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Camping is the Place Where We Don’t Stay but Make a Living

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You must have seen many survival stories or the rough topography of nature where nature has abundant resources to give but making a one day stay in the wild is challenging. And nature is always in our vicinity, staying out within the silence of the mountains, the breeze blowing down the valley, the echo of birds making us reunite with nature as we are part of it. India carrying the year around seasons with nostalgic scenery is never the less than an adventure to go for camping. The bhandardara lakeside camping is one of the camping spots in India that will take you to another horizon of camping. There are also places like prabalmachi camping and pawna lake camping nearby Mumbai.

Where is Bhandardara?

Bhandardara is located in the Akole tehsil of the Ahmednagar district in the state of Maharashtra. The nearest towns are of the Pune, Nashik, Mumbai. Standing high at an elevation of 2340ft above the sea level. Along the western Ghats of Maharashtra carrying a wide range of diversity in flora and fauna, known for the wildlife hotspot in India. The bhandardara is located by the river Pravara carrying many tourist attractions and hiking points.

How to get there?

Bhandardara is at the 185km travel from Mumbai, another way you can visit from Pune and through the Igatpuri ghats along the Mumbai Nashik road. But don’t worry our team will help you to get to the location. Both roadways and railways are preferable to get to the location.

What is Bhandardara Camping all about?

Bhandardara camping has many great hiking and trekking points that you would love to do. Bhandardara is the home to the mountain Kalsubai which is the highest peak in Maharashtra. The camping site is located along the lake giving you the scenic view of the Sahyadri mountains with the open blue sky and the crystal shining of the lake water. Another site is the Purushwadi where you will come across the fireflies and under the open sky. The best time to visit for the fireflies is during the onset of monsoon season and the chilling winter nights. The haze in the forests giving the twinkling of the fireflies. And the other attraction is the Ratanwadi with the fireflies attractions. The open skies away from the cities are the best for sky gazers for the people who love to explore the astronomical studies.

Many people lead the expedition to the Kalsubai peak which is 12km from the bhandardara site. Trekking along with the forts of Ratangad and Harishchandragad forts and sandhan valley trek that are the most loved by the trekkers. During the monsoon season the bhandardara is heaven for the vegetation with many waterfalls flowing down the mountains and many well-known waterfalls as the Randha falls, reverse fall, Nhani falls and whichever comes across your path. Home to the Agasthi rishi the sage who has many epic stories echoing down the valleys.

What to do at Camping?

Bhandardara camping is filled with many hiking and trekking adventures. Whichever path you decide to climb along is the new route. Boating in the lake alongside the camping ground. You can go trekking along the Ajoba peak and Ghanchakkar peaks the trio fort trek of the Alang fort, Mandangad fort, and Kulang fort. The umbrella waterfalls having an eye-catching view during the rainy season. The historic Wilson dam sites to visit for beautiful evenings. Trailing along the valleys of Sahyadri known as the valley of shadows which will never make you tired by the hiking. The Ghatghar point to view the topography of the whole land with the basalt block mountains. The soothing sun rays shining in the valley with the coolness of the vegetation and elevation makes it the perfect adventure spot to go for the camping.

Another attraction of the bhandardara is the Sandhen valley, which carries the grand canyon of India. Narrow rift valley with a trek of 2km down to the scenic valley of the waterfalls and valley. Sandhan valley camping and Igatpuri camping another location to trek along with the forts. The hanging tents to live along the edge. Even the bonfire to weave the stories of adventures and gaining new companies of people visiting. Adventures as the mountain climbing, valley crossing.

Best time to visit!
Bhandardara has the climate with temperature ranging 20 to 25 degrees Celsius throughout the year, with winter more chilling to carry a winter camping. The summer with the coolness of the breeze the rainy season with blooming flora. Changing seasons with changing adventure that will give you the chance to explore something new every time! Make sure you visit the with your trek shoes and a pair of comfortable clothes rest everything will be provided to you at the camping site from the eateries to the comfortable tents to spend the night.

Swayourway will make the complete adventure journey with exciting activities and comfort camping near Mumbai. The affordable bhandardara camping packages filled with all the thrill and memories that you will take along with you. Waking to the dewy mornings that you will ever gain in your city life. Your comfort is our priority with all the aids and hygiene that you always expect on the camp out journeys. So set yourself to dive in the valleys of shadows to find the new sunrise of your life.

When Heaven Pours Nature Displays Its Colors

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When Heaven Pours Nature Displays Its Colors.

The nature with the mesmerizing colors, from where the life of earth came into reality and the ever nourishing power of the wild flora and fauna that occupies the habitat establishing a whole new world. The valleys, rivers, mountains, lakes and the uncountable number of list of the bountiful nature that woos our every inch soul and quench the thirst with the replenish the tired spirit and body with a new perspective to bloom back in our lives. Also scuba diving in malvan is one of the amazing water sports activities to do. One of the enchanting the character of nature is the waterfall and the Dudhsagar Trekking lying amid the valleys carrying the misty white showers that will never let you stop from diving in the reservoir!

So where does this waterfall lie?

Dudhsagar waterfall lies along the Western Ghats in the state of Goa in India. The waterfall is located on the river Mondovi that is the lifeline river of Goa originating in the Karnataka state and draining in the Arabian Sea traversing through Goa. You can get to the waterfall through the Panaji (capital of Goa) and other from the castle rock station hailing in Goa as well from the Belgaum town of Karnataka a journey of 35km. the journey can be driven by private vehicles and the bus routes. The journey being packed with various trek and vegetation throughout the way, giving you complete satisfaction of the beautiful nature. The waterfall is situated in the Bhagwan Mahavir national park of the Goa. The national park a home to several species of the western ghats. Semi-evergreen deciduous forest of the tropical zone the national park supports a wide range of flora and fauna as the butterflies reptiles and many treks through the forest. Having a trek through the jungle encountering various species of wildlife.

What the waterfall is all about?

As the name claims the waterfall is the misty white milky way trailing down the granite rock cutting the edges and gushing heavily with all the abundance that makes the milk-like appearance. You will hear many stories of the king and his daughter that bath in this pond of the Dudhsagar and how the waterfall came to be known as the Dudhsagar waterfall. The railway line runs through this waterfall you will get to see the 5 small waterfalls meeting to become the famous Dudhsagar waterfall. The waterfall is 1017 feet at the elevation of 890m above the mean sea level.

What are other features accompanying the waterfall?

The Bhagwan Mahavir national park also accommodates the tambdi surla waterfall also known as the devil’s canyon. The cave carved from the hard rock with many small streams running down the cave. The temple of lord shiva of the kadamba architecture with the scenic view of valleys with vegetation and wildflowers.

What are the sites seeing places near Dudhsagar?

The Dudhsagar waterfall is also accompanied by the safari through the jungle. You can visit the spice plantation of the Goa where the spices are nurtured with care so the aroma will dwell through the food. And the state of Goa is the tourist holiday destination from north Goa till south Goa with exciting grand island scuba diving you can enjoy.


Dudhsagar waterfall is the enthusiast spot to trek through the waterfall. Climbing the hard granite rock with the enchanting view of the valley with the mountains covered in lush green blanket giving the cool and soothing experience of the waterfall.

What is the best time to visit?

Though the waterfall flows throughout the year, the best time to visit is during the monsoon season. On the onset of monsoon, the trekkers rush to the waterfall to watch the rising of the vegetation that blooms with the smell of the raw nature that raises the spirit of the travelers. The dive into the pond relaxing every nerve. You can also go fishing and dive to new adventures in the pond that you always wish to do

Why Dudhsagar waterfall?

The Dudhsagar waterfall being an adventure spot leading to various destinations that you can visit in a go. Trailing through the kolem national park trekking along the jungle. Living the city life and losing the tiredness with the never-ending energy of the beautifying nature that releases all the stress. A peep in nature from the city life that makes a different fun from that of staying at one place.


The Dudhsagar trek being a tiring walk through the forest might be exhaustive even though it is cold and relaxing, make sure you keep yourself well hydrated and packed with energy. Carry an extra pair of clothes if you wish to bathe under the waterfall or dive in the pond.

From where do we get to the waterfall?

From Goa, there is pickup point at Calangute, Baga, Candolim, Arpora, Panaji, and Porvorim. Availability of both AC and Non AC cars and you can also take your car on the tour. If you are on vacation in Goa make sure you explore all the spots in Goa and a day to the Dudhsagar waterfall that will complete your journey of the voyage.

Swayourway gives you the complete package to travel all the sites of the dudhsagar waterfall. You can also book the package with the Goa tour that provides the enchanting views from old Goa to the newly developed Goa with exciting water sports and adventure boat trip in Goa. Travelling in the backwaters of Goa and scuba diving package in malvan with many adventures. The Dudhsagar waterfall trek will be provided with all essential services that would make you comfortable and we will make sure you enjoy to the fullest. With the affordable water sports packages in Goa. So get ready to travel along the topography of Goa with many adventures.

water sports

Banana Boat Ride the Best Water Sports Activity in Goa

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In Summers we all love to jump in the water and get cool to lower high temperatures the hot sun. Water sports packages in Goa comprise activities like the parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving in malvan, flyboarding in Goa, JetSki, speed boat in Goa. Like the fish with glide or like the bird we fly. The bumpy rides and one of the most amazing water sport being the banana boat ride. The safest and thrilling banana boat ride in Goa one of the most loved by the family members and children.

What is the banana boat ride all about?

The banana boat ride is a sort of boat in the shape of a huge banana made of the rubber tube. The boat ride is the smoothest and bumpy ride ever to ride on. The banana boat is dragged by the speed boat over the waves all you have to seat and take the fun of the ride without any effort. The banana boat can accommodate 4 to 6 people at a time, the banana as it resembles has the slippery surface that is what you can’t balance for long. And making the balance is the toughest task that you have to!

Where will I get the banana boat ride?

India’s favorite holiday destination being Goa where you get to enjoy all the water sports packages in malvan. People coming with groups and families surely take the fun adventure ride, mostly loved by children and the elderly.

You can remember the trail of the train you used to make during childhood. All supported with the rope, you have to seat tight over the banana to avoid any tilt by the jerks. The fun part of this ride is you need to balance and that is made by all the members riding. When you are on vacation in Goa make sure that you go along the malvan coast in the Sindhudurg district. The land is also accommodated with the banana boat ride and various water sports activities.

What are the precautions to take?

The banana boat ride is the safest water sport that requires no special skill and thus it can be enjoyed by any age group people. All you need is the use of sunscreen because the scorching sun can make you tan and very tan, take sunglasses to protect the shiny reflection and heat of the sun. Make sure you get an extra pair of clothes because no wonder you will get wet! The safety life jackets will be provided at the sight of the water sport. And make sure you take a good meal because the motion sickness might make you feel unconscious and stay hydrated!

What is fun about the banana boat ride?

The effortless ride to be ridden by the family and group members to drive over the waves with bumpy jerks. The speed boat driver trying to tilt the boat in the middle where you need is to balance. Clicking selfies that no one will ever miss! When the speed boat driver will try to tilt your boat, make sure you make a strong team and good strategy to keep the ride smooth, and it would fun if you fall! But no worries it will not cause any harm thought the life jackets will be always available for rescue.

Leaving your feet along the edges of the boat where the waves will cut through your skin, oh what fun it would be! A jolly ride for the elders, you can sense the cool breeze of the ocean blowing through your skin. Riding over the bumpy waves with no efforts just seating and relaxing. The banana boat ride in Goa is carried along the Calangute and Baga beach with other water sports as well.

Swayourway provides the most affordable banana boat ride and water sports making all the facilities available at the sight. Taking care of your safety any inconvenience is always taken care of making sure you enjoy the smoothness of the sea over the bumpy waves and get dragged yourself into the never-ending fun adventure of the Goa water sports.

Winter Has Started, Why And Where Should We Go For Camping?

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India blessed with three seasons that makes everyone adaptable to all the weather conditions and to experience the nature that surprises with new blooming flora and fauna. One of the most beloved and lazy seasons comes the winter. We all love to get tucked in bed and watch our favorite films and series and enjoy the warmth of the blanket! Though we do this every year why don’t we enjoy the winter in a new way at a different place and enjoy the sip of the hot drinks!

Here are some of the most exciting places that you should go camping and enjoy the chills with warm care.

1. Prabalmachi Camping

As we rise above the sea level the climate gets cooler and cooler, though the cool places become more chilling and that makes the fun of winter. Prabalmachi situated in the Pune district of Maharashtra state is the trek lovers’ destination. People find reasons to visit prabalmachi as it is one of the most difficult treks to conquer. At an elevation of 2300ft, the prabalmachi camping the site is located in between the two big fort top one is the Prabalgad and other being the Kalavatin durg. Though the forts were built during the reign of Shivaji Maharaj to guard the regions of Panvel and its adjoining territory. The nights are quiet and pleasant with no noise where you can hear your echo.

The Prabalmachi camping site is well equipped with all the facilities. You can place yourself and imagine the beauty of the rustic evening with the cup of hot coffee in your hand. Prabalmachi camping is trekkers, love. The trekking makes the body warm that the chills of the winter will not make you sense any of the weather. Being one of the toughest treks in India the steep hills gives the enchanting view of the Sahyadri Mountains that you would have seen. The topography of the black rocks painted with lush green colors.

Adjoining the camp you can enjoy the barbeque with sizzling cuisines with the spicy corners that warm up the inner appetite and making complete satisfaction of the food. At the camping site, you can make up with various games or go on the trail to wander in the hoods and discover the new wildlife. The bonfire with collecting memories and building new ones in the warmth of the the fire that will bake them to be strong forever, and of course the photography that no one will like to miss.

But the real sense of the winter is acknowledged when we step into the wild and take the experience of the world life who live in their natural habitat.

2. Pawna Lakeside Camping

Another hot destination of the chilling cold winter is the Pawna lake camping. The Pawna Lake camping located in the Pune district of Maharashtra on Mumbai-Pune road 26km into the mountains. We always dream of staying by the lakeside or riverside away from the chaos and lie in nature with complete silence to revive ourselves. The Pawna Lake is 25km long on the river Pawna various camping spots with you in the middle of the mountain! Pawna River making a reservoir over the dam is one of the best adventures of Pawna dam camping. The lifeline for the adjacent villages, the atmosphere over the lake is cool and calm that you can perform various water sports like the boat ride, kayaking, lake rafting and simply wander over the edges of the lake with your loved ones. One can also go for paragliding over the ranges of Sahayadri.

Trekking points to explore when you visit the Pawna lake as the Lohgad fort, Vissapur fort, Tikkona fort the visit to Ambey valley, Korigad fort, and many other forts. Trekking is the most activity that you should go on that drives out the cold winter and rejuvenates with the energetic spirits. You can picture yourself standing by the lakeside and the sun setting behind the mountains the amber color sky giving you the Romanising feeling drowning you into the love of the nature that would make you the poet to write the heart out. And yes the bonfire that makes the camping incomplete. Resting in the silence of the valley and waking to the misty morning with the cup of tea.

The Pawna lake camping is the place where you can enjoy the vacation with your whole family. The light of the lanterns brightening, and the twinkling sky overhead making the most magical experience you ever have seen. So make sure you dive into the mystic nature.

3. Bhandardara lake Camping

Bhandardara is the small village located along the Western Ghats, Which is India’s hotspot for the wild flora and fauna. It is situated in Akole tehsil of the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. A four hours travel or 185 km from Mumbai, located at the elevation of 2340ft above the sea level nature is flourishing in the bountiful environment. Bhandardara lakeside camping is the perfect spot to spend weekends and discover oneself in the silence of the valley. The Sahyadri’s ranges covered with lush green mountains. Sahaydris known for the valley of shadows will make no trek tiring on the go. The mountain ranges are home to many peaks as the Kalsubai peak which is the highest peak in Maharashtra state and the proudly called as Everest of Maharashtra.

Bhandardara is situated on the river pravara. The Bhandardara is one of the camping sites has various open grounds to wander in the open sky and gaze at the forest life with numerous creatures and birds. The Bhandardara lakeside is accommodated with trekking spots at the Ratangad fort and the other of the Kokanada. The Ratanwadi is famous for various fireflies watchers during the winter and monsoon when the environment gets colder the fireflies dances with lightening spirits and warming our souls. The clear skies of the winter to observe various stars that we miss in the city life.

The Randha falls creating a gorge of 170ft with a mesmerizing view, The Ghatkar the point from where you can watch the wide ranges of Sahyadris the emergent topography where the ancient forts were built and to hide disguise. The Sandhan valley Trek at 25km from Bhandarara where ‘The grand canyon of Maharashtra is situated. Harishchandragad fort from where the trails leading to the Ajoba peak and Ghanchakkar  peak are the most trekking spots and people love to go hiking. The hanging tents of the bhandardara to enjoy a different stay out over the mountains. Bhandardara was the mediating point of Agastya rishi( A sage) you can sense the spirituality in the mountain ranges.

Make sure you enjoy the warmth of the treks and nature that protect from the chilling cold with the bonfire in the hoods weaving stories and adventures of the unending spirits of the fireflies and the expedition of the mountain tops.

4. Igatpuri Camping

Igatpuri located in the Nasik district of Maharashtra state 130km from Mumbai. Situated in the western ghats in the sahayadri ranges. Igatpuri is famous for the Vipassana meditation centre that follows the dhama and accordingly the processions of the sessions take place. The igatpuri camping sites are located along the lakes and valleys of the bhatsa river, camel valley and many more. The kalsubai peak located at 35 km from Igatpuri is the favourite trekking and carrying various expeditions. The Arthur Lake formed over the river pravara being one of the camping sites. The five waterfall site is the most mesmerizing trek to be explored on. The Tringalwadi fort situated at the height of 3000ft above the sea level gives the picturesque scenes of the kalsubai and the kulang mountain ranges.

You can perform lake rafting, lake tube floating or go on kayaking in the lake. Being in the silence of the valley you can perform the archery and rifle shooting. The youth are dragged during their weekends for small breaks. The vaitarna dam, karoli ghat are various spots that you can visit during the camping. Camping in Igatpuri has a different from other camping sites here nature is always blooming with bounties. And the misty valleys of winter are the enchanting as it is always said you should enjoy the cold morning of the Nashik district. The cuisine of the Nashik blended with spice where you’ll get the authentic food of bhakar and jhunka that warms up the cold appetite and never-ending warmness. 

And the heart-warming bonfire that lights the spirit of the campaigners with the rich delicacies of barbeque and many more exciting sports that you will get to explore. So travel with Swayourway with amazing camping near Mumbai packed with the fun thrilling adventures and Water sports activities. We will be provided with all the facilities and convenience so you could enjoy the cold winter nights with the misty mornings. The affordable packages that will make you visit again over time. The tents with full safety. So grab your bag with warming comforts and set the journey into nature.

We Can Imagine a Parallel World But We Always Have Another World.

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We travel to the uncountable places of earth still we remain unexplored the changing strategies of nature always brings new and exciting features for us to observe. We, humans, are hot blood animals so we don’t stay underwater, but you can imagine what it takes to be a cold-blooded animal to swim in one swoop and escape the threat. The underwater world that brings new creatures from throughout the world through the ocean currents and streams and to witness such underwater world through the scuba diving.

Scuba diving the damp environment with the high density of water accommodating he pressure of the vast ocean and breathing in such condition will make you realise you’re each breath. Scuba diving comes with the complete swimsuit wherein you have to carry the oxygen cylinders on your back and dive into the ocean. Indian western coast is the hotspot of various endangered species that are surviving the tropical warm waters with their abundance and supporting the wild habitat of the whole ecology. The scuba diving at the grande island and Malvan must be visited if you ever turn the trip to goa.

Goa tourism carries a lot of enthusiasm with the carnivals and feasts and obvious water sports package in Goa. One of the most beloved is the scuba diving. Scuba diving in goa along the grande island scuba diving where the sea meets the ocean of abundance making perfect to dive into the wilderness. Along the grande island, you can observe many exotic species of fishes that you might never get to see in the aquarium or even in the fish market. The corals that are the eyecatching view of the whole diving experience and India lying in the tropical water making it perfect scenario grab the sight. You can observe the oysters, octopus and many turtles that make their way of India coasts.

The other most exciting place is the scuba diving in Malvan lying in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. The humid atmosphere with the long clean beaches to carry various water sports package in Malvan is the hotspot for turtles hatching. Arriving Olive Reedley turtles hatching eggs on the coasts the duration when they enter the sea for their long journey you can observe them during the scuba diving. The aquamarine water of the Malvan making a dive into the unknown. As the coastline of Malvan stretches from Goa towards Malvan you can observe the corals in their natural habitat. Wavering the corals the sight of food for fishes and their hiding hood from the threat. Malvan is the land of fishermen the worship of the sea by the local community to maintain the abundance and beauty of the sea is the fruit of such a beautiful underwater world.

During the scuba diving, you can come across the sharks, jellyfishes, clamps. When you dive down the sea the ocean floor will always surprise you with the crawling creatures as the crabs, lobsters and even ray fishes gliding by your side. During the summer season, the migratory mammals from the Antartic region migrate to the Indian ocean tropical warm waters, it is the perfect time to catch the glory of the marine animals. You might not be knowing the names of the fishes but the beauty will stay in your memory.

After the monsoon season when the sea is dwelling with new creatures and life that you will never wish to come out on land. The scuba diving in goa and Malvan are trained by the PADI certified divers that will train to breathe and the sign languages to communicate underwater. The scuba diving sports require a lot of energy thus make sure you are well energized and hydrated, and inconvenience will be taken care at the sight. Scuba diving can be enjoyed by any age group but children above age 15! Scuba diving is the fun that you must try in your life wherever you are no matter in which sea. The underwater where all the voices go numb. The ears go damp quiet and the only voice you will get to hear is of your own body. The heartbeats running at the speed with every breathe that you take through the mask. The weightlessness just dragging with the waves and peddling through the ocean. Like a meditation where you never experience such quietness and relaxation. You will get to sense your every nerve due to the water pressure. 

Scuba diving in the ocean of curiosity and making memories through photographs that will be available at the sight. The change in the phase from land to the sea will change your perspective to view at everything that you will come across.

Make sure you take your breathe out of the daily schedule and dive into to breathe in the new life. Swayourway is around the clock available to take you to the ocean of mystery at the affordable scuba diving packages and fill you with the abundance of the sea.

Planning for the 1-Day Trip, Are U Confused?

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Life never gives us short breaks then why not make that short filled with memorable experiences!

Although there are many places that we can visit but look with time and proximity from the home we always watch what would be more convenient and easy not so long travelling where we can ease ourselves from busty life. Let us help you out with the one day tour that suits as per your budget and filled with adventures that you always strive for. Here are the two best places well built for a one day tour.

Sandhan Valley Trek

With rich topography and diverse flora and fauna, the western Ghats of India are very well known for its vegetation hotspot and many animals species that could be seen in their hoods.

Sandhan valley trek located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra state located in the western ghats. A perfect road trip leading to camping sites any more to explore. At the elevation of 3000ft above the sea level the temperature ranging between 20 to 25dgree Celsius. With the misty mountains as it is also known as the valley of shadows where you will never get tired even on the hot summer seasons. Sandhan valley has the most fascinating spot known as the grand canyon of India the canyon is 2km long narrowing as you move ahead with the small riverine flowing through the rocks. Trekking along this valley is the most soothing fun that you can experience. End of the trek you come across the valley with mists and waterfalls with the coolness in the air.

The Ratanwadi situated in the valley is known for the fireflies observing sites. On the onset of monsoon season in Maharashtra and during the winter season you can see these wonderful fireflies twinkling in the hoods. Walking through the green forest with small streams to seat by and count the life adventures. You can also go for the Ratangad fort trekking that is the most beautiful site to observe the Sahyadri from the height. Loves by the youth to explore their holidays. You can also visit the Bhavli waterfall, Ghatghar Kokand trek. Though the Sahyadri’s made of mountains is the best destination to go hiking and trekking. Camping in Igatpuri the valleys overnight with or staying in the tents if you want some thrilling experience.

 Bhandardara lakeside camping where you can trek along the Kalsubai peak, Ghanchakkar peak, Ajoba peak. Mountain climbing rappelling is the favorite sport adventure that people love to explore. You can visit the valley at any time of the year but as one-day trips can never happen on holidays! But make sure you visit during the monsoon and winter season to enjoy the misty morning and chilling cold. The bonfire stitching stories of the time and the mouth-watering barbeque sizzling on the coals. The clear skies to observe the constellations with ending the day in the tents and waking up to the chirping of birds. Pawna lake camping is also a perfect spot to relive yourself.

 River Rafting in kolad

Another most adventurous rafting spot that you can visit in Maharashtra is in kolad situated in the Raigad district. Situated in the south of the Mumbai district.

You must have acknowledged that rafting is the sport that we can only do in the Himalayan ranges but let us tell you that even the rivers with rough topography lie in the different states and one of them is the river rafting in kolad. The Kundalika River is known for river rafting in kolad. Kundalika originating the town named Bihra in Sahyadri Mountain. It is one of the perennial rivers of Maharashtra draining in the Arabian sea. The trail of 14km that carries the rafting with heavy boulders and bumpy rides. Surrounded by the vegetation and the gushing water of the river for you to make the way.

The white water rafting of kolad filled with water running from Kolad dam and Tata powers Mulshi dam making the rafting available throughout the year. White water rafting in kolad includes activities such as crossing the Burma bridge, the commando crossing, Tarzan swing in the valley that fascinate the children. Camping near by mumbai along the riverside with the bonfire and rich fish delicacies. 

You can visit the kolad river rafting during the monsoon season when the river is flowing with abundance and widening down towards the sea. The team spirit that you will notice to balance the rubber boat and cut through the rocky edges. The perfect escape from the bustling city life to relax your mind body and soul. Situated on the Mumbai goa highway 116km a perfect spot for a day trip. So make sure if you don’t get time, try to escape on the one day trip and drown yourself in the adventurous sports that your inner child always crave for. With perfect packages for one day tour to avoid any inconvenience the Swayourway team is ready with every service that you deserve. Make sure you decide quickly cause unplanned one day tour has more fun than the planned one! 

Explorer Paradise: 5 Mind-Blowing Places to Visit in India

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India is topography from the high rising mountains of Himalayas to the low lying regions with ending in the coastal regions of the Indian ocean. Supporting the three seasons every year giving the chance to explore the wild flora and fauna that survive in the vast. The weather differing from the cold region to the hot humid coastal climate giving the perfect adaptation as per the journey. The culture that is nurtured by the local habitat and preserving it for the generation makes it the perfect destination for visiting. Here are the 5 exciting destinations in India that you should add to your list before setting on the journey.

1. Andaman and Nicobar Island “ Blue Seas, Virgin island and Colonial Past”

The Andaman and Nicobar islands are the extended part of the Himalayans Mountains that emerged during the formation of the Himalayas thus making the islands that support the tribal communities. Conquered by the British to have an entry to the south-east Asian countries and the abundance of the resources that developed the British colonies. Andaman and Nicobar islands are the sacred groves for wildlife and underwater life. With the sea surrounding all the sides with the overflowing fish cuisines and cool vegetation.

The Andaman Islands comprise of 572 small and big islands in the region. The port Blair is the capital of this union territory. On the other hand, the Nicobar Islands consist of 55 islands. The major islands such as the car Nicobar. North Andaman, South Andaman, Greater Nicobar supports the population of the union territory.

Surrounded by water on all sides and lying in the region near to the equator, the warm water supports the underwater life of the corals, you can see the formation of the reefs. The silent blue water with clear skies above a perfect silent spot to enjoy the vacation.

The water sports activities as parasailing boat ride, scuba diving, snorkeling, boat rides and many more to do. the untouched destination of India Andaman and Nicobar islands having many sandy beaches with shallow coastal ridges suitable for various activities. Resorts and hotels along the coastal region with the scenic blue sea making it fascinating to live along the sea.

The cellular jail famous for the ‘Kala Pani saja’, where the accused were imprisoned in the harsh conditions during the British reign makes it a remarkable experience that you should never miss.

2. Goa “The Pocket Size Paradise”

The state of Goa where the Portuguese landed and the history of India changed forever that is still existing today. Gradually change from Portuguese to British settling colonies in India. Goa the state of tourism and the vibrant history along the coast of the Arabian sea. Form the north Goa till south Goa, the islands carrying its history and many party lovers hike. The Aguada beach, Calangute beach, Baga beach, Candolim beach Sinquerim beach, Anjuna beach, Vagator beach, Chapora beach, The Dona Paula are the most visited by tourists. The water sports packages in Goa along these coasts as the boat rides, parasailing, banana boat ride, Jet Ski ride in Goa, speed boat ride in Goa that you must try.

Scuba diving in Malvan and snorkeling along the Grand island scuba diving of Goa with the vast varieties of corals and underwater sea creatures that should explore when you visit Goa.  The old Goa churches like the basilica of Bom Jesus, UNESCO world heritage site, with the lying body of St Xavier’s Francis, The St Agustine tower built by Augustinian friars, The Chapel of Saint Cathrine, Church of Our Lady of Mount that depicts the culture and architecture that had the huge contribution in making Goa the tourist destination.

 The south Goa tour is famous for the casinos and bars with the exotic continental seafood cuisines. The adventure boat trip throughout the Goa in the backwaters of the Mondovi River. From the rocky beaches to sandy beaches that support the mangroves vegetation to the coconut beaches.

 The delicacies of the Goa coast with the taste of tamarind, coconut, cashews and the spices plantations that will change your taste buds to crave for more. Goa the part lovers destinations for a boat party, day and night party, the celebrations of Christmas in the cradle of the Christian community and the new year eve celebrations make it the perfect holiday destination.

3. Leh Ladakh “Truly Heaven on Earth”

Situated at the elevation of 3500m above the sea level, the cold desert of India and supporting the smaller Himalayas and the adjoining plateau of the Ladakh. Culturally supporting the Buddhism religion on a vast scale. The best camping site that every youth loves to travel through the road trip.  Namgyal Tsemo Gompa, Shanti Stupa, Cho Khang Gompa, Chamba Temple,  Jama Masjid,  Gurdwara Pathar Sahib, Sankar Gompa and village,  War Museum, The Victory Tower, Zorawar Fort, Datun Sahib are the favorite spots that must be explored in the go. The tradition of celebrating the new year is the mesmerizing occasion that you should acknowledge. The trekkers love like the Manali to Ladakh, the Nubra valley, Pangong Tso, Tso Mori Ri, the Indus valley, Markha valley, Ladakh monastery trek, South Zangskar, Trans-Zangskar Expedition, Spiti to Ladakh.

Stok Palace & Stok Monastery, Thikse Monastery, Shey Monastery, Hemis Gompa, Basgo, Alchi Monastery is the monasteries that people make usual visit the mediation centers for the practicing Buddhism you can see the variation in the architecture of each monastery which was built during various periods. Indus River – Zanskar River Sangam, Pangong Tso Lake, Tsomoriri Wetland Conservation Reserve (Tsomoriri Lake), Hunter Valley, Sand Dunes Nubra, Siachen Glacier, Ti-Suru, Turtuk, Trekking Trails are known as Markha Valley Is the various sites that should visit. The iconic places of Indian tourism that people all around the world to witness the Great War history is also known as the third pole of the world.

Leh Ladakh is the rough places where human life is supported only roadways. The best rod rides and bike rides to make the trail of the journey. The high standing monasteries and the distinct colours of the land and the sky will introduce to the new colours of nature.

4. Rajasthan “The Lands of Kings”

 If royalty is to be defined then the name is Rajasthan. The land of values and tradition that is still being admired all through India. The stories of the great warriors with their rich human stories that will make you proud and make a bow before them. The land of grandeur palaces and lakes every region portraying its own story. You can see the Ranthambore FortGagron Fort,   Amber Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Mehrangarh Fort are the most visited. In the desert zone nurturing the culture is the symbol of vibrancy of the Indian culture.

 The Khwaja mujahideen shrine of Ajmer, the Bikaner foods, the fortress of the Jaisalmer, the dilwara Jain temples of Jain community, the pink city of Jaipur, the hill station at mount Abu, the Chittorgarh monuments. Udaipur is known as the Venice of India and the never-ending roads. The festivals you should enjoy when you like the camel festival, Pushkar fair, elephant festival, and desert festival. Rajasthan is a desert region the techniques for the conservation of water are the admiring one which leads to scarcity of water. The wells of the Rajasthan makes it the proper example to conserve water. On the journey you can see step well with beautiful architecture, one of the famous stepwells is the chand baori stepwell. The sweet delicacies made of the rich ingredients should be tasted. The cuisine coarse of the Rajasthan will make you taste every flavour of the spice.

5. Darjeeling “Queen of Himalayas” 

The Himalayan station of the northeast listed in the UNESCO world heritage list, that supports the tea gardens nurtured with the hands in the cool misty regions. The climate with temperature ranging below 20degree celsius making it the perfect hill station of India. The Padmaja Naidu Himalayan zoological park supports the vast varieties of flora and fauna their conservation being the prime motive to protect them in their natural habitat.Carrying the culture of Buddhism you can see various monasteries as the Bhutia Busty Monastery, Ghum Monastery, Mag-Dhog Yolmowa Monastery, the peace pagoda dwelling in the calmness of the beautifying Himalayas. 

The ancient British history that began from Bengal spreading throughout India making it the holy land of literature and artist till the great leaders as Swami Vivekanand and the noble laureate Rabindranath Tagore. You can imagine the land which gave birth to the revolution and still is part of the amazing history. The war memorial at Darjeeling signifies the history of bloodshed for occupying colonies.The markets of the Darjeeling dwelling with rich varieties of garments and ornaments, hats and handmade articles that support the daily living of the tribal and local people. The cuisines of Darjeeling is the blend of various cultures of China, Bhutan, Nepal, Bengal so you can make your taste buds taste every bite of the culture. You can go for the Himalayan mountaineering, hill road rides, activities as the paragliding, rope travelling, the Kanchenjunga range which is the third highest peak in India lying above the Darjeeling making a perfect scenario to go for hiking. 

The Change in the Mode of Traveling is First to Step to Change the Way

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We have been traveling throughout our life and we will be travelling further. We have travelled Road, Rail, Air even some walking everyday cause it is always convenient. When you change the path from road trip to boat trip the perspective of nature viewing also changes. The smooth ride over the waves heading and turning without any signals or honking. Though India has a vast coastline makes it the perfect destination to enjoy the boat trip. The boat trip to various destinations and new adventure water sports activities to explore on the go.

Many boat trips lead to exploring the essence of the mighty sea and loving the sunset watch. The boat trip in Goa gives you the different packages to enjoy on your vacation. Some of the trips that are included are the Grande island boat trip is the most preferred boat trip of all. You seating on your reclining seat and enjoying the fascinating coast of Goa. The vegetation of the salty sea waves and the heritage raising high heads. The Grand Island or bat island carries the rich flora and fauna that you need to explore. Scuba diving in malvan along with the grand island scuba diving  where you can explore the corals and underwater rich fauna. The Grand Island also carries the activities such as the snorkelling in Goa that is loved by the swimmers. You can also go for the bottom fishing.

The fun adventure boat trip also includes the dolphin safari boat trip. The Arabian Sea is lying in the tropical zone and the warm waters make it favorable for the varieties of fishes to migrate. The dolphins being one of the eye-catching spots. The diving of the dolphins in the sea, and seeing them explore in their natural habitat makes everything worthwhile.

The Mondovi River is the life-supporting river of Goa, originating from the Western Ghats and draining in the Arabian sea, it supports various flora and fauna on the go. The well known Salim Ali wildlife sanctuary is located on the Mondovi River, the bird watching paradise that you can explore through the boat trip. The mangroves making the habitat for their survival. The exotic bird species to watch on your vacation.

Another destination over the Mondovi River is the Cumbarjua town across the river where you can see the crocodiles. The Goa is a habitat for the species of crocodile called ‘Mugger’. It is one of the three species of crocodiles found in India hence protected by the wildlife protection act of India. The mangroves supporting the fauna that you might not get to see anywhere else.

And the most capturing spot being the party adventure boat trip in Goa. The nightlife of Goa is spent less on the beach and moreover boat. The day-night party with various continental drinks and cuisines. The youth fullness to enjoy at its best. The wild side of every human goes wild once it gets on the floor. Party boat trips for birthdays or any occasion to celebrate. The new year’s eve and the delicacies of the feasts will not let you get off the boat.

The most luxurious of all the cruise trip. Goa is the port for various internationals voyages and the cruise trip to all destinations.

The houseboat cruise trip where you can accommodate and Rome as per your wish. This is somewhat different from to stay over the water and dive along with any spot. Most preferred by the families and groups to travel along the North Goa to South Goa.

The overnight houseboat stays to enjoy the calmness of the sea and sleep in the rocking cradle over the waves, under the twinkling sky with the dazzling and bustling coast of Goa to enjoy all in one place. Boat trips give various options to make a living and Swayourway gives to the chance to grasp the life you always wish to live. With the affordable boat trip packages with all the services to make the perfect holiday package. The water sports packages in Goa that you wish to enjoy on your trip. The planning of a perfect holiday with the fun adventures that you want to do. Just make sure you make your mind and set to the everlasting joy of the trip. 

Have u ever tried Camping from the ancient era used to travel places?

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We all love to go outing, hiking, trekking, camping nearby Mumbai and many more. To lie down in nature’s womb and calm down our senses is the best escape that we could beside our busy life. India having a divergent variety of topography that provides various sites where we could set and camp and enjoy the life of the wild. One of the most indigenous sites in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra lie’s the Sandhan valley and the eye-catching scenery of nature will attract to again and again.

Where is it located?

Sandhan the valley is located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra at the elevation of 3000ft above the sea level. one can travel through the kasara ghat of Igatpuri and turn towards the Sandhen valley. The Igatpuri camping has a further extent in the Sandhen valley where you can trail along the Sahyadri mountains exploring new every time.

What is the Sandhen valley camping all about?

Sandhan valley is known for locating the grand canyon of India, the canyon similar to that of the grand canyon. It is 2km long canyon where you can trek along the narrow path that supports the wild vegetation and small streams. The Sandhan valley camp base is located by the lakeside on an open ground providing the scenery of the high raising Sahyadri mountains filled with lush green vegetation.

During the Sandhan valley camping, you can go for Ratangad fort trekking, when we are surrounded by the people we love to go for a trek, the camping fun maximizes up to the extent that you cannot count, the trek never becomes tiring.

The most fascinating place or you would say heaven is the place on earth that will be the Ratanwadi trek. The Ratanwadi trek goes through the dense forest leading to the bottom of the mountains where you will encounter the fireflies. The best to locate them would be at the onset of monsoon and winter season. The twinkling stars on earth making the night romantic and pleasant.

If you wish to travel more you can also visit the Harishchandra wildlife sanctuary and trek along with the Harishchandra range.

The eye-catching views of the reverse waterfalls making it worth watching and drowning yourself into the misty mountains.

What are the activities that can be done?

Camping at sandhan valley gives you the many opportunities to explore and hunt yourself in the wild.

The block mountains made of the basalt rock makes the perfect spot to go hiking and trekking.

Besides camping on the ground you can also rent the hanging tents. That is safe enough. Having no ground below and the spirit to stay hanging is something beyond vision and the most thrilling adventure to be done during the camping.

The valleys of the Sahyadri mountains gives you the chance to do rappelling and rock climbing. Sandhan valley is known as the valley of shadows will never let you exhaust on any adventure, with the coolness added by the vegetation.

Camping means bonfire and stories. You never get such coolness and warmth in one place in your busy life. Sanden valley camping making it the perfect chance to grasps all your fantasies and fun that you want to explore.

Bhavli waterfall, Ghatghar Kokanda trek that you will love to explore further you can go for the Bhandardara lakeside camping where you can trek along the Kalsubai peak, Ghanchakkar peak, Ajoba peak and many more. Bhandardara consists of the various small numbers of forts to go trekking. Boating, fishing in the lake and many activities to do on the go!

When is the perfect time to visit?

Sandhen valley is the valley of coolness and never exhausting. you just don’t require the reason to visit, when its time is a perfect time. During the spring season the valley blooms with new flowers and petals and the summer season in the valley of shadow making the destination less tiring. The monsoon season when the waterfalls flow in abundance. The quite winter camping with the dazzling skies and fireflies. Every season will provide something new to explore make sure that you don’t miss any site of the unending adventure.

Swayourway will provide with all the facilities for your convenience. The guardians at the sight of the valley will make you aware of the complete trek. A complete package for family and groups that you don’t need to wander anywhere else. All you need is to set yourself for the fun-packed adventure to explore the natural side of incredible India!