River Rafting in kolad

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Maharashtra in India is one the state blessed with mighty nature along the Western Ghats and the Sahyadri mountains providing with plenty of diversity to be explored with. The western coastline in Maharashtra with plenty of beaches and river to have various adventure. The steep side of Sahyadri Mountain along the western coast makes the river flow into the Arabian Sea. One of the rivers is Kundalika originating the town named Bihar in Sahyadri Mountain. This river is famous with the name of kolad river rafting. It is one of the spots for river rafting in India beside one situated in the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Kolad is a village in Konkan region in Raigad district of Maharashtra and kolad rafting is located on the Kundalika River. 3 hours distance from Mumbai along the Mumbai Goa highway this terrific location of the river will gush you down the trail of 14km the rocky boulders and humps in the river will bounce you throughout the adventure water sports. People especially youths from along the adjacent districts of Mumbai Pune, Satara, and Konkan region come over to Kolad to experience fun outdoor adventure water sports packages and that though situated in the vicinity.

The best time to visit this white water rafting is during the monsoon season and winter onset, as the rivers flowing in abundance and water availability gives you a chance that is not to be missed. The fresh cool water from various streams makes the region with wonderful waterfalls. The river flowing from Kolad dam and Tata powers Mulshi dam makes the adventure to go any time of the year. Drowning into the Arabian Sea this river was used for navigation for trade and transportation. Depicting the rich history of the Raigad District. Various transport option to take you to the rafting site from the kolad railway station and from the express highway.

To drag your boat in river cutting down the boulders and rocky edges the high speed of water flowing will bounce you up and down, back and forth. The team spirit will and strategy will get down the road. Racing up the rafts with other group members will make this rafting the memorable one. Setting up camp along the Kolad River with bonfire and stories will take to the peak of your happiness and quenching the thirst of the tired spirit. It is one of the famous River rafting near Mumbai and affordable for every person taking this courage to raft along the river.

Safety of every individual on the boat is taken care of up to the most. The boats are serviced at every ride so no harm is done to live. Availability of first and aid and any emergency accidents are also taken care of for one On-going board will have taken proper diet and hydration as the rafting of the river takes a lot of energy. A warm-up to loosen your muscle and maintain flexibility so that you can enjoy every second without any hitch.

White water rafting in kolad as includes activities such as crossing the Burma bridge made up of rope the narrow part requires balancing and another security is maintained tight along with this there is commando crossing, a rope net made to climb and cross to the other side. It will teach you the strategy required to cross in terrain if one gets caught in times of difficulty. The unstable rope will teach you to maintain patience and balance in the whole process. 

Next, you can also do Tarzan swing in the valley, riding along the single cable with you attached to The pulley driving down the hill. Tarzan swing fascinates children the most, with utmost care the swing on the trees are built up so they can also enjoy the trip along with the kolad rafting.

Detach yourself from the busy life take a step out into the nearby hoods and enjoy the river rafting on kolad. Raigad region situated in the southern part of Mumbai is filled with various adventures to bountiful nature to explore. Rejuvenating with coconut water and the sea fish cuisines and the cultural abundance of the local people nurturing the beauty. The humid climate with the coolness of the vegetation and thudding water and you riding over in raft a perfect sporty adventure to be enjoyed. Make sure to collect every piece of the moment and tag yourself in the unending journey of the river. 

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