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8 Reasons Why Goa Is the Perfect Adventure Holiday Destination

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On the rhythm of the sea lies the magnificent state of Goa.

We Rome around many places for the holiday destination which comprises from mountains to the sea. One of the authentic and pleasant holiday destinations in India is Goa. There are unending stories of the rich culture that will bind your heart and soul to the history that is so well preserved. With vibrant colors and fun.

8 reasons why you should visit Goa on your next holiday trip:

1. Culture

Ruled by the Portuguese, over 2 centuries the culture and architecture of Goa influence the Portuguese culture that you will observe on your trip from the famous churches till the newly arriving carnival festivals will drive out the different colors that you might have never seen. North Goa full-day tour till south Goa giving you the complete satisfaction of the trip. The old Goa churches like the basilica of Bom Jesus, UNESCO world heritage site, with the lying body of St Xavier’s Francis, The St Agustine tower built by Augustinian friars. The carnivals hosted n south Goa tour during December and the most beloved festival of the Halloween. The Chapel of Saint Cathrine, Church of Our Lady of Mount are the traveler’s favorite destination to be visited. The Christmas parties of Goa makes it the perfect celebration with the new year eve. The prayers and masses of the church and the feasts will give you the real taste of Goa. The archaeological museum will show you the remains of the ancient Goa and the voyagers story.

2. Weather

The weather of Goa is as pleasant as heaven. the humid climate with the temperature ranging from 25 degrees to 30 degree Celsius throughout the year. The cool breeze of the ocean and the shadows of the vegetation along the coast make it worth relaxing and enjoying your cool drink. Further, the accommodation lying in the cool vegetation also makes the perfect camping in Goa. The climate will make take away all the tiredness.

3. Water Sports

The state situated along the sea makes the perfect destination to have the fun of water sports. Diving in the sea till gliding in the air all the sports are hosted on the coast. The scuba diving in malvan along with the Grand Island scuba diving and Bat Island will give you the diverse range of corals and abundant varieties of the fishes.

Snorkeling in Goa the swimmers love to dive without any oxygen support.

The family and many group people enjoy the adventures of the bumper ride in goa, banana boat ride in goa, sea rafting in Goa.

The speed lovers of the waves love the speed boat ride and Jet Ski ride in Goa to tear the waves and conquer the sea.

The flyboarding in Goa, if want to try your stunts capabilities, to dive in like dolphins and rise high in the air like the birds.

The parasailing to look at the mesmerizing view of the coast and fly along the waves.

The water sports packages in Goa are at the affordable rates so there is no need to squeeze your pocket. Tour packages will comprise of all the adventure activities and accommodation that will settle you to the best. The water sports in malvan will be carried under the trainer’s guidance so you don’t have to worry about any inconvenience.

White water rafting in the rivers of Goa making the journey adventurous.

4. Beaches

The 160km long coastline of Goa has the many beaches from rocky beaches to the sandy beaches some acquired by mangroves and some with the coconut gardens. The waves washing away from the feet making to feel with the magic of the relaxing sea. Beaches from North Goa till south Goa giving you the chance to do the water sports and relax on the lousy beaches. The north Goa tour includes the Aguada beach, Calangute beach, Baga beach, Candolim beach Sinquerim beach, Anjuna beach, Vagator beach, Chapora beach, The Dona Paula for lovely evenings, followed by Miramar beach, The casino beaches like the Assolna beach, Mobor beach, Loutolim beach, Agonda beach, Chandor beach, Colomb Beach, Arossim Beach, Benaulim beach and many more to name. The famous lighthouse of Goa is situated in the north Goa island. The beaches were clean and so clam to spend the romantic evening and collect many sea gifts like the conches and shells that you would love to take along. Many sports like volleyball, football tug war and many more that you love to do with your people.

5. Boat Rides.

Goa has many small rivers and big rivers that support the lifeline of Goa. The backwaters provide with the houseboat stay in Goa and the adventure of kayaking. The adventure boat trip in Goa comprises of the island tours from north Goa till south Goa to view the state of Goa in one glance. The cruise trip in Goa heading to the various destinations of the world and booking will be made along with the tours and travels. Being of the harbor port the boat rides in Goa also accommodate with the parties that is the favorite thing of every person visiting Goa. The evening is so heavenly decorated with the toast to life. Waking on the tides the unstoppable life of Goa will woo your vacation to the complete satisfaction. The boat rides also include the boat party for various occasions. 

6. Cuisine

The Konkan coast of western India famous for the mangoes, cashews, coconuts and the kokum that maintains the basic ingredients of the Goa cuisine. Goa cuisine consists of the blend of culture of Karnataka, Maharashtra and the Portuguese that bought potatoes to India. The fish curries including the sweet coconut taste with the spice of Goa as the chilies and clove that are grown in the plantations. The most famous chicken dish known as chicken cafreal that must be on your list to be tasted. The vast sea making perfect seafood cuisine that has the pomfret, tuna, crabs, prawns, lobster and many more. Along with vegan cuisines such as the bamboo shoot and many continental cuisines with varieties of the soothing fruit drinks. The tasty drink made of kokum and jaggery must be tried on the go. The delicacies on the menu will never make you settle for one.

7. Party love.

There is no end to the vacation of Goa without a party. The nightlife of Goa is so vibrant and bursting with fun that you cannot even dare to miss the party. Party along the day and night in south Goa with cruise party and boat party. Spending the evening on the coast with cocktails and beers for which every person visits Goa. The Goan music will the rhythm of the drum beats till the hardcore EDM night concerts making you dance throughout the way. Club Tito’s at Baga Beach Temptations and The Alcove at Vagator Beach, Ziggy’s and Johnny Cool’s near Colva beach Lido’s at Dona Paula Beach the silent Goan party. The pubs such as  Tamrind Tree near Sinquerim, Zanzibar at Baga Beach, Mambo’ Aqua at the Leela and many more to be explored. Perfectly safe and happening to spend the New Year’s Eve. 

8. Shopping

Every place has the culture to be displayed and the shopper’s point is the perfect spot to get the need. With huge varieties of accessories and clothes, the bright colors will make not make you ignore any of the markets. The flea market of Anjuna beach, the Arpota market with the bustling varieties of dresses and the Mackie’s night market with bags and sandals and baskets the Weaved baskets and clothing made by the local tribes. The coco roots for jewelry made from coconut shells and conches that would be loved by girls. The Colva beach, Palolem market with various antiques and household display materials. The spice market of Goa must be visited to take away the aromatic spices. The Calangute Baga road with local shops and also with malls to locate with.

And What More?

Beach life on the west, as well as the trekking side on the east. the state of Goa, comprise of the Bhagawan Mahavir national park that is the home to the Dudhsagar waterfalls Trek. The trek along with the fall making the enchanting scenic nature view. The safari along the national park and the famous Tamdi Surla waterfall trek that must not be missed. The travel and tours packages contain the trip to the Dudhsagar waterfalls. panjim, the capital of Goa with a rich history and pickup point leading to various destination. The trip to Malvan from Goa that has many histories linked and the water sports to be enjoyed along the way.

The crocodile safari, dolphin safari, and various one-day sightseeing, to complete the vacation in one go. The lover’s paradise and heaven for the perfect escape. the best time to visit Goa during the summers and after the monsoon season and during December with various and festival as and the feast that goes around the year. Make sure you take the escape to celebrate the wilderness of the mighty Goa life and enjoy every sand rushing along the coast.

Flyboarding in goa

Balancing Over Water is Way Beyond Balancing Overland

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Yes you must have played balancing the game in your life but balancing over water is something new that you must try.

So what the sport is all about?

The flyboarding consists of a small platform that you need to balance upon. The high-speed gushing water from the nostril of the hole making the immense pressure will raise the platform to the height of 15metres. And that’s what flyboarding is. It is the hydro fleeting device made for flying over the water. You can imagine yourself over the wavy waves making you stand and juggling up with various stunts will take you to the next level of the water adventure.

Where will I get to do this?

Fly boarding being a water sport activity was first to introduce in Goa, as Goa is known for many water sports adventure. Along the sunny beaches of goa and calm sea. A perfect scenario of the peaceful existence with no horning and refreshing coconut trees by the side.

What will be done in the complete activity?

Flyboarding in Goa is the complete package of adventure, all you need to set to wobble up the hose and stand high. Initially, the flyboarding will be taught you by the trainers with complete instruction of the board, balance and all the rest. You will show the videos of the flyboarding and its completely safe for the beginners, there is no requirement of any special skill. The trainers are certified for the safety of the people undergoing this activity.

What are the other activities that you will get to do?

Swayourway will offer the complete package of various activities in one whole day; you just have to take the courage packed with the lively spirit and fly on the board. The activities will be inclusive of Speed Boat Ride in Goa, Kayaking,  Stand up Paddle Boat, Sighting Eagle Island, Jet ski ride in Goa, Swimming & Sun Bathing all these activities are set up in order to make you prepared for the complete adventure and you may not feel any fear of water and more flexible for the sport. Pre-training exercise will set the complete energy and precautions that you need to be aware of. You can picture yourself rising from underwater into the air and diving back in disguise. At the speed of fish that swirls to escape the threat.

What precautions should be taken?

Flyboarding exercise requires complete mind and body attention, so all you need is to stay chilled and have no worries about any injury because our trainers will be available with you throughout the time to take complete care of you. All you need to carry is a pair of dry clothes and the nylon t-shirts and pants and of course sunscreen over your body, this activity in the sun can make you tan! Stay hydrated and energy-packed. There is no hard surface to bang on cause its water and water all around taking you to the depth of every fun

Are children allowed?

Yes, children above age 13 are allowed to do this sport, as the sport is enjoyed many young enthusiasts it is our responsibility to make you available all the fun that you desire of.

And What More?

Fly boarding is all about stunts and flexibility of your body, you can also perform the stunts like diving, precision flying, flying underwater, aerobatics like spins, backflips, twists and dolphin flying and the way you move is the way you create. Under water dive grand island scuba diving. Having fun is the ultimate motto.

Swayourway will provide with complete care and attention and your safety is our first priority. From training till playing in the water till landing safely over the beach. So make sure when you visit Goa and carry other exciting adventure water sports like scuba diving in malvan, sea rafting in Goa, snorkelling in Goa, parasailing boat ride and the unaccountable number of small funs on your visit to Goa. Making you the perfect and affordable water sports packages in Goa Swayourway is available at every instance of fun that you have waited for. Any inconvenience will be taken care of because your satisfaction is the main motto of our company.

Banana Boat Ride

The underwater world of depth and mystery to be explored

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The ocean covering 71% of the earth surface and us humans living on the 29% of the land. The beautiful life striving underwater carries the silence with many new hidden treasures that are yet to be explored. As humans cannot breathe underwater the invention of the diving suit that will take you down the sea to explore the flora and fauna of the region. The high density and pressure of the seawater with the refracting sunlight brightening up all the colors of the nature that you may not have seen.

So what is scuba diving?
Scuba diving is diving in the water with a diving suit or swimsuit. The complete suit consists of the oxygen cylinders and fins with the inhaler mask and goggles. You have to carry the suit to breathe deep inside. The trainers of the scuba diving are PADI certified to make you train for the dive.

What if we have never done before?
Scuba diving does not require any expert skills or swimming, all you need is to paddle you to the down of the sea. Children above 15 years age group can also do scuba diving. The members will be initially trained in the shallow water to make a practice of breathing through the nozzle and adjust the pressure. There is no need to worry about anything as the trainers will be there with you throughout the time of diving. Even the elderly can do scuba diving.

Where will get to do scuba diving?
Goa is the most favourable place to perform scuba diving in malvan. Situated on the western coast of India it is one of the hotspots where the corals bloom with abundance, the warm tropical water in the Arabian Sea makes them survive. Along with the Grand Island scuba diving, bat island of Goa is the clear aquamarine water will make you woo at every scene.

What will I get to see in scuba diving?
Scuba diving is specially made to explore the underwater creatures that we usually don’t get to see in our day to day life or in any fish aquarium. The exotic fishes in their natural habitat. The sea turtles that come on the coasts during the hatching seasons. When you move deeper you will get to see the corals and crawling animals. You can spot a starfish or octopus or crabs many more that comes in your way. Make sure you also spot a shark! Fishes in their natural habitat, their behavioral movement, the sensitivity to swim against any threat, jellyfishes swirling from the depth to the surface octopus hiding under the reefs, crawling of the hermit crabs starfish urchins and a countless number of various species to observe.
As you know sound cannot travel through water where we are audible to any sound. The ears do damp and you can hear is your heartbeat and the bubbling bubbles from the nozzle of the oxygen cylinder. Scuba diving is the activity that is so quiet that it feels like a meditation. Only you with your actions to make communication. Scuba diving in Goa is one of the breath-taking adventures of water sports in Goa. The density of the ocean will make you feel the heartbeats at every Breathe.

Precautions to Measure!
scuba diving is a very heavy exercise and requires tremendous energy. So make sure that you have a good packed meal with lots of hydration as you may feel exhausted.
One can observe dolphins spread across the sea including some sharks. Underwater ridges and caves having the wonderful life thriving home to planktons and sources over which the fishes and other animals feed. So set yourself to dive in the sea of vastness and learn new experiences of daily life. Make sure you do scuba diving on the visit to vacation in Goa. Pick Up From Hotel Calangute, Baga, Arpora, Candolim, Miramar and Porvorim. If 4 persons and more than that pick up from Vagator, Anjuna, Panjim And Siolim Swayourway have a complete package full of thrill and enjoyment that you will never wish to go anywhere else in the next visit.
Earth made of the air land and water when we can fly in the air and have fun on land why can’t we have the water sports that completes the heavenly experience of all the three sources. Waves being unstable make the most exciting fun when we play over it. Swayourway provides with exciting water sports packages in Goa that you should wave along and live up to the fun that you always crave for. The water sports packages include the following adventures such as

Scuba diving In Malvan
Scuba diving cost in Goa will make worth every penny and abundance of memories heart-thumping experiences. To observe the underwater world with the diving suit and oxygen cylinders. Trained by PADI certified trainers in shallow water before making a dive into the sea. Scuba diving in Goa introduces you to various underwater creatures such as the corals, mammals, turtles that you have never seen in your life. The realization of every Breathe and calmness of water will definitely make your vacation the best in Goa.

Sea Rafting in Goa
Sea rafting in Goa has a very different experience than that of the river rafting. Dragging your boat on the waves that try to throw you back on the seashore thus driving the team spirit and energy to prevent flipping of boat. After the monsoon season, the sea is in its abundance, with beaches flowing and the cool breeze with the sun overhead make sure you apply sunscreen and start to the adventure.

Adventure Fly Boarding in Goa
You must have seen the stuntmen rising out of the water and rising high in the sky with a fly board attached to the hose. Flyboarding in Goa gives you the same fun. You can perform stunts such as diving, precision flying, flying underwater, aerobatics like spins, backflips, twists, and dolphin flying. The flyboarding package also comprises of Speed Boat Crushing, Kayaking, Stand up Paddle Boat, Sighting Eagle Island, and Swimming & Sun Bathing to make you ready for the flyboarding adventure. A need for balance and practice will make you the master of the sea.

Snorkeling Island Tour
No fun is ever like than free-floating over water. The swimmers love for snorkeling without any oxygen cylinders or dive suit, just a snorkel device to breathe with fins and you are set to dive on your own. To observe the flora and fauna underwater without diving deep, you can also dive further if you wish to! The snorkeling in Goa along the Grand Island and bat island proves to the colorful and mystic fun that you will ever love. All you need to carry is a pair of dry clothes.

Bumper Boat Ride
The rubbers boat made to drag by the speed boat and over the waves making you glide along with the air. Bumper ride in Goa is best-loved by the small children. With full safety and precautions, it is one of the affordable sports to ride on.

Adventure Fly Boarding in Goa
You must have seen the stuntmen rising out of the water and rising high in the sky with a fly board attached to the hose. Flyboarding in Goa gives you the same fun. You can perform stunts such as diving, precision flying, flying underwater, aerobatics like spins, backflips, twists, and dolphin flying. The flyboarding package also comprises of Speed Boat Crushing, Kayaking, Stand up Paddle Boat, Sighting Eagle Island, and Swimming & Sun Bathing to make you ready for the flyboarding adventure. A need for balance and practice will make you the master of the sea.

Snorkeling Island Tour
No fun is ever like than free-floating over water. The swimmers love for snorkeling without any oxygen cylinders or dive suit, just a snorkel device to breathe with fins and you are set to dive on your own. To observe the flora and fauna underwater without diving deep, you can also dive further if you wish to! The snorkeling in Goa along the Grand Island and bat island proves to the colorful and mystic fun that you will ever love. All you need to carry is a pair of dry clothes.

Banana Boat Ride
You will feel like a small kid when you ride over a rubber banana boat that is been dragged by the speedboat. With the support of a life jacket and a rope, you are all set to board the banana! The banana boat ride in Goa is loved by all age groups with no energy to be applied. The jerks and bumps by which you have to prevent the boat from getting tilt.

Parasailing Boat Ride
With the sky above and sea below the parasailing kite dragged by the speed boat making you raise high in the sky. Observing the iconic view of the beach with people celebrating life. With the dip in the water, parasailing boat ride in Goa is the best adventure activity. Fly over the water and then take a dip inside the Sea.

Speed Boat Ride
Cutting through the wind and wave the speed boat is the love of the youth. Leaving the trail on the surface of the sea is a fascinating adventure ever to be done. People of all age group love to have fun over the speed boat ride in Goa, the cool breeze kissing the face on a sunny day will make you refresh from the entire chaotic schedule.

Jet Ski Ride in Goa
If you love speed then you must take the fun of Jet Ski. The Jet Ski running at the 100 to 135hp are maintained after every ride so that no inconvenience is caused to you on the ride. Jet Ski along the Calangute beach and Baga beach in Goa that will give you the best water ride you ever rode on. Those are the bike lover they will enjoy the jet ski ride in Goa with waves.

Swayourway will be at your service and security. We make sure that our people without thinking of the budget plan a complete holiday and have fun making a new start for the upcoming future. Discounts on seasonal visits with the availability of food and resources at the site of the sport. We will take care that you enjoy every sports from underwater till the high flying in the sky. We also take care of the accommodations and travel budgets make sure you ride the way that you have been traveled.

Islands that are separated yet attached to the body

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Islands in Goa are the ones that carry the wide and rich history telling the stories from old Goa to new Goa and new upcoming sights that you will get to witness when you take a complete tour wandering in the trees, beaches overwater and underwater. You must always travel by railways roadways to reach small destinations but not much by boat. Snorkeling Island tour in Goa will give you the perfect chance to visit step by step and carrying various water sports packages in Goa! Goa is huge district filled with flora and fauna that you need to take chance and visit. Snorkeling is the activity loved by the swimmers and having no limits to the depth and vastness wherein you all need is to breathe. The island tour in Goa consists of islands that are interconnected and each depicting its own rich history.

The following are the islands in Goa that you need to definitely visit during the island tour make sure this time you change your way from roadway to the boat way.

Situated on banks of river Mondovi which is a lifeline of Goa the Vanxim beach that is known for providing fresh water. Home to mangroves and counted in India’s mangroves zone, blooming with green trees and dwelling home to various sea creatures like crabs, shrimps, clamps and much more to be enjoyed as seafood. The fishing is the prominent activity carried over this island and the harbor ports for various jetties to halt at. The island is named after local goddess Ajdurga Devi,  Anjediva island situated on Arabian coast in south Goa. Anjediva fort, the shrines of Our Lady of Brotas and Sao Francisco de Assis built by the Portuguese, are the historical churches and monuments that must be seen, the architecture of the monuments, the efforts taken to beautify the richness of the culture will indeed make you wonder the majestic nature of Goa.

Cumbarjua Island situated in backwaters of Goa famous for fishing, this island is habituated with Indian mugger a crocodile species. It is one of the three crocodile species that are found in India and are listed under the wildlife protection act that makes it unique and the survival of this crocodile is the epitome responsibility. Also if we are a underwater lover scuba diving in malvan is the best water sports activity to do in Goa. 

The Bonderam festival is celebrated on fourth Saturday of August every year, Thousands of tourist dancing and singing across the street for liberation from Portuguese. Potekar festival known amongst the youth like Halloween is one of attracting event for youth, The Divar island home to the famous church of Goa, the church of Our Lady of compassion. The feast and the rhythmic music giving this sensational happiness throughout the tour.

Saint hyacinth chapel of the Sao Jacinto the island the rocky island having the lighthouse of Goa from the ancient period making the way for the voyagers.

Raneache zuvem, revora situated in north Goa, Conco island also known as monkey island, Chorao island known for churches and Salim bird life the sanctuary is an estuarine mangrove and home to many indigenous and exotic bird species that you need to definitely take the visit.

And the most loved amongst all the Grande Island. Having shallow waters and a hotspot destination for the corals and vivid colors fishes that you must have never seen. The snorkeling in Goa along this island is carried on a large scale. The free-floating to observe the underwater creatures from a height giving the epic scene of the bountiful abundant sea. The turtles visiting during their period of migration will make you introduce to the various species. Crawling vertebrates, the delicate impulse nature of the fishes to run in disguise without getting caught! The upthrust making you fleet your senses without any strings attached, and the sunlight dispersing and enhancing the blue colour of the ocean. Taking a deep dive to the seafloor in one breath and much exciting underwater photography to capture your beautiful moments. No need of carrying heavy oxygen cylinders just a breathing apparatus and goggles with all you need is to breathe at intervals. Swayourway will guarantee you the complete fun package and safety. Scuba Diving in Grand Island will introduce you to the real nature and the adapting fauna that will make you flexible in every walk of life. So set yourself on the vacation to Goa and exciting scuba diving packages to play.

Have you ever imagined of the showers of this natural beauty?

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Yeah, waterfalls make the best showers for one to bath under, India blessed with rich biodiversity along the western coast and the blissful Western Ghats is one of the enchanting Natures to be explored in the list of the one who loves to travel. Laying in the luscious green forest the Dudhsagar waterfall Trek gives peaceful energy for one to refresh in the go. Dudhsagar water fall having the scenic view is used for various shooting sites as you can’t fill the overwhelming nature, and the misty cool water giving the refreshment of the river flowing. 

Where is it located and how you will get there?

Dudhsagar waterfalls are located in Goa district of India situated on river Mondovi which is the lifeline river of Goa, and you must be aware of the Mondovi river controversies in the news so what makes it so important that even the states are fighting for its water? The river originating in the Western Ghats forming the border between Goa and Karnataka.  And draining in the Arabian Sea. situated in the interior of the Goa district the Dudhsagar has many routes but the two main routes are the from Panaji the capital of Goa and other from the one through railway at the castle rock station, you can also get the route from Belgaum town from Karnataka. You will get many ferries of buses and also private vehicles if one wishes to get in through the jungles.

Is it in the forest or just running water down the stream?

Dudhsagar waterfalls trek are the most captivating activity to do at such wonderful scenic environment. The Dudhsagar waterfall is located in the Bhagwan Mahaveer national park the semi-evergreen deciduous forest of the tropical zone the national park supports a wide range of flora and fauna as the butterflies reptiles and many treks through the forest.

What is the specialty of the waterfall?

 As the name suggests the waterfall is the milky way of India the gushing water down the hill entangling with the air makes the water appears misty milk like over the dark granite rocks of the western ghats. The height of the waterfall is 1017 feet at the elevation of 890m above the mean sea level. The Dudhsagar trekking provides with the 5 falls which are joined to form one single fall and that what it makes it the milk running down the stream.

Is there only one waterfall in the whole district?

No. The Dudhsagar waterfall treks will take you to various small waterfalls such as the Tamdisurla waterfall, and the one with the devils’ canyon. It is the cave carved out of the Dudhsagar waterfall making many small underground streams. Bathing under the sooting cool waterfall will refresh your soul from within. The adjoining lake reservoir is the perfect place for diving in for small children and the endless view for you to click photos and make memories.

What about trekking?

Trekkers make their way when they are set on the journey, the misty mountains and the river flowing through is the best opportunity to grasp to Trekk down the valley. Dudhsagar trekking is the famous destination for various sporty youth, climbing over the mountains and reaching the top is one of the trekkers love. The railway bridge opposite to the fall will give you the enchanting view of the mystic nature, as it is convenient for people coming with children who can’t go trekking.

Will it is affordable in every sense to run down the waterfall?

Absolutely! The Dudhsagar waterfall package will give you the complete fun of this beautiful place and will say heaven is the place on earth. You will get to visit the waterfalls and trek through the jungle, and spent the valuable time with your loved ones which are no great than any other activity to do.

What are the other activities and sights to be seen?

Filled with thrill and adventure water sports there is a safari along the national park to visit the wild habitat. Or else you can go the distance by yourself and explore many unknown surprises of the beauty nature. You will get to visit the spice plantation done by the local people of Goa. The spices where they are nurtured with care so their fertility expands, the amazing aromatic spices in their nature is the rare opportunity to see on this trek. Scuba Diving in Malvan is the one of the best under water activity to do.

When is the best time to visit this Dudhsagar waterfall trek?

Hmmm, One of the perennial river of India the waterfall having the cool weather condition the pace can be visited during any period of the year. Rivers flow in abundance during the monsoon and the overflowing of this Mondovi River Cruise makes the best falls to dive into. The onset of monsoon with new growing flora and with the sweet smell of the soil and the raw vegetation will give your taste buds the flavour of the nature. Youngsters prefer adventure boat trip in Goa during monsoon season to gain the thrilling experience of their youthfulness.

It is Goa, and what about Goa?

Goa the holiday destination of India and during this trek a visit to old Goa and witnessing the history of the Portuguese visit making one of the cultural heritage sites of India. Water sports packages in Goa are the best packages for youngster. The old Goa church information will be provided at the site. The churches to visit in Goa are the basilica of Bom Jesus, UNESCO world heritage site, with the lying body of St Xaviers Francis, accompanying feast every year in December. The next halt to the Se’cathedral de santa Catarina built to commemorate the victory over the Muslim army. The church of St Francis of Assisi built-in 1517, well known for feasts and architecture. Comes the St Augustine tower built by Augustinian friars. The local places will introduce you to the openness of the culture and will make you change the perspective of your life to something beautiful.

From where do I prefer to enter the waterfall will I get any pickup point?

If you are on vacation in Goa enjoying the sunny side on beach and warming up the sensational air with your presence you also need to get into the other side of Goa, the Dudhsagar waterfall trek package will comprise all the essential services you need to reach comfortably. From goa, there are pickup point at Calangute, Baga, Candolim, Arpora, Panaji, and Porvorim. Availability of both AC and non AC cars and you can also take your own car on the tour. All the inconvenience will be replaced with smile and comfort.

 You might not know the Bhagwan Mahaveernational park comprises of the famous Tambdi Surla temple for lord shiva, the temple tells about the prevailing history of the Shaivism from the kadamba period and the ceremonial festivals of this deities are celebrated by the people of the native. Our famous Indian the railway passes through this waterfall to connect to the southern region of India giving the iconic view of the dudhsagar waterfall.

You will also hear the story of the princes who bathed in milk and thus the name of the waterfall happened to be Dudhsagar due to its appearance. The lake below the waterfall makes it the perfect place to dive in for children and the safety concerns are taken to the maximum.

Why you should visit this Dudhsagar waterfall trek?

One tip to all when you are on any holiday destination make sure you explore each and every place in the vicinity. Second walking through the Kolem national park a get through gate you will encounter various animals and species to play around, on the journey the railway tracks leading to the waterfall the dripping through the caves will make to feel so vulnerable to your own self being. The wildlife underwater will make you understand the nourishment of the waterfall and the unending view of the sky adjoining misty mountains like the sky have walked down on earth.

So what do you need to carry?

Carry a comfortable pair of clothes and trekking shoes with you as the fierce jungle has wild vegetation. As you will get wet with the misty water rising from the waterfall and if were to bath stay well hydrated.

Precautionary measure to be taken!

Your safety is our first duty and makes sure you take a sufficient amount of food and high water intake because the trek might cause exhaustion. Do not feed your food to the animals when you cross the national parks, as the wild fauna might like your food tasty but might bear their health in the future. If any further issue will happen, our correspondence will take care of all the problems.

So set yourself on this Milky Way adventure and let the fun adventure of Goa beach also take you to the other side of this fiery jungle. Thus a perfect combination of mountains, waterfall, beach, jungle and you set on the adventure.  

Have you dream of lying around the lakeside and losing the sense in the epic scenery of Pawna Lakeside Camping?

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India is blessed with many perennial rivers and thus the lakes adjoining forming a water body for the local habitat in the hoods, makes you remember of you native, exactly in the same way the lakeside camping will drive your spirit into the wild to have fun adventures beside the daily routine.

One of the most exciting features of Maharashtra is the number of dams built across rivers and the adjoining reservoirs making it liable for flora and fauna of the Western Ghats

You must definitely hear of Western Ghats and the Sahyadri ranges of basalt rocks.  Lying in the vicinity of the famous Pawna Lake in Pune district of Maharashtra. Located along the NH48 in midst of the Lonavala and Khandala ghats provides the best location for camping near Pune. 25 km from Lonavala at an elevation of 2310ft above the mean sea level with suitable calm weather and cool breeze. Camping near Lonavala is the one where every teenager and bachelors visit to make wonderful experiences of life.

You have ever heard when you decide of making a small trip the first place people speak is of the Khandala and Lonavala quick and in the vicinity, there will be no other option except for Lonavala! Being one of the best places for camping near Mumbai people come here to release their stress and the Breathe in the fresh air of the evergreen nature.

You must be tired staying in hotels and perfect accommodation locations then it’s a better option to step out of the four walls and live in the warmth of the tents in no organization system of nature still making you feel the same peace and care you always strive for. The Pawna Lake is 25km long on the river Pawna various camping spots with you in the middle of the mountains enjoying the sip of tea and coffee; this will definitely woo your senses and make you say this is the life you always wanted! Pawna River making a reservoir over the dam is one of the best adventures of Pawna dam camping.

Just imagine yourself far away from busty life and enjoying a sunset with your cup of tea, mesmerizing isn’t it?

Pawna Lake Camping the evergreen valley that always has the same weather and the temperature throughout the year giving you many reasons to escape and rejuvenate yourself. Being the hotspot of diversity Camping at Bhandardara will give you the same experience that you ever thought that you would enjoy in North India camping.

You must be thinking what we will do at camping sight just sit and enjoy the scenery?

No. the Pawna camping provides with various activities that you can do as these merry mountains also have large plains for you to wander. This includes sports activities in groups’ tug a war, go fishing if one wishes to, paragliding and the most famous is the Pawna Lake boating to Rome along the whole lake. Most suitable for elderly and small children boat rides are the water bodies favourite.

And what else for others?

There are many trekking points to explore when you visit the pawna lake as the Lohgad fort, Vissapur fort, Tikkona fort the visit to Ambey valley, Korigad fort, and many other forts that are the travellers love. Also Camping at Prabalmachi is the nearest camping site in Lonavala.  Making a visit during the monsoon season will make you see new blooming flora out of the dry soil when the thirst of the mother earth is quenched and she flourishes in the boom.

And you must also be thinking what else is to see in Pawna and Lonavala?

There are countless number of sights whichever you wish to see, such as the Karle caves and Bhaja caves used for meditating of Buddhism practicing people, along it is the Ekvira Aai temple the local deity yet worshipped all over Maharashtra. The famous lion point tiger point shooting sights if film industries and the most mighty Sahyadri’s. The lavish green vegetation in the valley is one of the iconic places of this incredible India!

What do you think what is time?

Pawna lake camping been affordable to every common individual and celebrating our life with our loved ones is what we all need. To sit around the bonfire share the fantasies making dare games and enjoying the wild human side, the amber pink sky that will romanticize your mood and the gazing of the twinkling sky making you rhyme your nursery poems. The sher-o-shayaris and many songs. Waking up to the dawn of the chirping birds and cold morning’s hot breakfast, the happiness is just beyond the imagination. Pawna Lake also carries many summer camp activities for all age groups as well as school children. the safest and yet most thrilling camping site of India, so it’s not the time to think whether to go or no if it has crossed your path make sure you take time and escape into this beautiful nature in your vicinity.

Bhandardara Lakeside Camping

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Living the midst of the forest along the lakeside is everybody’s dream to visit and lie in the cradle of the nature to enjoy the alone peace and dive in the restful sentiment away from the crowded city and busty schedule. It is perfect the destination for students and many bachelors even for the family to explore the quiet nature of the high mountains standing strong with the sky as the roof and staying along in the tent setting no boundaries for the wilderness to wander and enjoy the company of various people and the reveal the unknown side of the individual.

Bhandardara is the small village located along the Western Ghats that are known for biodiversity hotspot of India? It is situated in Akole tehsil of the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. A four hours travel or 185 km from Mumbai either by road or rail as per one’s convenience. Located at the elevation of 2340ft above the sea level the coolness of the lush green mountains will soothe you from all the stress that you experience and give a fresh start for new adventures of life. The mountain ranges are home to many peaks as the Kalsubai peak which is the highest peak in Maharashtra state and the proudly called as Everest of Maharashtra. Loved for tourist attractions and Trekking adventures.

Bhandardara is situated on the river Pravara a small village with water bodies and lakes to feed the habitation and the flora fauna of the Western Ghats. As this place is off the Cenozoic era having the basalt Rocky Mountains with floors provides with the best camping sites. The Bhandardara is one of the camping sites has various open grounds for one to carry many sports activities and enjoy around the plays of the groups visiting in there. It is one of the most preferred camping near Mumbai to escape from the city and hide the hoods. Camping at Bhandardara is mostly enjoyed during the onset of monsoon in Maharashtra during the months of June and July and also anytime around the year.  Lake side camping will provide the same climate coolness when one always feels to enjoy the camping and the wonderful nature not being tired to give you the gifts of the insightful diversity of India’s the Western Ghats.

Bhandardara lakeside camping will accommodate all the facilities to avoid any inconvenience. The beautiful nature of mountain valleys with the lake in middle and laying in the tent with the nature whispering the quiet heaven. The Bhandardara lakeside is accommodated with trekking spots at the Ratangad fort and the other of the Kokanada from where you can view the basalt plains of the roadway to central Maharashtra. The Ratanwadi is famous for various fireflies watchers as one visiting the Bhandardara camping can visit this place to gaze at the fireflies on the onset of monsoon as well during the chilling winter nights. Favourite for lousy dreamers and wanderers to enjoy in the native home and blend with the culture and the raw smell of the blooming nature.

The Randha falls creating a gorge of 170ft with a mesmerizing view of the misty splash shivering down the vein. The Ghatkar the point from where you can watch the wide ranges of Sahyadris the emergent topography will give you an introduction of the ancient history of rock formation and the river valley home to wildlife habitat. The Sandhan valley Trek at 25km from Bhandarara where ‘The grand canyon of Maharashtra’ is situated. The other history depicting   location of Harishchandragad fort from where the trails leading to the Ajoba peak and Ghanchakkar  peak can be spotted thus making you feel  protected in the wide ranges of the Sahyadris.

Located away from the city the Bhandardara having the lowest light scattering makes the sky clear to gaze at the stars which are impossible to observe from the city. Astronomers prefer this location to study the universal phenomenon. The most exciting activity to do is sit around the bonfire and share the stories dance along with the light and having the sizzling barbeque and the local cuisine of the tasteful flavors of the spices. Trekking along the wild jungle and tracing the rough roads to various in middle waterfalls encountering the wild animals will always bring you one step near to nature and make your existence believe that you are a part of it.

Bhandardara is the mediating point of Agatya rishi( A sage)  from where the outcome of the various medicinal plants and literature, if Vaishnavism and Shaktism dwelled this can really make sense  for to experience the calmness and serendipity of the forest giving the rich history. Faith can dwell if one believes and taking a step towards it can take you to your soul. Thus Bhandardara camping will give you every piece of the peace from faith till the newborn wildlife species to visit this wonderful site and a wide perspective to look into every piece of nature that has born for your sake and exploring the unknown making it discover the new you.

Parasailing Boat Ride

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Nothing is more heavenly like a calm sea and flying over the calm sea. India having a vast coastline and shallow water makes it suitable for fun adventure watersports in Goa with an abundance of facilities and new options to explore on every go. Every tourist either visiting India or any Indian citizen likes to have fun in Goa and Goa with clean beaches and wide coast makes the land perfect for carrying out various water sports. One of the most fascinating water Sport is parasailing boat ride in Goa. You hanged on a water parachute and dragged by speed boat making you fly high and high.

Parachute water sport does not require and special skill, just safety jacket, and helmet and you are set to fly. Every person from small kids till old age people can do parasailing. There are double seats as well as a single-seat parachute so you can enjoy as per your convenience. When you get raised high in sky you will find yourself among the birds roaming along the sea waves and dashing with water with the speed giving you the surface tension the sea holds. With the cool breeze hitting your face and the splash of water with every bump will make you giggle out the inner child out of you.

One of the cheap water sports parasailing just requires courage to fly and the spirit you earn is the reward of your every effort you do to make your penny earn. The greatest thing you could ever do is set your bag for an adventure boat trip in Goa. When nature provides with hand filled with fun and life making risky adventures it’s our duty to receive the enormous gift and connect once again with life.

Parasailing water sports is one of the breathtaking adventures to have. When the sea breeze raises you parachute high in sky detaching from your ground position you can experience your spirit-raising to the limitless sky and breaking every chain bound in your legs. The heartbeat rises when you leave the ground the scream comes out when you rise but reaching the height your mind and heart will set the rhythm with the rattling waves and the sun kissing your cheeks and wind blowing and your hair revealing every stress and pain you drowned in it till now. Parasailing available throughout the year as the sea is available throughout the year the sun is shining and the wind is flowing it is just you need to make yourself available to not walk not drive not drown but to fly high with nobody around you. Along with this Scuba diving in Malvan is the best water sports Activity in Goa.

If you have height sickness then no need to worry, parasailing will settle down your every fear, having a proper diet and hydrated body and a deep breathing will make you burn across the sky with the lightning thunder you are about to experience. When you fly you will see the scenic coastline and the mesmerizing view of the vegetation and the high coconut trees. People appearing like ants and the having fun along the coast will make you realize that this life is meant for you and you have to live it to its fullest, the blue sky has no limits and thus you too have no limits to tie around one single routine.

After parasailing as the speed reduces your feeling in middle of the sea, will make you rattle along with waves but no need to worry as lifeguards will board you back on the boat. The mixture of wind and water will fill you with the energy that this nature carries to heal everyone from within and giving a new start to life with full spontaneity.

Water Sports packages in Goa along the Calangute beach and Baga beach in north Goa will give you the high raising views of the large monuments and churches, as these beaches are wide open and the too much of the sea will fill you with depth and sanity for a new way out towards life. And the most necessary of the do is capturing yourself in the reel which every individual loves to do, the moment rejoices and the memory will make you feel and energize again and might also drag you again to get dragged by the speed boat through the sea into the air.

Make sure you fly and fly, though humans have no wings but the parasailing kit and the parachute will definitely make it happen. The big blown parachute will woo you in sun and make you taste the salt of the ocean as well.  The reflection of sparkling water and tiny humans below will make you fly all your problems and tension in one go. So ever you visit any shoreline do try parasail over the huge blue ocean and wipe out all your fears and restlessness.   

River Rafting in kolad

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Maharashtra in India is one the state blessed with mighty nature along the Western Ghats and the Sahyadri mountains providing with plenty of diversity to be explored with. The western coastline in Maharashtra with plenty of beaches and river to have various adventure. The steep side of Sahyadri Mountain along the western coast makes the river flow into the Arabian Sea. One of the rivers is Kundalika originating the town named Bihar in Sahyadri Mountain. This river is famous with the name of kolad river rafting. It is one of the spots for river rafting in India beside one situated in the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Kolad is a village in Konkan region in Raigad district of Maharashtra and kolad rafting is located on the Kundalika River. 3 hours distance from Mumbai along the Mumbai Goa highway this terrific location of the river will gush you down the trail of 14km the rocky boulders and humps in the river will bounce you throughout the adventure water sports. People especially youths from along the adjacent districts of Mumbai Pune, Satara, and Konkan region come over to Kolad to experience fun outdoor adventure water sports packages and that though situated in the vicinity.

The best time to visit this white water rafting is during the monsoon season and winter onset, as the rivers flowing in abundance and water availability gives you a chance that is not to be missed. The fresh cool water from various streams makes the region with wonderful waterfalls. The river flowing from Kolad dam and Tata powers Mulshi dam makes the adventure to go any time of the year. Drowning into the Arabian Sea this river was used for navigation for trade and transportation. Depicting the rich history of the Raigad District. Various transport option to take you to the rafting site from the kolad railway station and from the express highway.

To drag your boat in river cutting down the boulders and rocky edges the high speed of water flowing will bounce you up and down, back and forth. The team spirit will and strategy will get down the road. Racing up the rafts with other group members will make this rafting the memorable one. Setting up camp along the Kolad River with bonfire and stories will take to the peak of your happiness and quenching the thirst of the tired spirit. It is one of the famous River rafting near Mumbai and affordable for every person taking this courage to raft along the river.

Safety of every individual on the boat is taken care of up to the most. The boats are serviced at every ride so no harm is done to live. Availability of first and aid and any emergency accidents are also taken care of for one On-going board will have taken proper diet and hydration as the rafting of the river takes a lot of energy. A warm-up to loosen your muscle and maintain flexibility so that you can enjoy every second without any hitch.

White water rafting in kolad as includes activities such as crossing the Burma bridge made up of rope the narrow part requires balancing and another security is maintained tight along with this there is commando crossing, a rope net made to climb and cross to the other side. It will teach you the strategy required to cross in terrain if one gets caught in times of difficulty. The unstable rope will teach you to maintain patience and balance in the whole process. 

Next, you can also do Tarzan swing in the valley, riding along the single cable with you attached to The pulley driving down the hill. Tarzan swing fascinates children the most, with utmost care the swing on the trees are built up so they can also enjoy the trip along with the kolad rafting.

Detach yourself from the busy life take a step out into the nearby hoods and enjoy the river rafting on kolad. Raigad region situated in the southern part of Mumbai is filled with various adventures to bountiful nature to explore. Rejuvenating with coconut water and the sea fish cuisines and the cultural abundance of the local people nurturing the beauty. The humid climate with the coolness of the vegetation and thudding water and you riding over in raft a perfect sporty adventure to be enjoyed. Make sure to collect every piece of the moment and tag yourself in the unending journey of the river. 

10 best Adventure Activity to do in India

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1. Bumper Ride

Along the coastline of Arabian Sea, a rubber boat pulling you across the sea creating the bump over the waves will drive the enthusiasm to the peak. With high safety concerns, the sandy view of the beach will excite your inner child. Bumper ride in Goa the one of favourite water boat ride in Goa for children and families. Driven by speed boats. Loved by the lousy lovers getting jerks in the smooth sea. The bumper ride experience will make your adventure in Goa trip the most memorable one.

2. Scuba Diving

One like to dive into the sea to observe the underwater scenic view of corals and various marine animals. Scuba diving is the best option to breathe in and dive to the world of aquatic animals. Scuba diving in Goa and Scuba diving in Malvan will introduce to the delicate underwater species, and corals to dwell in tropical waters. At the depth of 4600ft the refraction of sunlight lightening every water molecule and dispersing the magical colours of nature. Scuba diving in Goa charges is worth every penny. Grand Island Scuba Diving, Bat Island, St George Island, give you the perfect refraction of the colourful life living down. Protection and nurturing of the corals are done at its best so that people could reveal themselves to this bountiful nature.

3. Jet Ski Ride

If one likes to be the voyager of the sea and drive in the vast. Jetski is the perfect option that you should prefer. Jet ski in Goa at 100 to135 hp will leave a trail on the journey that you enjoyed the ride. Maintenance of the Jet Ski ride in Goa at every hour of the trip will lead you no worry and easily driven by people with no special driving skills. Jet ski in Goa long the Calangute beach and Baga beach to wander on waves under the free open sky with no limits bound to you in legs. Life jackets and security posts at every point. Twisting and turning over the wild waves and bumping along the shores will cost you your preparedness and spirit to drive on the sea.

4. Parasailing Boat Ride

Nothing is more soothing than flying in the open sky with sea underneath. Speed boat dragging your parachute and raising you up high in the sky to make you feel like a bird to observe the panoramic view of beautiful Goa beach is one of the greatest advantages of parasailing in Goa. The excitement and heartbeat will make you calm once you reach the destined height. The reflection of sparkling water and tiny humans below will make you fly all your problems and tension in one go. Generating new energy and fearless attitude to conquer every motive.

5. Snorkelling Tour with Island

Floating over the water without any equipment to breathe and observing the sensitive corals and fishes from a particular height is the beast adventure water sport to be lived by the swimmers. Snorkelling in Goa along the Grande Island and bat island will provide with epic underwater beauty. Snorkelling teaches you to breathe without any support, control of the inhale-exhale makes lungs flexible enough to balance our body rhythm and adapt to changing circumstances. Guided by security and aid available at every edge, not making you worried at any moment. Snorkelling will teach you to breathe as you have never lived and this floating uncertainty.

6. River rafting

India home to rocky topography and many perennial rivers gives us the chance to experience the thrilling ride over the tremendous flow of the river from mountains to the valley. River rafting in state of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh where river gushes into the valleys from the glaciers and creating deep gorges and waterfall. Well equipped with a life jacket and rubber boat providing full security and any curve of the flowing river. The rock edges will give you the jerks and the rattling, gushing water driving the smooth boat along with the group will make you realize the effort of team spirit to cut the wild river. River rafting in Kolad a region in Raigad district of Maharashtra, in the mangroves and wild bountiful flowing river, will give a lifetime moment whenever remembered. Sea Rafting in Goa gives you the tremendous Fun and Great experience with water sports in goa

7. Paragliding

Adventure Activity in India blesses with mighty mountains and adjoining dunes with valley covered with dense alpine forests and rivers flowing with tremendous speed and open sky. Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh valley are one of the favourite destinations for paragliding. Roaming along the valleys and green lush vegetation with the coolness and refreshing wind. The best time to visit these valleys is between Octobers to the onset of the monsoon season. Raising high with the winds over the mountains and rivers with the bird’s-eye view capturing the enchanting beauty of the flora. Fleeing away in the freshness will leave you to catch every spirit of yours.

8. Fly Boarding

If you like to raise high over the seawater without any attachments, fly boarding proves to be the best water sport activity in Goa, with water thrust raising you high up to 15ft. performing stunts over the water hose attached to the boat with high speeding water out of a hose. With a safety jacket and helmet, the security is counted at its best. Fly boarding in Goa is one of the beloved water sports adventures, attracting many youths to take a chance to risk fear.  Fly boarding requires a lot of balance to perform in any flip, twist, dive dolphin swims gaining worldwide fame and thus in India along the coast of Goa. One should definitely try out this new sporty adventure on the visit to Goa for vacation.

9. Banana Boat Ride

Bananas well known for their slippery skin and smoothness water rides in Goa will offer you a smooth ride over banana boat ride. Banana boat ride in majority loved by group people and elders, with rope for support, it’s the play of balance with the shaky loaf of banana. Banana boat ride in Goa gives you the childhood play of making a train and trolling, but the rails are replaced by water for a smooth and bumpy ride. driven by speed boat balancing over the ride is the actual fun of riding the banana, jerks provided by the driver will scream the heart out of you, thus making to smile and woo on every turn. At support of a single rope with life, jackets are always at the rescue.

10. Speed Boat Ride

For lovers of speed and wind fearlessly tearing the surface speed boats make one of the kings of boat riding. Speed boat ride in Goa with the speed above 50mph making adrenaline flow against the unknowing adventure and the vigorous wave, leaving you shivering and smiling on every jump over the wave. Group people riding the speed boat, and chasing over the wave is a hell lot of fun to be done. Enjoyed by every age group the chilling thunderous speed will take you beyond the world, the wind running through your hair will drive out all the heaviness and drown in the sea of wonders. Speed boat ride in Goa is enjoyed by every person visiting on vacation to taste the sea.