can be done?

Camping at sandhan valley gives you the many opportunities to explore and hunt yourself in the wild.

The block mountains made of the basalt rock makes the perfect spot to go hiking and trekking.

Besides camping on the ground you can also rent the hanging tents. That is safe enough. Having no ground below and the spirit to stay hanging is something beyond vision and the most thrilling adventure to be done during the camping.

The valleys of the Sahyadri mountains gives you the chance to do rappelling and rock climbing. Sandhan valley is known as the valley of shadows will never let you exhaust on any adventure, with the coolness added by the vegetation.

Camping means bonfire and stories. You never get such coolness and warmth in one place in your busy life. Sanden valley camping making it the perfect chance to grasps all your fantasies and fun that you want to explore.

Bhavli waterfall, Ghatghar Kokanda trek that you will love to explore further you can go for the Bhandardara lakeside camping where you can trek along the Kalsubai peak, Ghanchakkar peak, Ajoba peak and many more. Bhandardara consists of the various small numbers of forts to go trekking. Boating, fishing in the lake and many activities to do on the go!

When is the perfect time to visit?

Sandhen valley is the valley of coolness and never exhausting. you just don’t require the reason to visit, when its time is a perfect time. During the spring season the valley blooms with new flowers and petals and the summer season in the valley of shadow making the destination less tiring. The monsoon season when the waterfalls flow in abundance. The quite winter camping with the dazzling skies and fireflies. Every season will provide something new to explore make sure that you don’t miss any site of the unending adventure.

Swayourway will provide with all the facilities for your convenience. The guardians at the sight of the valley will make you aware of the complete trek. A complete package for family and groups that you don’t need to wander anywhere else. All you need is to set yourself for the fun-packed adventure to explore the natural side of incredible India!

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