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The Everlasting Relations Are When They Dwell in the Warmness of Love.

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The time spent with our loved ones is the only memories that stay with us the whole time. And the newlyweds’ couple to go on to search the new meaning of their new beginning over which a long journey of life is to be set on. So the time spent to understand the tastes and choices that will set the new love and change lives forever. As it is destined by nature and we must carry the caravan over the long voyage. Here are some of the best honeymoon destinations in India that you should visit for the new beginning of your life.

Shimla“The Hill-Station with Rich Colonial History”

Situated in the sub-Himalayan mountains, the Shimla situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh 7467ft above the sea level making it the coolest destination with a pleasant climate suitable for spending time alone. 

Shimla is the summer capital of the British, where they used to spend summers in the coolness of the valley and further the historic place for signing the Shimla accords. Shimla has a vast history with British as you can observe in the monuments and the travel guides that led to the beginning of the setting of this beautiful town. The preservation of the Tudorbetan architecture of the British style buildings that you will get to see when you Rome along with the town. The Kalka Shimla railway station is the station built by the British and it is included in the World Heritage site of UNESCO, the preservation of the station will take you to the time back to the era of colonisation.

Shimla was built on top of seven hills: Inverarm Hill, Observatory Hill, Prospect Hill, Summer Hill, Bantony Hill, Elysium Hill and Jakhoo Hill of which the jakhoo hill is the highest peak at the elevation of 8000ft. The green cover of Shimla is about 1020 acre with a dense canopy of pine, eucalyptus, thorny bushes and herbs. Shimla being the hill station the mountains in the back clad with snow that you find to play as well as go hiking. experiencing new adventures with your partner will make you come closer and in the tender nature the warming fire of love. 

If you love camping Shimla mountain ranges are the perfect spot to enjoy the silent sky under the twinkling stars and the bonfire baking the pie of love. At various shoppers destination, the traditional wear and art of the Shimla valley are at the display. And the heart-warming delicacies that you like and are served at all the food courts across the Shimla.

Ooty- “Queen of the Nilgiris”

Situated in The Tamilnadu state of India it is one of the coolest hill stations in the southern zone at the elevation of 7350ftabove the sea level. Situated in the Nilgiri mountains the place where the eastern ghats and western Ghats making it the place of the dense forest that ever lasts.

Ooty is surrounded by green luscious grass and mountains with pleasant weather ranging between 19 to 25 degree Celsius. The Nilgiri mountain railway is the world heritage site of UNESCO where the toy trains run down the valley making the scenic views of the hills.

The Mukurthy national park and the Madumalai national parks wherein you will the endangered species of elephants and deer in their natural habitat. You can also accompany the tiger safari to locate the wild ranging animals in their habitat. The Ooty having the cool climate with the soft sun heat making the perfect environment for the roses to grow.

The government botanical garden of the Ooty is well known wild roses ranging with varieties of colours. Some include the hybrid tea roses, polanthas floribunda, Yakima and many more. The green pastures long spread along the mountains making it exciting to move and walk along in the path. The tea and coffee garden must be visited. The traditional ways of roasting coffee beans and plucking tea. The efforts of the labour you can sense in the cup of tea or coffee that you sip off. The Ooty lake making perfect for couples to go boating and drown down in the peddling of love boat. Walking along the pine forest to open some secrets in disguise and making new hiding pockets of love.

The Dodabetta peak the highest in Nilgiri ranges to go hiking on, understanding the strength and weakness of each other and filling the gap of the flaws with the concrete made of understanding and care. Enjoying the cup of tea with the never-ending stories and secrets and building a strong foundation by nurturing every leaf of the tree that you tend to grow. Grounding the energy and making the essence of the love to bloom.

 Udaipur- “The city of Lakes”

Udaipur the town located in the Rajasthan state of India, you must be thinking what is in the desert but Udaipur is a mesmerizing place that lies in the ranges of Aravali mountains that support the rainfall in this zone. This makes Rajasthan the state desert on one side and the green lush vegetation on the other side.

Named after by the famous king maharaja Udaisinghji 2, the Udaipur known as the city of lakes that lie in these ranges supporting the vegetation and life in the desert region. the palaces and their architecture having the scenic view of the town. The town of Udaipur is surrounded by 5 major lakes namely the Fateh Sagar lake, lake Pichola, Swarupsagar lake, Rannsagar lake, Dudh Sagar lake along these lakes lies the palaces that are preserved so well till date. The royal grandeur and resorts are so finely crafted making you come across the architecture that reflects the culture and tradition and the royal service that you would ever experience anywhere else. the auspicious place with gardens having the smell of the old city that led on values and service nurturing with love and care. The handloom industries of the Udaipur making grand design and artistic work over the clothes making you sense the effort behind the hard work. The traditional outfits of the Rajasthan with mirror works will not stop from going shopping.

Wandering with your loved one along the lakes and driving new energy of such mystic environment, the dusk with the pink setting romancing every moment. If you visit on the festive occasion don’t miss the Gangaur festival, the Shilpgram festivals where the cultures are displayed all over, the jag julni festivals that celebrate the age-old traditions receiving the blessing. In such royalty that oozes out in every corner making you celebrate your love bond that needs to nurtured with great service and care and the marriage bond is the royal amongst all the relation that binds family and culture of two different worlds.

Goa – “Beaches, Sunsets and Crazy Nights”

If you are a fun-loving couple then you should go Goa!

From north Goa to south Goa there are exciting festivals and beaches, food to dive in and wander new places along with the towns and discover the vibrant colours of Goa. Goa has endless fun around the day and night, to groove along with the rhythm and sink in the happiness of the sea waves making it the more every moment to hold hand and breathe in the new air of love. Going underwater with scuba diving in malvan watching the whole new world together capturing the new memories that will last Everlong. The corals, turtles, sharks, the vibrant colour fishes, watching the marine life in their natural habitat.  

The romantic boat trip that will surf you along the whole Goa, boarding over the deck and enjoying the scenic beauty of whole Goa coasts. Celebrating the life with people binding in the happiness of each other’s fun. You can fly along with the parasailing boat ride the dual seats that will raise you high in the sky and drive into the wilderness over the ocean, dolphin safari to watch the exotic marine animals of the Indian Ocean. The speed boat rides in goa oh yes the fun-loving part to cut the waves and wander over the unstable way. And various water sports package in Goa that you must try if you are an adventure lover.

Trolling along with the churches of old Goa, over the bike rides giving you ample of time to spend alone. Beaches as the Candolim beach Sinquerim beach, Anjuna beach, Vagator beach, Chapora beach, The Dona Paula for lovely evenings, followed by Miramar beach, The casino beaches like the Assolna beach, Mobor beach, Loutolim beach, Agonda beach, Chandor beach the long sandy as well as rocky beaches that you would love to have evening trolls and watching the sunset with your partner.

The boat parties of Goa wherein you can sing, dance, drink with your better half and discover the unknown wild side of your lover, yeah that’s what the parties are made for. Adventure water sports package in malvan & grand island scuba diving are the most best part of trill vacation. Tasting the sweet delicacies of Goa, and shopping along with the flea markets of Goa, enjoying the soothing coconut the water of Goa hydrating and rejuvenating the dried spirit and diving in the ocean of love. Make sure you make your honeymoon the most memorable and fun by visiting Goa! 

Adventure water sports package in malvan & grand island scuba diving are the best part of trill vacation. Tasting the sweet delicacies of Goa, and shopping along with the flea markets of Goa, enjoying the soothing coconut the water of Goa hydrating and rejuvenating the dried spirit and diving in the ocean of love. Make sure you make your honeymoon the most memorable and fun by visiting Goa! 

India the Horizon for Every Sun

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India has the diversity in whichever direction you turn and the new nature has its arms wide opening to welcome you. The southern part of India has a diverse cultural aspect than that you observe in northern India or eastern India. The relevance to the culture and rituals and in food clothing and even traditional music and health care. Always praised for maintaining the originality of southern Kerala is one of the loved destinations to enjoy the culture of the sea and wide arrangement hospitality. Poovar Island know as the mini Maldives of India is the epitome of holidays by the sea.

Where is Poovar Island located and how to get there?

Poovar Island is located on the eastern coast of India on the southern tip in the district of Thiruvananthapuram of Kerala. The untouched destination of India having enormous lakes and islands with backwaters that you won’t find anywhere else. You can reach the destination by airways or railways having a halt at Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram, over which the drive of one hour will lead you to the destination. Raja Martanda Varma has his legacy all over the region binding trade relations all over the world.

What is the specialty of Poovar Island?

Poovar Island is the beach separated from the Neyyar river forming backwater and the island that supports estuaries and backwater with long-running coconut trees.

The Poovar Island has the long-ranging beaches to troll upon, further the beach is accommodated with resorts and hotels over the water that you observe in the Maldives island. Opening to the view of the vast Arabian Sea the Poovar makes complete satisfaction for the honeymoon couples.

Beyond these the boathouse traveling in the backwaters to enchant the view of coconut beaches and shallow reveries flowing into the sea. Making stay in these resorts or the houseboat is more worth than halting in the hotel. The beauty of Kerala lies in the sea, the coolness in the air with slight humidity and the soothing coconut water by your hand is the most relaxing rejuvenation of your body from within. The Thirarappu waterfalls are a manmade waterfall that supports the large pool to dive and also troll with the boat. The Mahadevar temple in the vicinity must be visited.


The fisher community hoarding a large number of boats making the remarkable market in Kerala. Visit if you love to know the fishing market of the Poovar. Further, you can visit the Vinandhara Dakshinamurthi the rock-cut temple belong to god Shiva and goddesses Parvathi

Kovalam beach

The tourist best spot to rejuvenate with the culture of yoga and meditation with the wide-ranging markets for spices and handicrafts. The Kovalam beach situated near Kanyakumari, the Samudra beach, Hawa beach is the most indulging giving you the sensation of the overwhelming waves that touch your feet healing you down the toe. You can move along the Kanyakumari to witness the Vivekananda memorial but then you will enter the Tamil Nadu, but that is fine wandering leads to new places!

The boat races in Kerala known as the Vallam Kalli to conducted during the harvest festival all over Kerala, make sure to witness this amazing enthusiasm of the people rowing the snake boats, the tradition which has the long legacy in the history of Kerala.


As we know Kerala known for its originality the medicines haven’t left far behind. The ayurvedic treatments of massages, aromatherapy, and essential oils balance have marked the preferable destination for healing your body. The oil massages and squeezing of your body muscles giving you complete flexibility. So don’t forget to visit the parlors of the massages as you will never the best massages of Kerala anywhere in the world.

Having a long coastline the beaches are the best features of the Poovar. Trolling with your partner over the sandy beach of Adimalathura beach, Pozhikkara beach, Pozhiyoor beach, Golden sand beach. The sunset over this land is way beyond like the golden glitter so read across the sky and the clattering waves with cool drizzling shiver over your body.

Kerala is known for having the high literacy rate and hailed for its culture cradle the festivals, the kathakali dance performance still making it the unique state. In Poovar, in the traditional natives the rituals of Kathakali dance have its magic so make sure you get to see the authentic taste of this dance.

Best time to visit?

Poovar Island is the desirable worth places when you have to experience vacations in southern India. The cultural nature of Poovar Island has no matching place. Though the Poovar Island is most fascinating during the monsoon season when the vegetation flourishes and the winter season when the sea is abundant. You can book the resorts whenever you wish. Especially the backwaters of Poovar island for you to go boating with your loved ones. Go fishing and you will never be disappointed.

Being one of the major fishing zones do try for the fish curries and various varieties of fishes that you get across the markets. The beaches being safe and sound to spend the evenings and nights. The quite scenery enjoying the vastness of the Indian ocean.

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Planning your trip with Swayourway includes all the facilities available from booking the flights till accommodating any resorts or hotels or if you wish for the houseboat stay. Also offer a wide range of water sports like scuba diving in malvan, grand island scuba diving, etc many more We take the complete guarantee of taking to the places that are worth the scenic view. Setting on a new journey to a new place is the spirit of the traveller, making your travel diary look different that carries the real essence of the place. So set your journey with swayourway to enjoy the hidden places of this incredible India!

Adventure of Every Youth That Tries to Exercise his Enthusiasm

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Maharashtra the land of forts and a wide range of biodiversity. The most exaggerating feature of Maharashtra being the western Ghats that accommodate the altitude of coolness and epic topography of the Sahayadri ranges, you would love to trek along the rough terrain that are unchanged over the decades and the stories that connect all the forest range making it the biodiversity hotspot of India. All around the year trekking in Maharashtra makes worth the adventure of every youth that tries to exercise his enthusiasm. Here are the wide ranges of locations in India that are meant to trek once in your lifetime.

Beginning from the Mumbai the nearest trekking points are the Igatpuri and Pune and Raigad.

Igatpuri – Igatpuri is blessed with picturesque beauty and is a heaven for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

Situated in the Nashik district well connected with nh3 highway leading to Agra, Igatpuri trekking along with the Tringal wadi forts situated at the height of 300ft above the sea level, the trekking leads to the caves that were built during the 10th century. Further, the site is also well known for the Igatpuri camping as well as the five waterfall that is the most pleasant sight during the monsoon season. Other the camel valley that has the most majestic waterfalls. the Avandha fort, Mandangad mountain, Karoli Ghats are the most visited site to experience the trekking adventure. Further, the Kulanagd trek and Bhitangad trek are the steep slope trek that would bring the adrenaline out of you.

Camping in Igatpuri is more peaceful due to the cool environment and the misty mountains that will make you come over again to Igatpuri. One of the closest treks near Mumbai would be the Naneghat, situated between the Western Ghats and the Konkan region the Nanaghat trek leads to the caves have the inscription from the Satavahna dynasty from the 1st and 2nd century AD. Rough terrain leading to the Deccan plateau is another destination to go beyond forts and explore the new topography.

Raigad – Raigad, is a historically rich district, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, renowned Maratha ruler

Located in the southern part of Mumbai district can be easily reached by the roadways, railways along the Mumbai goa highway. Raigad being the capital of Maratha empire the Raigad fort carries the epic history and safer trek amongst all in Maharashtra well equipped with stairs making it the best trekking site. The Kalavantin durg trek considered as the most dangerous trek in the world, with the steep slopes and still considered to be the youth favourite. The Vikatgad trek, the Peb fort trek which is the sky kissing expedition to be lead. The Linagan trek where you can do activities like the rappelling and rock climbing. Making the best destination for overnight Raigad camping with easy access.

Another destination to halt would be the Karnala fort in Raigad district, though the fort is ruined it still carries the magnanimity of the ancient time and thus you could go for hiking adventures. it is also known as the Pandu’s tower.

Pune – Pune is a bustling metropolis of Maharashtra, ranked number one in India in the ease of living. 

The home town of forts carrying the rich legacy of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The birthplace of Maharaj being the Shivneri fort situated at 35km from the main city. The Pawna lakeside camping usually visited for the one-day camping will lead you the treks of load fort, Vissapur fort situated in the ranges between Khandala and Lonavala. Further the Ambey valley trek.

The most exciting being the Prabal machi camping in the foothills of Sahayadri, leading to the Prabalgad fort. The Jungli Jaigad trek leading to the hidden fort and less discovered fort trek. Travelling through Malshej ghat leading to Bhairav is another location where people usually go for a trek. The Malshej ghats have the enormous flora and fauna ranging from flamingos to the rabbits, peacocks and leopards.

The corridor connecting Mumbai, Pune, Nashik makes it the wild diversity for animals to survive and migrate which gives you the chance to encounter the beauty of this nature. The Raireshwar trek with camping at Korle village appears to have the rock cuts still fresh and vibrant, and the Sinhagad trek usually prefered by the enthusiasts.

The Shri Vardhan fort after the camping in Prabalmachi is usually visited by the youth. Located in the Lonavala ranges at the height of 3600ft above the sea level is one of the coolest forts to ever visit. The water tanks over the fort which is still preserved having the epic legacy of the Peshwa of Pune.

Ahmednagar – With its 500+ years of history, the City of Ahmednagar gets its name from its founder Ahmed Nizam Shah I.

The best camping sites and the mesmerizing topography of the Sahyadri ranges provide the base camp leading to various destinations. The highest peak of Maharashtra being the Kalsubai is the traveller’s destination to lead the expedition. The highest mountain of 5400ft above the sea level protects the Harishchndaragd wildlife sanctuary. Located at 6km from Bhandardara and the most visited by people on the Bhandardara lake camping. Well equipped with railings and steps the trek is considered to be safe. The top giving you the enchanting view of the Sahyadri ranges will make your effort the worth.

Other site being the Bhandardara with various camping sites. this site leads to trekking along with the Harishchandragad fort, Ratangad fort treks. The Ratanwadi trek along the forest is most beloved due to the fireflies which appear during the onset of monsoon and cold winter nights. To witness such magical nature the favourable environment is thus available at this site.

Other being the Sandhan valley trek, known as the valley of shadows is home to the grand canyon of India. The 2km trek along the narrow valley and 600ft tall occupied with the small streams and vegetation opening the gates towards the valley of green luscious vegetation. Bhavai waterfall, Ghatghar Kokanda trek, Ghanchakkar peak, Ajoba peak are the most referred sites for trekking.

Satara – The city gets its name from the seven (Saat) hills (Tara) that envelope Satara. This historic site of Maratha Kingdom is located near the confluence of Krishna and its tributary Venna.

The home town of Shivaji Maharaj the plateaus and the beautiful ranges of the Sahyadri Mountain with the forts lying in the premises make it worth the trek. Forts such as Santoshgad, Mahimagad. Varugad and the Vardhangad give you the epic scenic view of the Krishna River and the plateau amongst the ranges. One of the best features of trekking is Satara is a visit to the Kaaspathar plateau, the place known for the flower valley. The spring season makes the region bloom with wide ranges of flowers. another fort is the Ajinkyatara the obedient of Shivaji  Maharaj visits the ceremonies and festivals marking the symbolism of warriors.

The Sajjangad fort and Pandavgad fort are the most visited to have the vulnerable trekking experience and thus driving the thrill at every step.

Mumbai – The capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra, is a spectacular paradox of chaos and hope, glamour and squalor, modernity and tradition. Famously known as the City of Dreams

One of the nearest trek to Mumbai is the Padargad fort located in the Karjat town of Pune district it has easy access from Mumbai and thus best trek for one day tour and trek. One of the destinations being the Garbett point in Matheran you can visualise the changing topography from the coastal zone towards the plateau leading to western Ghats. The Chanderi fort which has easy access from Kalyan station or Panvel station perfect for the one day out from the busy schedule.

Best time to go for trekking.

Trekking it all depends on the traveller’s mood. If you set out now you will come across the various places to visit. Maharashtra blessed by the Western Ghats makes it more suitable to carry out trekking. During the summer season, the valley of shadows makes it more preferable and the lakeside camping near Mumbai. Situated at an altitude above 2000ft and above the environment appears to be cool and calm which doesn’t make the trek so tiring. The cool breeze flowing through the valleys and the evergreen vegetation letting you dive out in the wild.

The trekking in Maharashtra is most appealing during the onset of monsoon. Many college going groups bunk their lectures and turn out to trek and hike. The winter is more romantics to stay out for camps and hide in the hoods. Paragliding, boating, hanging tents catch the youths attention to exploring for more. Perfect time for star gazing and one-day camping.

Trekking with Swayourway across Maharashtra will give you the best chance to explore nature’s goodness. Along with the accommodation at the camping sites so you could stay overnight as long as you want. With the best trekking sites near Mumbai making your one day trip more memorable one. Swayourway offers multiple packages depending on what suits you.  All our famous activities like Scuba diving in malvan, water sports package in Goasnorkelling in Goaflyboarding in GoaParasailing boat ride, Jet ski ride in Goa.

If you are visiting Maharashtra for trekking we offer you the best deals over flight bookings and railway journeys, with our guide making your way to the trekking spot. The tent stay during trekking and the various activities games that you would love to enjoy. We arrange the summer camps activities for you to gain the best trekking adventures along with sporty adventures. Make sure you carry your comforting clothes with the pair of trekking shoes and leave it all up to us!

Along with accommodation all the recreational facilities and food will be available at the trekking site. Trekking is none the less than any mountaineering, but the beginning step to hike over any terrain and gain the unending confidence with the spirit of mountains. Get ready with your bag packs and get to go with Swayourway!

The Land Where the Lifeline for The Whole of India Originates

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Himachal Pradesh the state with the greater Himalayas in the north and the Shiwalik ranges in the south, and the towns lying over the mountains. The snow-clad ranges having the temperature of coolness throughout the year gives you bucket lists of places to wander and discover the hidden secrets of the mighty mountains. With the alpine forestry and the with Jammu Kashmir to the north with Haryana and Uttarakhand to the south and our neighbouring country China to the east. the complete topography of cold desert to the east, dunes to the south, paddy field to the west and Himalayas to the north.

Himachal Pradesh is well connected with roadways, airways and railways. it has 3 airports so you could land any of these and head to your adventure. The way pass to Tibet also begins from Himachal Pradesh as you can also get the pass from various towns and natives. The Kalka Shimla railway is renounced as the UNESCO world heritage centre. You will come to the Rohtang pass leading to the Jammu Kashmir. Travelling through your private vehicle would be more fun so you could halt to your favourite views.

Places that you would love to visit in Himachal Pradesh.


One of the favourite spot to linger around with the serendipity of nature. the most beloved of honeymoon couples. long roads to troll along. The Solang valley should not be missed for you to go for trek, zorbing and if you wish to fly do fly with paragliding, skiing.

Other places that you could come across like the Chandratal trek in the Spiti and the Manikaran kund if you want to get touched by the spirituality as well the Kullu the adjacent town to Manali enshrined with temples and rituals which will take you to the calmness of the soul. The waterfalls in the region like the Jogini waterfall, Jana waterfall, Rahala waterfall, Rozy waterfall.

Monasteries like the Gadhan Tekcchokling Gompa monastery, Himalayan Nyingmapa Buddhist temple, and temples like the Gauri Shankar, Gayatri temple, Manu temple which will give you the warmness of all the cultural sects that are dwelling here from centuries.


It is the town having its little history, being the summer holiday destination for British, you can see their presence in the monuments and town planning system that is still existing the way it was before. Shimla is packed with many markets and artistic works that you will not resist yourself. The Lakkar Bazar with the wooden works, scandal road, mall road and streets packed with various coffee shops.

You can visit many historic places like the gaiety heritage cultural centre, Shimla heritage walk, Gorten castle, Rothni castle. The town is packed with many fairs and like Lavi fair, Bhoj fair, Bharara fair make sure you be the part of this wonderful festive habitat.

The snow-clad Shimla is even more enchanting in the dim lights, you can go for skiing, ice skating and even along the hills of Shimla.


Another most loved destination, known as mini Switzerland, the adventure lovers destination to go for river rafting, paragliding, river crossing, mountain climbing.

to have the scenic views of the ranges visit the Diankund peak, Bakrota hills, Sach pass and trekking along the valleys.

Spiti Valley.

One of the youth favourite spot to get through the site. the desert nurturing the Buddhist cult occupied with various monasteries and lakes that will take you to the next extent of the travel and tourism in India.

In Spiti, you will come across lakes like the famous Chandratal lake, Suraj Tal Lake, Dhankar lake. and the well-known monasteries like the Tabo monastery, Dhankar monastery, Shashur monastery, Gandhola monastery, Tayud and Tangyud monastery, Khardang and Khungri monastery. Lakeside camping in Spiti and gazing the sky making it appear so dazzling and shiny that you will always visit on your holidays.

You will find many passes on the India China border in Himachal Pradesh which were once the way to enter India from Tibet.

If you like to visit the snow-clad mountains with the clouds lowering down to your feet then you should head over to the Bara Bhangal Trek, Hampta pass trek, Deo tibia trek, friendship peak,  Pin Parvati pass, Parwanoo, during the snowfall these places appears never the less than a fantasy.

Himachal Pradesh has many towns and ranging to small settlements the least visited places that appear to give the exquisite experience of the tour. These places include the Mcleodganj a small hill station, Dharamshala the holy resident of Dalai lama, Kinnaur Kailash from where you can view the Kailash mountain, Bilaspur is known for the Gobind Sagar lake,  Arki with the cultural heritage of the Rajasthani and Mughals magnificent architecture.

When we think of hilly areas and river the best option to do outdoor adventures include camping. Himachal Pradesh is one of the best destinations. For the best camping experiences you must go to the Chandratal lake in Spiti valley, Bhugru lake camping, Naddi near Mcleodganj, Kheer Ganga in Kullu, Khajiir near Dalhousie, Hampt pass in Kullu, Jalori pass Pangi valley. post monsoon camping and the during the spring the valleys of Himachal Pradesh plunge out with the wild vegetation and luscious green grass all around.

Himachal Pradesh being is cold destination is famous for wool woven clothes, the shawls and blankets, sweaters, do grab these woollen covers to keep the warmness of your tour. The authentic traditional wear of the tribal and the oxide tanned jewellery will fascinate ladies and won’t resist without purchasing it.

The cuisine of this region will energise you with the heat to keep you going despite the cold weather. The Tibetan blend with spices and the curries made of tamarind will never fill your appetite. Tudkiya Bhat, Bhey, Siddhu, Babru, trout fish carries the authenticity of the state, and wide range listed all around in Himachal Pradesh. So set yourself for the ride over the mountains and dive in the valleys of vastness.

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The Night Under the Twinkling Sky Making the Lifetime Moments.

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We have been accommodated over various places over numbers of destinations of the voyage, might say in 5 stars or any resort or villa or might even tent and in hoods. Though staying outside and spending the night under the twinkling sky making the lifetime moments. But have you ever stayed in a boathouse? Over the waters, with the best reclining experience and water everywhere, you might seem the difference in this stay! Houseboat stay in Goa is will give you the outing experience better than you have accommodated in your journey. We assure you that you will counter the houseboat living with all fun and adventure.

What does Houseboat Stay Include?

India is the country where you encounter waters and the southern region and one of the fascinating is staying over the boat overnight. The houseboat includes all the facilities from the kitchen to bedrooms and with dining and creational activities that you love to do. Houseboat stay is like a small home over water, with the opening of the corridor to waters, the best comfortable bedrooms and a fascinating view of the sky above. You can also for fishing in the river and cook the delicacy, and don’t miss out on the parties and festivals of Goa over boathouse cause they are the nightlife of Goa.

Where will you get the Houseboat Stay?

Goa the paradise destination of tourists and the adventure hike for scuba diving in malvan, water sports package in malvan. Though the land is made of islands you will come across many boats hauling over water and driving to their spots.

If you ever visit any coastal land tour make sure you come across the backwaters similarly the backwaters of Goa carry the most enchanting views of Goa for you to make your trip memorable. The lifeline of Goa is the Mandovi river, originating from the Western Ghats and draining in the Arabian sea supports a wide range of habitat. The Salim Ali wildlife sanctuary located on this river is the home town to various migrant birds, so you will get to see many birds and their echo in the silence of river making the day come to live!

As you will also get to see many mangroves with all greenery supporting marine life. the fisherman fishing over with the traditional methods in the morning shine and the fishes hovering to the surface.  The nightlife of the Mandovi river is fun-packed with parties otherwise the calm stays in the water for you to relax and enjoy your stillness.

Another river that you love to visit for houseboat stay is the famous Chapora river houseboat stay. Located in the northern state of Goa is one of the calm places with the blue waters and the scenery of the river banks with high heading coconut trees and gushing sound of the water, it is one of the couple’s destination to enjoy the romantic evening and enjoy the companionship in quite a time. The well-known Chapora fort with the least crowd destined to spend an evening and ending in the Arabian Sea.

Staying in Houseboat feels like…

You must be fed up of hotel rooms, and you should feel enough of this way, houseboat stay in Goa is the roof that you will never get tired of. You can book the houseboat for your family and group of friends, a perfect stay to bring give the happiness of this unique stay. Staying over water with nobody around you so you could enjoy your time spaciously. The evening with the setting sun dazzling over the surface of the water and the amber color sky with sea waves rattling to the surface enjoying the dinner of hot cuisines of Goa making it comfortable to rest along the whole journey.

Away from the coast over the water and twinkling sky above giving you the abundance of sea and royally of the stay. Waking to the echo of birds and misty morning over the river.  Weaving each moment of your life and relaxing away from the chaos of the busty life. Boat stay in Goa also comes with many fun parties that you would love to be the part of! displaying your talents and also know many people all over who visit on the holiday. The Christmas parties and new year eve make the best houseboat stay enjoying drinks and the delicacies of Goa. The party life is way hard and enjoyable as you always wished for.

Is Houseboat Stay Affordable?

Houseboat stay in Goa is much better than you could ever book a hotel room. Affordable than hotel rent and facilities of all your needs. Boat stay in Goa is much cooler than an air-conditioned room of the hotel. Renting a whole boat for yourself and not traveling over the water as you wish for with no limits, so you could gain your best adventure of the vacation in Goa. Just make sure you carry all the essentials goods of your own and leave rest to us! With you also wish you can go for cruise trips and yachts for a stay over the sea setting voyage all over the sea of Goa.

Staying in your journey with Swayourway making your different way. Swayourway guarantees you with complete journey satisfaction. We provide every convenience that you strive to get on your vacation. Our complete packages of tours and travels from flight booking and accommodation to the hotels that you wished for.

During the houseboat stays in Goa, we have pickup points leading you to the boat stay and onboard availability of the cuisines ranging from veg to non-veg that you wish for. If you wish for accommodating over boathouse and going fishing has its little adventure that you should never miss. With affordable boat stay that will never make you regret to change your path. We will make sure you enjoy the houseboat stay with great luxury and happiness. So set yourself to the stay over the waves and enjoy the Goa trip also with grand island scuba diving and check for the water sports package in Goa adventure with this journey in Goa.

The Divinity of the Region Lies in Faith

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Goa, India’s favourite destination of the holiday for youth, from sandy beaches to the water sports the life of Goa in this modern age has nurtured the essence of the Old-age that you will get to see in the churches. Every church carries its own little story, and the faith that has bonded the community in Goa with all the love and care in every give and take. Festivals and feast that bring people together and celebrate the existence of humankind on earth are reflected in the Old churches of Goa. An amazing adventure sports like scuba diving in malvan, water sports packages in malvan and grand island scuba diving. Here are the churches of Goa that you should visit on your tour to Goa.

Basilica de Bom Jesus

One of the oldest church in Goa, built-in 1594-1609, with the remains of St Francis Xavier was known as the apostle if Indies. The intrinsic features of the church being the wooden ceilings and the architecture of the gothic style supporting the whole monument is still as intact as it was built. Being listed in the UNESCO world heritage site the church has the rituals of the pilgrims from all over the world visiting here. The feast organised by the church on 3rd December every year makes it the reason for tourists to visit and the nine days devotional novena fest with masses. You will come across the paintings of St Francis and the display of the body of St Francis in every ten years. 

Church of St Francis of Assisi

The church built in1661 by the Portuguese to embark the viceroyalty of Portuguese in India. The exquisite entrance with the paintings all along the wall expressing the folk art style as the theme. The pillars and the ceilings with contrasting colours of the maritime and Old age colour. You will come across the upper basilica and lower basilica and the crypt. The upper basilica for prayers and choirs with lower basilica portraying the paintings of st Francis and the crypt carrying the remains of St Francis with his brother at the corners of the altar. The frescos paintings that appear to be fresh will take you down to the reign of Jesus and the preaches of St Francis.

Se Cathedral.

The church was built by the Portuguese to dignify the victory of Portuguese over the Muslim army to march over Goa in 1510, the feast is hosted every year to mark the history of the victory of Alfonso the Albuquerque the architecture of the church is Portuguese Manueline with the Tuscan exterior of white paint and the interior of corinthian. The blend of structures the chapel in the church which is denoted as the chapel of miracles wherein, they saw the vision of Jesus.

St Cajetan Church.

The Italian based architecture, the Italian friars who visited India to preach Christianity and on the side-line to build the hospital the church emerged in 1661. Having the architecture similar to the St peter basilica of the Vatican City in Italy. The Greek-style cross dome with the Latin inscription from the holy gospel of Mathews. The church has seven altars and the main being the lady of providence

St Anne’s church.

Built-in the baroque style of architecture of Portuguese the church is designated for the rituals ceremony. The altar named after st Annes the mother of Mary. Situated in the village of talaulim in Goa.

St Augustine Tower.

The church is nothing but the relics of the church built during the Portuguese reign which unfortunately collapsed in 1842 and the bell of the church was moved to our lady of immaculate conception church in Goa. The remains of the church are displayed in the museum near the church.

Our lady of Immaculate Conception Church

Also known as the Panjim church is one of the crowded spot and one of the film shooting site in Goa. The baroque style architecture built-in 1541 to serve the religious need of Portuguese sailors. The altar designated to mother mary with altars of St Peter, St Augustine and the Jesus crucifixion.

The Goa museum.

When you want to dig in the history of Old Goa information the museum is the better place. The sculptors of gods and goddesses from the Hindu and Jain religions. The artefacts of the Goa regions and an adjoining region having the trade relation. So make sure you visit the Old Goa museum for better acknowledgement of the art and culture of Goa.

Best time to visit

The state of Goa is a favourite tourist spot so open all round the year. Variety of water sports likes banana boat ride, parasailing boat ride, bumper boat ride in Goa. Cited with colonies and wide forest areas with the sea by side visits more divine. End of the year when the festivals and fest begin from the Halloween season itself, the crowd in Goa is busted with enthusiasm. The Christmas carols in the churches and the age Old rituals that are pristine blessing showering all over Goa. The Good Friday with the display of Jesus crucifixion all over the villages in Goa and celebration of the last supper marks the true spirit of Christianity of Goa.

Old Goa Church is as divine as the churches and the essence of Christianity that owes service to humanity is reflected all over the Goa. Flyboarding in Goa is one of the most adventure activities. One of them can enjoy the speed jetski ride in Goa. Swayourway is at your service to take you to the magical spiritual journey of Old Goa. Our tour guides will help you all over the journey to witness the memorial evidence and history of changes that took place all over Goa.

We provide you with pick and drop services and celebrate the nightlife of Old Goa busting with youth and enthusiasm. With the sizzling hot Goan cuisines with all type of food that suits your appetite. We will make sure that you notice every corner of Old Goa and carry the memorable photos of the Old Goa. We would also love to take around the north Goa full-day tour and south Goa with amazing water sports package in Goa and beaches on your trip to Goa with affordable travel packages which won’t let you think you to set for the journey. So set your journey with Swayourway to make the remarkable experience of the vacation in Goa.

Swayourway is at your service to take you to the magical spiritual journey of Old Goa. Our tour guides will help you all over the journey to witness the memorial evidence and history of changes that took place all over Goa. We provide you with pick and drop services and celebrate the nightlife of Old Goa busting with youth and enthusiasm. With the sizzling hot Goan cuisines with all type of food that suits your appetite. We will make sure that you notice every corner of Old Goa and carry the memorable photos of the Old Goa.

We would also love to take around the north Goa full-day tour and south Goa with amazing water sports package in Goa and beaches on your trip to Goa with affordable travel packages which won’t let you think you to set for the journey. So set your journey with Swayourway to make the remarkable experience of the vacation in Goa.

Goa the Home of the Colours and Adventures

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Visiting Goa and not going for water sports would be the biggest mistake you would ever do on your vacation in Goa. Goa is adventures, the history depicts monuments story tales at every corner of the beach. Scuba Diving in malvan one of the best water sports activity. The everlasting fun to dive into the ocean and go over every wave to pump your heartbeat faster until the fluids of your brain don’t go on a ride you will never know the true meaning of the water rides. Goa tour package gives you the complete fun package of riding over the waves. Here are some of the water rides that you should never miss on your adventure holidays.

1) Bumper Ride.

Have you have ever been on waves with no control in your hand and all you need is to sit and enjoy the bumpy wave ride of the sea waves? The bumper ride is one such ride that takes no efforts of you row your boat. Bumper ride in Goa is a boat made of rubber and it is dragged by the high-speed boat. All you need is to take a sit back and enjoy the ride. This ride is enjoyed by every age group member mostly by children and parents need not worry about their safety.

The rubber boat is fully safe and sound and you will be supported with a life jacket. The boat is dragged with such a tremendous speed that you will fly over the waves will make the screams out of you. With no work, all you will see is the scenic beauty of the Goa coast with people around having fun. Under the open sky with birds hovering overhead. The sparkling water of the ocean will remind you to carry goggles and head caps on the way. The riding hood over the water will surely make you visit again and again. With ease and comfort the most beloved by children and family, the bumper ride will let you experience the tarpaulin.

2) Banana Boat Ride.

If you ever want to rejoice your childhood memories of making trains and chains and riding around the ground then it will sure make you enjoy. But there is a twist the chain being the boat in the shape of a banana and with one rope to hold on! Like the bumper ride, banana boat ride in Goa is dragged by a high-speed boat and you are seated in a line. The dragging power being so high will make your boat twist and turn to have a chance to fall! The banana boat ride is loved by group people to enjoy the madness of the fun and also click the memories of the ride.

Even if you fall in the sea our boat members will drag you on the boat and anchor you on the coast. The most enjoyable ride for kids and their families. The tube boat jumping over the bumpy waves accommodating a maximum of 6 people at a time. Under the hot scorching sun, the ride may cause you to tan so make sure you apply with sunscreen and eyeshades so you will not turn black! Stay hydrated all the time, waves coming over the coast might also tilt your boat so be set ready with your group members to balance the banana else you will slip!

Banana boat ride prices are as affordable as other water sports that you will perform in Goa so set ready to glide over the smooth seawater and banana under your feet, may you fall off the banana!

3) Parasailing Boat Ride

Another sport that you should never miss! like a bird having no destination but just to fly and fly. You can picture yourself among the birds. The vast sea underneath, the open sky above you and you flying between them. Parasailing is the sport wherein you are tied to a parachute and then dragged by the speed boat. As the speed boat drags you the parachute rises you high in the sky. The parasailing comes in double as well as single rides so you could also enjoy yourself with your friend. This will drive the thrill in you.

Enjoying the scenic view of Goa with the heritages rising high heads. Parasailing ride in Goa is enjoyed by the youth on a large scale. When the parasailing ride is over you will be landed in sea yes in the sea, there is no safe landing! But don’t worry safety guards will board you back on the beach. It is one of the exciting sport that you should never miss. The vastness of the sea will take you to the new heights of flying, the wind blowing across the sea cooling you down and relaxing your mind body and soul.

Parasailing prices in Goa will never count the unending adventure of leaving the land and flying over the uneven land. You will get to see the dolphins in deep waters, the calmness of the sea will generate the new spirit that you will ever rejoice. Make sure you carry your sunglasses and an extra pair of clothes and leave everything to us!

4) Jet Ski Ride.

You must be watching movies and when it comes to action movies we all plunge over our sofa when there is a chase over water, the excitement, and curiosity of the next moment adventure. Yeah, the jet ski chase it’s even more fascinating when you see the trail over the water. Jet Ski ride in Goa will give you the same exciting thrill that you ever dreamt of. Jet ski being like the speed boats doesn’t need to be mastered by any trainer or any special skill. All you need is to accelerate and proceed, though the ride won’t be straight like a road but more fun over the wavy wave. 

Jet ski ride in Goa has its little fun over the heavy waves, moving against the waves and dragging back and forth is more thrilling than ever. If you are visiting Goa on vacation with your friends don’t ever miss the jet ski chase across the beach of Goa. Jet ski price in Goa is convenient for every person as this sport is loved by all youth and sure you won’t sit quietly on the beach when you have such an amazing sport. The jet ski in Goa along the Calangute beach, Baga beach at the speed of 100 to 135hp. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen and carry your goggles as jet ski under the scorching sun will be fun but it will make you tan. So set yourself for this amazing ride and fulfill your every dream to hunt down the chase.

5) Speed Boat Ride.

Another adventure sport for speed lovers. If you like to wave yourself to the high blowing wind then speeds boat ride in Goa is the best option. Speed boats are the ones similar to jet ski but you can travel along with people. Having no limit to the extent to travel over waters speed boat having the royalty of the wind can be accelerated by any person. It doesn’t require any special skill all you need is to set your way in the open waters and leave the trail of your existence.

The safety equipment is made available on the boat so no need to worry about any danger. When the cool sea wind enters your hair it will shiver down to your toe making you feel chilled and shaken through your spirits. Moving with the speed of 25knots the will give you every ounce of the sea, riding and jumping over the waves with such tremendous speed, oh you can just imagine. Prices of water sports package in Goa are very affordable and will never disappoint you. Riding from one end of the beach to the other will never the less make you feel like a hero. You will beat the sun with the splash of water that will cool you down, but carry your sunglasses and hat to enjoy such a wonderful ride.

Plan your holiday packages with Swayourway at an affordable price and don’t miss the water sports packages in malvan. From the sea bottom to the high rising rides we will make you enjoy every adventure ride with safety. Grand island scuba diving deep-sea dive, do not compromise on your vacation as we are all the facilities. Goa tour with an adventure boat trip to make you count every corner of Goa with the satisfaction you want. So set yourself to get dragged into the sea and drown yourself to the exciting adventures of water sports.

Outdoors is the Second Indoors

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Wandering around has its little fun, and staying out overnight with the fun of barbeque and the heat of bonfire makes a different essence of the camping. Camping in India has its own little story of every region, being the country of native every road, every den, every turn makes you feel like home. The nature having the words of history and the topography with growing flora and fauna is way enchanting and will give you the complete fun of adventure. One of the camping destinations is camping in Maharashtra. Many camping locations like igatpuri camping, prabalmachi camping are available at every region and one of the famous camping being the Pawna lake camping.

Where is Pawna lake camping?

Pawna is a small artificial lake formed over river Pavana, a reservoir built over it in the Western Ghats in a town named Lonavala in the district of Pune, state of Maharashtra. The most favourite holiday destination of people from Mumbai and Pune. The best location to reveal all the stress and carry the new spirits of the mountains giving you every chance to explore. At the elevation of 2047ft above the sea level, the climate being cool and pleasant throughout the year. Giving you every chance to escape the tiring life and spent a day out in nature. The geographical hotspot for flora and fauna making it a tourist spot to enjoy the unknown.

How to get there?

Many routes will lead you to the camp. The Indian railways making a halt at Lonavala station when you board train either from Mumbai or Pune. It is located at merely 100km from Mumbai when you get along the Mumbai Pune expressway. The nearest airports are Mumbai and Pune and further by road or rail leading you to the destination. Our camping trips to the Pawna lake will give take you to the destination with every comfort and accommodation. Being a native place it is very well connected with roadways and state transports available every hour so do not worry even if you get lost!

Every care will be taken by our team so don’t worry about directions!

What is camping all about?

Pawna lakeside camping gives you the complete satisfaction of your dream to camp around. Our team is ready with every facility to serve you at the site. The tents set up at the location giving you the complete scenery of the Sahyadri mountains with the lake by side having the canopy of green vegetation and the open blue sky with the breeze flowing across your hair. You can imagine yourself standing away from busy schedule no pressure and time limit, enough for you to drown in and discover the new self. The bonfire for you and your friends to dance and make fun, sharing the vulnerability of the hidden true self. Sleeping under the open sky making a count of every star that you miss the city lights. The sense of you moving under the large sky.

The unforgotten adventure is the trekking, camping near Lonavala has its benefits with the topography that gives every chance to go hiking.

What will you get to see at the camping?

Lonavala the home to forts, during the medieval reign the expedition led to the formation of various forts. Trekking along with the Lohgad fort, Vissapur fort, Tikkona fort the visit to Ambey valley, Korigad fort, and when you look down in the valley the unending view of the greenery. and when you are in Lonavala the Karle and Bhaja caves should not be missed. Trolling along the mountains. The famous tiger point, lion point.

If one wishes can also go fishing and for paragliding to catch the bird’s eye view. Having a romantic evening with the cup of tea and snacks making gazing at the sunset with the pink sky and the glowing stars appearing over the head.

What is so fascinating about Lonavala Pawna lake camping?

Pawna lake is the favourable camping near Mumbai with unending adventure and the destination of Lonavala with the epic history. The Karle caves where the Buddhism dwelled and the trek to Rajmachi fort that youth wish to conquer. The Shivaji udyan with very old trees and temples.  You can also visit the Bhushi dam, and trek along the Sahyadri discovering the old routes. At the camping sites many games as tug war,  cricket, carom whatever that you wish to play.

What is the best time to visit?

Pawna lake camping is available all around the year. The best destination to go summer camps and hike along the mountains.  The onset of the monsoon in Maharashtra gives the blossoming fragrance of the soil quenching its thirst and the chlorophyll rejuvenating to the new budding plants. One of the most amaze campsite is bhandardara lake camping. The winter with chilling nights making it perfect to den around the bonfire. Every climate carrying a different experience making it a better place to escape the busy life.

Make sure you carry your trekking shoes and caps or scarf along with goggles. Make yourself comfortable with light clothing, making you walk on the rough terrain is much better than you will ever get your pedicure. Camping has its benefits, open fresh air, greenery wooing your eyes, and the calmness in the surrounding that you miss in the city life. Stay hydrated throughout the way that will get you through the trek. Swayourway is all day long the clock to help you guide throughout your camping adventure. Camping near Pawna lake has made various stories around us that you love to explore with us. With affordable camping packages along with outdoor adventures that you must try. Making you comfortable with every facility around giving you complete satisfaction of the outdoor camping. Let yourself escape at every stress cause we believe nature is not away from you and dwelling in such tourism of Maharashtra has its worth and fun.

Jet Ski Ride

Jet ski in Goa

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Goa the paradise of every youth to drown in the endless spirit of the night parties and water sports. Ohh you wish also to dive in the sea, then you need to get to go Goa! the water sports with many the splash of the sea at every curve you turn. The wet clothes with the cool breeze kissing your face giving you the complete satisfaction of the water sports. The adventure at every step making the vacation worthwhile. Here is one of the water sport that you should try.

what is jet ski all about?

Jet ski is a speed riding boat carrying two people a the time. With complete control in your hand, not no special skill required to ride the jet ski. A totally different ride from those of roads and other speed boats. Being a stunt man over the sea cutting through every wave and diving through the sea and coming in disguise. I bet you have seen in many movies the chase over the water and making a boom in the air. The one which everyone dreams to get the jet ski ride on the vacation to Goa.

Why Goa?

Goa the being the youth preferred favorite holiday destination with the carnivals and exciting festivals of the Goan culture. Lying across the Arabian sea making it all possible way to various water sports adventures like the speed boat rides, parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, flyboarding and many more water sports including the jet ski ride. The sea filled in abundance with no barriers and all over the sea accommodated by the jet ski riders. You can meet many enthusiasts to play the chase game. The bumpy waves not making you still and making sure you fall off in the sea, cause that is more fun than balancing!

What is fun all about?

First of all, you don’t need to be an expert, even children above 15 can ride the jet ski. The jet ski in Goa along the Calangute beach, Baga beach is more exciting, people hovering over the boat and you riding your path is something different than all other. Moving at the speed of 100 to 135 hp and diving through in and out of the sea. Tapering like the fish to cut through the waves and raising high with heavy heartbeats giving you chills all over the body.

What is the best time to visit?

Goa being a tourist destination the adventures are carried all around the year, and the sea never gets exhausted! And we are here to help you with the various water sports. The summers packed with people that hype along the coasts to dive in the sea. The festivals around the Goa making it every chance to visit any time of the year. but the timing is the best when you visit, with your friends and family to gain the joy of their happiness.

What precautions need to be taken?

Make sure you take an extra pair of clothes cause you are gonna get wet and you should get wet, as it is no use saying water sports! Take sunglasses and a cap for sure the heavenly mighty sun will drain you with sweat but the cool sea wind blowing as you ride will make you re-energize every moment of your ride. Make sure you stay hydrated the abundance of the sea may make you feel the motion sickness. rest leave it all to us. Life jackets will be provided on the site of the jet ski.

Swayourway is available around the clock to help you get to the fun adventure that you expect to enjoy. The affordable water sports packages so you don’t need to think about the hole in the pocket and the happiness which makes you count your money is not the happiness of life. Any inconvenience will be taken care of at the site in Goa. Our only wish that you take the complete advantage of the water ride that awaits for the enthusiasm in you.

A Day Out in Hoods is Beneficial for Every Mood!

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Camping making a very exciting experience of all the fun that we do enjoy indoors but and enjoy the natural beauty of this heavenly topography that gives every chance to explore the new place. The rough roads enhancing the stories of every wanderer, the trees depicting the growth and the high raising mountains protecting strong and high with the journey of their formation and many more travel logs carrying the carving of the rocks. One of the best camping near Mumbai. The vegetation blossoming with fresh chlorophyll and the dews of the early morning.

So where is Prabalmachi?

Situated in the Raigad district of the state of Maharashtra, the prabalmachi is the located at the height of +2000ft above the sea level. The exciting point of the parabalmachi camping is the proximity from the Mumbai and Pune so you can get to the location from these nearest cities. The prabalmachi camping is situated between the kalavantin durg in the northern zone to the prabalgad in the southern zone. It is like a small plateau favorable for various camping sites with the adjoining mountains and the luscious green vegetation.

How to get there?

Prabalmachi camping lying in the location nearest from Mumbai and Pune, the complete journey will be instructed by our guides who will take you to the camping location. If one wants to travel by the roadways can make a verge to the camping site traveling along the Mumbai Pune expressway. You can draw to the spot either from Panvel or Matheran if you wish to explore new roads and rides. Lying in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra the place has the coolness that everyone wishes to escape from the city life and drown in the mesmerizing scenery of this nature.

What is so exciting about Prabalmachi?

If you are a nature lover then you will experience how the variation in weather takes place along the whole journey, the high mountains covered with misty clouds and the dampness in the air carrying the Goosebumps of the cool breeze that kisses your face making every breath refreshing and relaxing. The prabalgad fort was built during the Bahamani kingdom era 1458AD that is still standing strong high. On the other side, the kalavantin durg built during the 15th-century making named after the queen kalavantin. Also, the bhandardara lake camping is an amazing spot for lakeside camping. Making the epic history of the watch guard forts to spy over the regions of Panvel and various routes to protect the regions.

What are the activities to be done?

Prabalmachi camping is filled with various treks and outdoor games that you would love to do on the go. The prabalagad trek, trailing along with the forests, you can also go hiking on the adjacent the kalavantin trek which is considered to be the most difficult in the world. The steep steps without any support climbing over the misty mountains to enraging spirit of the strong fort. You can discover the ancient routes that were used to travel and the epic scenery down the valley with small villages and with the greenery of the region.

When is the best time to visit?

Prabalamchi camping has various seasons and every season has something new to offer. The summer season making a fun adventure for youngsters in their vacations. On the onset of monsoon the blooming trails of vegetation making the environment pleasant and the most visited time of the year. The cold shivering winter with the open clean sky making the gaze out twinkling. And not the least the bonfire making the camping complete to warm up the life and burn down every tiredness with the sizzling barbeque that will make your mouth water.


Make sure you carry your trek shoes, and comfortable jerseys with the goggles and leave all to us.

Swayourway will provide every facility that you deserve for the convenience of the camping. Another option you have for pawna lake camping and Igatpuri camping with peaceful scenery in Maharashtra. From the first aid till the tents will be arranged at the site. The prabalmachi camping packages at the affordable rates, that will give you the complete soothing experience of nature. Though camping is available throughout the year you can visit different seasons to notice the changing colors of nature. Any inconvenience will be taken care of at the site. So get ready to conquer the fort!