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Sars- corona or severe acute respiratory syndrome is zoonotic disease spread from animals to human beings. It is also a form of Mers-Covid or Middle East respiratory syndrome. Covid-19 as named by the world health organization. The corona virus affects the respiratory system of the body which may cause breathing problem. The disease is an epidemic and cannot be detected in one day. Prolonged illness may add the effect to spread of Covid-19.

The basic symptoms of getting affected by the Covid-19 include:


1. Fever. The temperature of the body goes beyond 100 degree Fahrenheit or 37.77 degree Celsius. Followed with shivering and body pain.

2. Cough. Having a dry cough.

3. Tiredness.

4. Difficulty in breathing. Shortness of breath and even in severe case one may develop pneumonia.

(A) The symptoms of Covid-19 may occur at the peak when one person has prolonged illness. On recurrence of these symptoms make sure you consult to your family doctor or nearby healthcare facility and take the required advice.

(B) Covid-19 being declared as epidemic may cause one to panic. But there is no need to get scared over the news. Though the symptoms of the Covid-19 are similar to that of cold and flu. Do not confuse yourself with symptoms of cold flu and Covid-19 and create the fear amongst people. Consult your physician and take necessary steps.

(C) One can avoid by taking some precautionary measures to tackle the spread of the Covid-19.

1. Wash your hands constantly or sanitize your hands with alcohol based sanitizers.

2. Cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing.

3. Avoid spitting in public places.

4. Avoid close contact with people.

Do the five

5. Keep safe distance from the people coughing and sneezing. Make use of clean tissues and dispose them properly.

6. Use mask like N95 or the mask recommended by the health institutes.

7. Quarantine yourself when you come across these symptoms and consult the healthcare facility.

8. Avoid gathering on a large scale.

9. Maintain the personal hygiene.

(D) Covid-19 does not have any vaccination or medication precautionary measures would help to concur the spread of disease. Follow the instructions broadcasted by the government about the Covid-19 and take measures as per suggested.

(E) Social media may cause panic amongst the people about the spread of Covid-19. Have constant update through news and follow the instructions of the government decisions to quarantine the state. Spread awareness and stay positive. Taking the right measures has always benefitted the cause.

(F) Cancel your journey to the countries affected by the Covid-19. Unnecessary travel should be avoided as possible. Despite of lockdown medical shops will remain open.

(G) Do not hoard food items or medical equipment unnecessarily. Steps will be taken if there is any shortage of any food or medicines.

About Sars and Mers.

The Sars-Cov or severe acute respiratory syndrome has its origin in china from the Guangdong province in 2002. Caused the spread through bats and civet cats. The disease affected 26 countries around the world in 2003

The Sars has the symptoms like that of influenza. Cough, fever, fatigue, diarrhea, breathing problem are the major ones. But by the precautionary measures with the basic hygiene practice the spread was controlled.


The Mers or Middle East respiratory syndrome has the origin from Saudi Arabia in year 2012. The dromedary camels are the main cause behind the spread of disease.

Corona virus is the virus family affecting the respiratory system in human. Commonly spread from animals to human beings.

Having a constant practice of basic hygiene and environmental cleanliness can decrease the spread of disease.

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