Bhandardara Lakeside Camping

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Living the midst of the forest along the lakeside is everybody’s dream to visit and lie in the cradle of the nature to enjoy the alone peace and dive in the restful sentiment away from the crowded city and busty schedule. It is perfect the destination for students and many bachelors even for the family to explore the quiet nature of the high mountains standing strong with the sky as the roof and staying along in the tent setting no boundaries for the wilderness to wander and enjoy the company of various people and the reveal the unknown side of the individual.

Bhandardara is the small village located along the Western Ghats that are known for biodiversity hotspot of India? It is situated in Akole tehsil of the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. A four hours travel or 185 km from Mumbai either by road or rail as per one’s convenience. Located at the elevation of 2340ft above the sea level the coolness of the lush green mountains will soothe you from all the stress that you experience and give a fresh start for new adventures of life. The mountain ranges are home to many peaks as the Kalsubai peak which is the highest peak in Maharashtra state and the proudly called as Everest of Maharashtra. Loved for tourist attractions and Trekking adventures.

Bhandardara is situated on the river Pravara a small village with water bodies and lakes to feed the habitation and the flora fauna of the Western Ghats. As this place is off the Cenozoic era having the basalt Rocky Mountains with floors provides with the best camping sites. The Bhandardara is one of the camping sites has various open grounds for one to carry many sports activities and enjoy around the plays of the groups visiting in there. It is one of the most preferred camping near Mumbai to escape from the city and hide the hoods. Camping at Bhandardara is mostly enjoyed during the onset of monsoon in Maharashtra during the months of June and July and also anytime around the year.  Lake side camping will provide the same climate coolness when one always feels to enjoy the camping and the wonderful nature not being tired to give you the gifts of the insightful diversity of India’s the Western Ghats.

Bhandardara lakeside camping will accommodate all the facilities to avoid any inconvenience. The beautiful nature of mountain valleys with the lake in middle and laying in the tent with the nature whispering the quiet heaven. The Bhandardara lakeside is accommodated with trekking spots at the Ratangad fort and the other of the Kokanada from where you can view the basalt plains of the roadway to central Maharashtra. The Ratanwadi is famous for various fireflies watchers as one visiting the Bhandardara camping can visit this place to gaze at the fireflies on the onset of monsoon as well during the chilling winter nights. Favourite for lousy dreamers and wanderers to enjoy in the native home and blend with the culture and the raw smell of the blooming nature.

The Randha falls creating a gorge of 170ft with a mesmerizing view of the misty splash shivering down the vein. The Ghatkar the point from where you can watch the wide ranges of Sahyadris the emergent topography will give you an introduction of the ancient history of rock formation and the river valley home to wildlife habitat. The Sandhan valley Trek at 25km from Bhandarara where ‘The grand canyon of Maharashtra’ is situated. The other history depicting   location of Harishchandragad fort from where the trails leading to the Ajoba peak and Ghanchakkar  peak can be spotted thus making you feel  protected in the wide ranges of the Sahyadris.

Located away from the city the Bhandardara having the lowest light scattering makes the sky clear to gaze at the stars which are impossible to observe from the city. Astronomers prefer this location to study the universal phenomenon. The most exciting activity to do is sit around the bonfire and share the stories dance along with the light and having the sizzling barbeque and the local cuisine of the tasteful flavors of the spices. Trekking along the wild jungle and tracing the rough roads to various in middle waterfalls encountering the wild animals will always bring you one step near to nature and make your existence believe that you are a part of it.

Bhandardara is the mediating point of Agatya rishi( A sage)  from where the outcome of the various medicinal plants and literature, if Vaishnavism and Shaktism dwelled this can really make sense  for to experience the calmness and serendipity of the forest giving the rich history. Faith can dwell if one believes and taking a step towards it can take you to your soul. Thus Bhandardara camping will give you every piece of the peace from faith till the newborn wildlife species to visit this wonderful site and a wide perspective to look into every piece of nature that has born for your sake and exploring the unknown making it discover the new you.

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