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Balancing Over Water is Way Beyond Balancing Overland

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Yes you must have played balancing the game in your life but balancing over water is something new that you must try.

So what the sport is all about?

The flyboarding consists of a small platform that you need to balance upon. The high-speed gushing water from the nostril of the hole making the immense pressure will raise the platform to the height of 15metres. And that’s what flyboarding is. It is the hydro fleeting device made for flying over the water. You can imagine yourself over the wavy waves making you stand and juggling up with various stunts will take you to the next level of the water adventure.

Where will I get to do this?

Fly boarding being a water sport activity was first to introduce in Goa, as Goa is known for many water sports adventure. Along the sunny beaches of goa and calm sea. A perfect scenario of the peaceful existence with no horning and refreshing coconut trees by the side.

What will be done in the complete activity?

Flyboarding in Goa is the complete package of adventure, all you need to set to wobble up the hose and stand high. Initially, the flyboarding will be taught you by the trainers with complete instruction of the board, balance and all the rest. You will show the videos of the flyboarding and its completely safe for the beginners, there is no requirement of any special skill. The trainers are certified for the safety of the people undergoing this activity.

What are the other activities that you will get to do?

Swayourway will offer the complete package of various activities in one whole day; you just have to take the courage packed with the lively spirit and fly on the board. The activities will be inclusive of Speed Boat Ride in Goa, Kayaking,  Stand up Paddle Boat, Sighting Eagle Island, Jet ski ride in Goa, Swimming & Sun Bathing all these activities are set up in order to make you prepared for the complete adventure and you may not feel any fear of water and more flexible for the sport. Pre-training exercise will set the complete energy and precautions that you need to be aware of. You can picture yourself rising from underwater into the air and diving back in disguise. At the speed of fish that swirls to escape the threat.

What precautions should be taken?

Flyboarding exercise requires complete mind and body attention, so all you need is to stay chilled and have no worries about any injury because our trainers will be available with you throughout the time to take complete care of you. All you need to carry is a pair of dry clothes and the nylon t-shirts and pants and of course sunscreen over your body, this activity in the sun can make you tan! Stay hydrated and energy-packed. There is no hard surface to bang on cause its water and water all around taking you to the depth of every fun

Are children allowed?

Yes, children above age 13 are allowed to do this sport, as the sport is enjoyed many young enthusiasts it is our responsibility to make you available all the fun that you desire of.

And What More?

Fly boarding is all about stunts and flexibility of your body, you can also perform the stunts like diving, precision flying, flying underwater, aerobatics like spins, backflips, twists and dolphin flying and the way you move is the way you create. Under water dive grand island scuba diving. Having fun is the ultimate motto.

Swayourway will provide with complete care and attention and your safety is our first priority. From training till playing in the water till landing safely over the beach. So make sure when you visit Goa and carry other exciting adventure water sports like scuba diving in malvan, sea rafting in Goa, snorkelling in Goa, parasailing boat ride and the unaccountable number of small funs on your visit to Goa. Making you the perfect and affordable water sports packages in Goa Swayourway is available at every instance of fun that you have waited for. Any inconvenience will be taken care of because your satisfaction is the main motto of our company.

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