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Ten Best Sightseen In One Day Tour

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An instant refreshment to drive out in open places or pop out on an instant trip of the daily routine one day tour proves to be the best. in shortage of time and easy going tours the change of direction either to a hilltop or by the ocean. India blessed with a wide range of topography in every state makes it worth seeing and dig into nature to discover oneself on the on while journey. Vegetation to be explored in their wild and the journey to unite with the bountiful nature. These tours include the magnificent view of the diversity of India

The ten best sightsee in one day tour

1. Dudh Sagar Waterfall Trek

Along the Western Ghats situated on the border of Karnataka and Goa border the milk of the ocean flows, pouring from the height of 1017ft DudhSagar waterfall, the smoothness of the fall and the rising water droplets will leave you to rinse your tiredness and relax your mind. India’s 5th largest waterfall surrounded by the rich biodiversity of the sangen taluka in which it is located, Dudhsagar fall trek gives an immense amount of revealing energy. Dudhsagar trekking also includes visiting the spice plantation and safari through the rich jungle of the waterfall till bathing under the fall will drown you the ocean of this waterfall. Dudhsagar Waterfall trek provides security which is the prior and is well managed by the guards on fall, so any threat to life is taken care of. For Dudhsagar trekking, there is jeep safari from pick up points at Goa and one can also board a train to kulem railway station in Karnataka.

2. Tamdi Surla Waterfall Trek

Located in in the biodiversity hotspot of India along the Western ghats in Bhagwan Mahavir national park. The national park consists of a temple of lord shiva built in the 12th century, A Kadamba style architecture with Nandi in the mandapa. A trek through the jungle leads to this astounding waterfall. The best time to visit this Tamdi Surla Waterfall Trek is during monsoon where the water gushes in abundance, supporting the flora and fauna of the national park. There are pick up points from Goa and the tourist visit during their vacation in Goa. Though a tiring trek, the Waterfall will soak out the tiredness and make a new spirit come to life

3. Old Goa Churches

The land of Portuguese settlement the blessed by Christain missionaries led to the formation of various churches. Church visit to Goa, the architecture of the old Goa church will introduce you to the artisans of the British era. The old Goa church information will be provided at the site. A definite visit to Panjim church will complete the journey of Goa. The churches to visit in Goa are the basilica of Bom Jesus, UNESCO world heritage site, with the lying body of St Xaviers Francis, accompanying feast every year in December. The next halt to the Se’cathedral de Santa Catarina built to commemorate the victory over a Muslim army. The church of St Francis of Assisi built in 1517, well known for feasts and architecture. Comes the St Agustine tower built by Augustinian friars. The archaeological museum will showcase the history of goa from the capturing of Portugues till the getting the state dominion.

4. North Goa

Sharing a boundary with Sindhudurg d district of Maharashtra, north Goa along the Mondovi River is famous for various beaches to troll on. The north Goa tour includes the Aguada beach, Calangute beach, Baga beach, Candolim beach Sinquerim beach, Anjuna beach, Vagator beach, Chapora beach and vast spread of coconut tree gardens. It is perfect destination for parasailing in Goa, jet skiing in Goa, and various adventure water sports. The north Goa full-day tour will exhilarate through vast spread sea and calm water for party hike people. Accompanied by rich delicacies, the palm tree plantations fisherman home to varieties of fishes. One of visit to the crocodile safari will let you know one of the 3 crocodile species in India. The Malvani speaking population and their rich cultural traditions have protected the authenticity of the beautiful region. You should try the adventure boat trip in Goa for various water sports for thrilling fun.

5. South Goa

Like that of the north Goa known for beaches south Goa is very well known for the carnivals, festivals, many adventurous activities for youth, the reflection of the culture and authentic cuisines at every turn of the road will make you drive the kid out of you. The south Goa tour will introduce to The Dona Paula for romantic evenings, followed by Miramar beach is confined with the pine trees flourishing in its habitat. The south Goa sightseeing consist The Mangueshi temple of Lord Shiva and the spice plantations by the local people of Goa. The cruise trips and boat trip in Goa for every occasion to celebrate, singing and dancing along with the rhythm of the traditional Goan music. Blend with cultures and nature, south Goa proves the perfect destination for a holiday. The houseboat stays in Goa will fulfill the entire wish to live over the vast sea, making the holiday memorable one including the cruise ride in Goa.

6. Lonavala.

Protected by the might, Sahyadri Mountains Lonavala consists of large no of spots to be explored on the one day trip. best travel option for road riders Lonavala enriching the divine history is well nurtured by the locals. Ancient forts as Lohgad, Prabalgad best suited for one day trek, the Bhaja caves, Ekvira caves, Karle caves depict the rich history of Buddhism. The Pawna lake Camping and Prabalmachi Camping are one of the difficult treks to be conquered And Bhushi dam, Lonavala Lake has the scenic view to catch every eye drowning in the mesmeric view. The tiger point, lion point the karnala wildlife sanctuary where the fauna of the western Ghat flourishes. Situated at the altitude the climate is cool and pleasant to take a breakthrough and rejuvenate one’s soul.

7. Sandhan Valley

Situated 3000ft above the sea level the Sandhan valley known as the grand canyon of India. 2km wide located in the misty mountains of Sahyadri located in the Ahmednagar district. The rich biodiversity of this trek is worth making every moment. Heading towards the Bhandardara valley providing various camping sights amidst of the Sahyadri. The Bhandardara camping in the middle of the vast green valley will naturally excite to the coolness with bonfire and party. The best time to visit this valley is during the rainy and winter season as the chills of the wind will replenish the spontaneity in you. Adjoining the Ratangad fort and Kalsubai peak, Sandhan valley Trek will show you the magic of Mother Nature in producing such beautiful sights.

8. Alibaugh.

Located on the southern outskirt of Mumbai, districts are situated in the Raigad district and multiple ferry trips to this magnificent coast. One of the natural harbor of the western coast, Alibaugh consist of wide ranges of rocky beaches and sandy beaches. The land of fisher community of Maharashtra with an abundance of rich seafood cuisines. The revdanda beach camping will provide the complete satisfaction one day trip or weekend to be spent along the shore. The bonfire barbeque will wake up your taste buds water for every bite. One can also accommodate on a beach house, or book bungalow/villa for complete family and group leisure time.


The land of strawberries, situated at a height of 1300ft above the sea level, the cool and pleasant weather is the best spot to hop in the summer and spring season. The Kaspathar is plateau situated famous for wildflowers that bloom in the spring season. The Pratapgad fort is one of the trekking points loved by the youngsters. During the trip, you can visit various points the Mahabaleshwar is famous for, as the sunset point, Parsi point, Majorie point and many more to dive in the Sahyadris. The Chinaman fall, the dhobi waterfall is the best o visit during the rainy season; The Wilson seat is the major tourist visit destination to experience the calm environment.

10. Igatpuri.

One of Western Ghats famous for trek Igatpuri in Western Ghats in Nashik district an elevation of 600m. the vipassana meditation center located along the Ghat. Trekking along with the caves and small canyons, the enchanting view of greenery and misty cool weather. the Girisagar waterfall, Arthur lake, Bhatsa river valley are the spots to spend a quiet time. The five waterfalls are one the major attraction in the valley. The Tringalwadi fort provides with a picturesque scene for Kalsubai and Kulang mountain ranges. Camping in Igatpuri is located in the valley to spend a weekend under the twinkling sky. The best visit to the valley is from June to January months when nature is at its bounty. Igatpuri camping will flip your every thought and stress through the vast spread of lush green flora with birds singing in the hood.

Fun adventure boat trip in Goa

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It’s often said when you don’t change your way of you never changed your life. Every day we travel along the road and air but water rides not many water rides. Goa located along the sea coast surrounded by many estuaries, backwaters, river routes, and the Arabian Sea makes no other option than to travel through waters. boat trip in Goa are available at any edge and time so enjoy the calmness and peace than those ride with cars and busses honking all through the way. Boating in Goa under the clear sky and traveling against the wave direction will woo your mind.

Water rides in Goa are in many ways as per you like to venture in your leisure time, bumper ride, banana boat ride, speed boat, and exciting other activities to be done on the way. Suitable and comfortable as any age group the order of fun may differ thus the availability boats ride in Goa differ, which will satisfy your soul till eternity.

One having like to bounce upon a tarpaulin, bumper rides will give you bumps and bounce in a smooth way unlike the jerks you experience in road vehicles, driven by speed boats Its a complete fun. Children loving speed and as per security concerns, guardians find bumper boat ride in Goa suitable for kids. Water Sports Packages in Goa for lousy lovers will romanticize the eve in the gigantic sea.

Bananas well known for their slippery skin and smoothness water rides in Goa will offer you a smooth ride over banana boat ride. Banana boat ride in majority loved by group people and elders, with rope for support, it’s the play of balance with the shaky loaf of banana.

And the one for lovers of speed and wind fearlessly tearing the surface speed boats make one of the kings of boat riding. Speed boat ride in Goa with the speed above 50mph making adrenaline flow against the unknowing adventure and the vigorous wave, leaving you shivering and smiling on every jump over the wave. Like the one likes to experience in movies chasing through the water speed boat in Goa will give you the same thrilling ride to be remembered during every fear.

Jet Ski in Goa is amongst wonder water speed boat riding, the enthusiast and adventurous people can take advantage of this electrifying ride. Jet Ski price in Goa will have no match to the thrilling ride over the wave. The widespread sea with no traffic signals and the madness driven ride will not let you come out of the water.

Goa being accommodated with large numbers of islands and every island has its specialty to wander along with the boat ride in Goa is the perfect alternative, to dive in the beauty enormous islands.

Adventure boat trip in Goa with various water sports will amaze your vacation and giving you stressful and rejuvenated start for further events in life. Boat ride in Goa along the backwaters of river Mondovi and Vanxim islands with fishing and kayaking will introduce to the local fishes over which the cuisines of Goa are famous with the essence of turmeric, coconut, and other delicacies.

Boat ride in Goa over the terrace area suitable for old age people with the sea breeze kissing along the face, and the dazzling sun of dusk warming up the view.

If one loves to stay on wave’s boathouse is the best choice to accommodate for vacation. Houseboat stays in Goa prices will always give much more relaxing experience than to stay in a hotel as these moments are to rejoice wherever we travel. Boathouse party dancing over the Goan music and raising a toast to life, tasting the rich cuisines.

The fun adventure boat trip will take you beyond the imagination to rest all your concerns and ride the jetliner, cruise pertaining to the adventure to want to cease. Party adventures boat trips will make you soak all the energy and raft along with new people, onboard games with barbeque and wine. The never-ending josh will reveal you from all the constraints of busy life, drowning in the sea of joy, waking the carrycot of the sea breeze. 

Boat ride from North Goa till South Goa will give every insight of this wonderful state, how the beauty bounds with our life and make us feel one. Driving through every season and occasion, this nature never loses its beauty and gives us a reason to celebrate the living of humankind.

Snorkelling with the island tour

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Trolling across the sea is enjoyed to an extent when we play water sports. Cutting the sea surface and drawing the trail is happening when we play the water sports in Goa.

Riding over seawater with the unevenness of the waves and bumping gravity is one of the fun while having islands tour. The water sports packages will definitely bring the abundance of happiness leaving you uncounted in the infinity accompanying with boating in Goa across every island with dolphin tours. The lands emerged out of sea surface or separated from mainland always gives us the iconic view of this environment standing intact fearlessly supporting enormous wildlife and sea life. The western coast of India having shallow water, giving a base for sea creatures to dwell in natural habitat. Goa, one of the historical settlements for Portuguese and their existence still gives the taste of their rule and culture. Under the coconut, shadow lays the humid cool air to breathe in.

Snorkelling tour accompanied with Goa island trip adds life to the adventure. Goa blessed with long rocky and sandy beaches to be walked with naked feet. Snorkelling trip is an enrapturing task to be done to gaze at the underwater life.  

Goa consisting of many small and large islands, every island having its history and monuments picturing the rich history. Islands in Goa such as :

1. Pequeno island Also Known As Bat Island. This island has one of the rocky beaches to be trolled on having small cliffs gives an astounding view of Arabian Sea, the island is quiet enough to enjoy the sound of the waves and spend a peaceful time

2.  Conco island Also Known As Monkey Island. As the name suggests this island is home to monkeys strolling over the trees.

3.  Raneache zuvem, revora situated in north Goa. This island is covered with thick canopy connected by Revora Bridge. One would like to wander in the vegetation as it provides with home to various local species.

4. Vanxim beach, situated on banks of river Mandovi which is a lifeline of Goa for providing fresh water. Home to mangroves and counted in India’s mangroves zone, blushing wit greenery and dwelling home to various crustaceans like crabs, shrimps, clamps and much more to be enjoyed as seafood.

5. Sao jacinto island, one of the rocky island and boarding harbour for small famous for lighthouse directing the voyagers during the Portuguese era. Saint hyacinth chapel famous for their feasts and celebration.

6. Anjediva island situated on Arabian coast in south Goa. The island is accommodated with Anjediva fort, the shrines of Our Lady of Brotas and São Francisco de Assis built by the Portuguese. The island is named after local goddess Ajdurga Devi.

7.  Cumbarjua island located 20km from Panaji situated in backwaters of goa famous for fishing, this island is habituated with Indian mugger a crocodile species, further, it has also famous Shanta Durga Kumbharjuvekarin goddess.

8. Divar island located across Mondovi River the island is famous for the church of Our Lady of compassion. The Bonderam festival is celebrated on fourth Saturday of August every year. Thousands of tourists dancing and singing across the street for liberation from Portuguese. Potekar festival like Halloween is one of attracting event for youth.

9. Chorao island known for churches and Salim bird life sanctuary is an estuarine mangrove. Bird species as striated heron and western reef heron and others like little bittern, black bittern and many more. One of the largest islands equipped with Indo-Aryan history till Christianization our Lady grace church, St Jerome chapel, chapel de Nossa.

 10. Grand Island Scuba Diving the most beloved destination of Goa, having shallow waters and corals near to the descended. The aquamarine appearance of the sea and the sparkling sunlight lightens up the quantifying sight of the sea. Scuba Diving tour with snorkelling is busted with enthusiasm and curiosity to be doused by the never lasting sites of the reef.

Snorkelling sport is the best for swimmers to discover the shallow waters from a height and drive in-depth to explore. Snorkelling in Goa is well guided by the diving instructors to control the breathing. Free-floating over the water bind by the surface tension enjoying the intricacy of the ocean floor. Shallow ocean with lavish life of wavering corals, crawling vertebrates and much more whose surfaces are delicate to be steeped on thus snorkelling is the best sport to be enjoyed from a height. Snorkelling along the Grand Island gives profuse sights of marine fishes with bountiful colours with ray fish, turtles and many more snorkelling is a real experience of feeling weightlessness as the up thrust of the ocean will drag all the stress of the body.

When nature provides us with such profound experiences it’s our duty as a human being to explore and protect it in their natural environment. Snorkelling teaches you to breathe without any support, control of the inhale-exhale makes lungs flexible enough to balance our body rhythm and adapt to changing circumstances. Unlike scuba diving with the air you carry, it is the real air you breathe and taste like salt to add the flavour of life. Make sure to dive and float in the vastness of uncertainty.

Scuba diving- the best water sports activity

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The ocean is always known for its mystery and enchanting beauty, the silence of ocean is hidden with deep secrets and life beneath is Astonishing the thirst at every gulp. Water sports are made for quenching the thirst of the vast ocean. Adventure water sports include various activities from under the water till one flying over the sea. One of the adventurous Sports is scuba diving, observing the naturally formed life in the salinity where humans might fear to survive gives us the epic serenity of life thriving under there. Corals, oysters, the spectacular colours of the rocks and corals and fishes wavering along with the sea currents.

India is gifted with 7500km vast coastline located in tropical zone alternating pressure and currents warm water suitable for fishing zone and development of life underwater creatures. India’s favourite holiday destination for sea lovers and humid coastal regions is goa. Goa accommodated with the perfect scenario of ocean and wellness. The adventure of water sports in goa gives invigorating experience to be remembered till eternity. Scuba diving in Goa is one of the breath-taking adventures of water sports in Goa. The density of the ocean will make you feel every nerve in your body. Guided by the professional diving instructors and security of life to its fullest.

From people who can’t swim till the elderly can have fun? Pumped with oxygen cylinders the cost of every breath is realized, you can notice your heart beats touching the ribs making every breath feel the power of one’s existence. The density of sea makes us feels the pressure of the vast ocean and the energy you required to get through. Blue canvas painted with captivating colours of creatures as one notices in the aquarium. The transparency of the water will take you beyond your visibility.

Scuba diving cost in goa will make worth every penny and abundance of memories heart-thumping experiences you ever had in this life. At the depth of 4600ft the refraction of sunlight lightening every water molecule and dispersing the magical colours of nature. Warming ocean with running cool currents will make you chuckle within your body. Islands in Goa like Grande Island, Bat Island, St George Island have coral reefs and live corals thriving on the planktons over which the life cycle of the underwater world is blooming. India one of the biodiversity hotspot and home to natural coral reefs, making India shine in the conservation of this sensitive world, prone to hazard and ever-growing pollution. Protection and nurturing of the corals are done at its best so that people could reveal themselves to this bountiful nature.

Grand Island Scuba diving is one of the heavenly sports in adventures of water sports. Though humans cannot hear underwater as every voice goes damp making you feel the silence underneath. It makes you concentrate on your breath and feel the air you take inhale and exhale. Scuba diving Goa gives the peace of mediation far away from the chaos you hear in your busy life. No voice no echo only your expression makes the count of the happiness in the heart.

The underwater world is as enchanting as we could ever imagine. You can watch fishes in their natural habitat, their behavioural movement, the sensitivity to swim against any threat, jellyfishes swirling from the depth to the surface octopus hiding under the reefs, crawling of the hermit crabs starfish urchins and a countless number of various species beautifying this wonderful nature. Diving makes you float on your wilderness no land under your feet ranging over a liquid of enormously occupied world.

One of the underwater visitors is the turtles wandering, nestling over the coast, and the slow-moving wanderer with their tremendous speed in ocean teaching us that one can only be master in its habitat. One can observe dolphins spread across the sea including some sharks. Underwater ridges and caves having the wonderful life thriving home to planktons and sources over which the fishes and other animals feed. Moving down the depth, the seafloor home to crawlers, oysters and also some remains of drowned ships which will surprise you, as the ocean carries mystery.

 People who cannot swim or have fear of water can also take advantage of this scuba diving adventures as this sport requires no skill nor special training or knowledge. The only one thing to be done is to breathe and dive yourself into the ocean of uncertainty and explore the hidden spirit making it worth to change the perspective of any upcoming challenges.

One of the loving activity people does in everyday life to make the post of scuba diving. Photographs make memories live again and capturing the event is part of the holiday fun package. But the one caught in the eye can replenish the joy and drive again the desire to do scuba diving once again. The scuba diving in goa is experienced at best after monsoon season as the ocean is at abundance new life coming to the world and calm sea gives every reason to dive in the mystery. Migration of various oceanic creatures also acknowledges us the pattern of animal behaviour striving for their survival.

The main reasons to do scuba diving in Goa are:

1. To get to the Indian coastal scenario shallow water over which the underwater life strives.

2. To take the abundance of beauty the Arabian Sea and these tropical waters offer.

3. Detach yourself from the everyday schedule in drown in the calmness with your eyes open and bubbling breathe.

4. Take a deep breathe and experience your existence.

5. Peddle and peddle to the depth until you find yourself.

Scuba diving is different from other activities, the weightlessness making float in the fantasy, one can increase self-confidence by driving the unknown and boost self-esteem. Tearing the barriers one can notice flexibility after the dive, the changes our physical goes through, resting every nerve and mind. The zeal of curiosity reaches the epitome when you search within. Scuba diving requires tremendous energy and may get the feel of dehydration, it is necessary to have a good meal and sufficient water to avoid the seasickness.

Blue sky above and blue sea underneath, the colours are known to calmness and diving in the ocean quantifies to reanimate our daily activities. Every adventure magnifies the felicity when it begins and the ending exemplifies when we make the transition from one phase to another similarly when we transit from land to sea our world changes and thus our perspective to view our surrounding.

Top adventure places to visit in Maharashtra

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Top adventure places to visit in Maharashtra

1. Sandhan valley trek

Sandhan valley trek is one of the most astonishing treks gifted by nature. The valley formed due natural process river cutting through creating a canyon also known as the grand canyon of Maharashtra. Situated in Ahmednagar , 3000ft above the sea level cutting a gorge of 200ft. a narrow valley where wind whistles in-ears carrying our echoed voice.  Along the Western Ghats also known as a hotspot of Indian vegetation this valley strives with small creepers, bushes moss, and lichen showering the coolness of the valley. 2 km trek lays a splendid view of the Sahyadri Mountains the cultural spirit of Maharashtra. A refreshing event to experience the chilling weather in a cradle of nature, rocks depicting the history and valley giving the witness of the site. Sandhan valley adjoining the Bhandarar and to the south of Kalsubai peak would definitely cheer up the nemophilists. Sandhan valley trek is preferred by many youngsters and the escapist of the busy life. Pre-monsoon treks in Sandhan valley give the raw taste of our natural vegetation living at the edge of life waking in a new horizon makes a worth memorable experience.

2. Bhandardara lake camping

Bhandardara situated by river Pravara in the midst of Ratangad, Harsihchandragad fort Ajoba , and Ghanchakkar peaks. bhandarar camping experience is some like one protected by merry mountains and settled calmness of the lake along side. Bhandardara lake camping gives the epic sensation of oneness with silence echo nature that sets apart from our physical environment to one flow with the go.  Bhandardara camping site is celebrated with fireflies a fair set to welcome monsoon. One of the darkest sites, Bhandara camping site is beloved by every soul amongst the fireflies, Mother Nature giving the hope of light in the darkness. Astronomers, sky gazers prefer this site, far away from city lights and one to wish with shooting stars. The romance of stars and moon makes a perfect scenario for cold nights and hot tea. Western Ghats being the heritage of Maharashtra  has always been a protector during our ancestors and still today, forts like along fort nandangarh, kulangad flashes our brief history. the way of life nature teaches to survive  in original habitat is what makes this camping a worth enjoy the time. A bonfire lights the stories in the wild a perfect leisure to celebrate the inner kind. A sizzling barbeque might add a twist to taste.  Bhandardara Lake woos children to have fun in the water and jump out the excitement. Lovely amber rose sky moss brown mountains adjoining a beautiful lake of which everyone gazes in the wild.

3. Pawna Lake Camping

Pawna Lake located 25 km south to Lonavala, an artificial lake formed by nature   serendipity happened to travellers and campaigners. Along the Pawna Lake Camping stands to be perfect camping for people with city occupied life to peek in nature and drown into it for a while. Sahyadri have always been mesmerizing and one of its gifts is Pawna Lake. Adjudging forts like Lohgad fort, Tikona fort, Visapur fort giving a splendid natures love and pride. stories shared among the people making it part of the journey common to all, the heat of the campfire arming up the distance and smile making kiss of nature. clouds showering the shades, drifting apart the worries and making one with nature accompanied by transiting phase of the sun to starry night hitting one with a shooting star. It’s always said one should never fail to see up and gaze, those are the blessing on Mother Nature to surprise us. Waking in the womb of the horizon, rays waking up every cell of our body giving a blissful start of the day. Deeping the feet in the lake gives a sensational love of fishes giggling through our soul to rejuvenate the presence. Indeed a god bless love to enjoy being alive.  

4. Alibaugh Beach Camping

Arabian sea joining two continents, the sea of history and voyages to city Mumbai the economic capital. Along the capital lies the natural port of ancients voyagers Alibaug , in the vicinity yet traders land and home town to fisher community of Maharashtra the land of abundance. Alibaugh is naturally known for its beaches and fish cuisines drizzled with coconut and lime. Alibaugh beach camping lies on the shore of this vast water body. Rattling along the shores with subsiding feet in the chorus of waves. Long-running coconut gardens and refreshing sweet water in the ocean of salt. Alibaug beach camping where one can enjoy rocky beaches along with sandy beaches, adjoining the conches and shells of various colours. Wandering along the shore with naked legs and  the imprints washing along with every wave  thus stamps a memory of our presence in the place. Evening dusk celebrated by playing on the beach and raising a toast to life. Getting along the rich oceanic cuisine with an authentic blend of spices kicking the taste buds with a wow move! Bonfire the heart of every camp, dancing along with the rhythm of trashing wave. The ocean is always known for calmness and depth which travels through one’s mind and soul and trembling our deep within. Alibaug a part of Konkan coast with a rich culture driven and heritage telling stories of the travellers and expedition will definitely make to surf on the high tides of life.

5. Prabalmachi Mountain Camping  

The village of hills, 2300feet above the sea level located at the eagle eye in the sky. Situated in the midst of mountains Prabalmachi camping provides a base camp to the Prabalmachi trek. the Kalavantin Durg and Prabalgad facing tall to each other  were once an observer fort to watch over the vicinity Panvel  and adjoining regions during the reign of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Prabalmachi trek is trekker’s favourite destination, due to steep climbing and thrilling steps leading to the top. Prabalmachi  is the climbers’ pride, bachelors and college students are driven by this Prabalmachi trek. Accompanying villages and their authenticity protect the bountiful nature and history of the warrior. A perfect location from two cities Mumbai and Pune, a turning point from sea level to the higher Western Ghats. Located in the hilly region prabalamachi area is Lighten by fireflies’ pre monsoon and early winter season. The twinkling of stars at night and the lighten spirit of fireflies gives a mesmeric affection to be driven by the view. Delightful barbeque and roasted veggies gives a simmering taste to appetite. Bonfire the spirit of every camp magnifies the intensity of the joy when talks are shared. During spring the valley and the surrounding runs through colourful petals and evergreen lustre. The misty Mountains with shadowing clouds enlighten the spirit of the campaigner.  Running cool breeze of the mountains and temperate zone of sea makes this trek to charge with spirit and courage.

The Adventures of Amboli Ghat

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If you are looking for quiet time and solitude, Amboli is the answer – a peaceful hill station on the Western Ghats, surrounded by dense forests and tree canopied hills. On the coastal side, Amboli peers over the tree-lined, a sandy ribbon of the Konkan coast; on the other three sides of Amboli, you are rewarded by a splendid panorama of the sweeping valley. Not only does Amboli prove to be the ideal weekend getaway, but also makes for a fun water sports spot. It offers one of the best water sports experience in India the quaint hill station of Amboli offers a pleasant and refreshing change of pace to your life.

This ghat is one of the most beautiful and cleanest ghats in India and the famous, lush green hill station of Amboli with its amazing waterfalls lies on this ghat. It is on the way from Kolhapur to Sawantwadi (via Amboli). This ghat receives heavy rainfall and is surrounded by thick forest, gushing waterfalls and beautiful natural landscape. Undoubtedly it is one of the major tourist attractions in Maharashtra. If you are anywhere around Goa and looking for water sports packages in Goa then Amboli is the place you’re looking for. You can begin your fun and enthralling journey to Amboli which is a hill station located near Goa filled natural beauty and serenity. The whole place is naturally blessed with calmness and soothing surroundings. Spice up your adventure trip or tour vacation in Goa. Like Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Amboli Waterfall is also counted among famous Falls in Goa. Enjoy the Water Sports and Waterfall Combo as group packages to enjoy your vacation in Goa at an affordable price.

If you’re into trekking, Amboli has much to offer to you too! Durg and Dhakoba are popular peaks in the plateau between Naneghat and Bhimashankar hill range near Pune. Full of revitalizing greenery and lush dense forests, this trek will succeed in silencing the noise and stress of living in a city and will become your favorite escape to a destination full of peace and serenity. The ranges you will get to trek will easily be one of your most memorable backpack trips.

Are you in Goa for adventure? Do excitement and exhilaration lighten up your soul? Then you have to check out these trekking locations near Goa! Some of the most popular trekking areas around Goa are Amboli, Chaukul, Gele and on-demand places are Kille Pargad (isapur) and Parpoli. You can include Hill Climb, Rock Climbing, Abseiling and trekking in your Goa adventure sports package.

Amboli is also a constant surprise to nature and wildlife lovers. It is also popularly known as home for numerous wild species of reptiles, amphibians, birds, and plants. Monsoon nights in Amboli are filled with the loud croaks and eerie whistles of frogs and toads, among them the critically endangered Amboli Tiger Toad and the endemic Amboli Bush Frog can also be found here.

Amboli is popularly known as one of the best locations for adventure sports in Goa. The trek is relatively unexplored by tourists. Adding to that, The Western Ghats have been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Western Ghats are the only region in India among the 8 such regions in the world which have been regarded as the “hottest hotspots” of biological diversity. There are numerous species of flora and fauna that add to the richness of the Western Ghats.

In India, Goa is blessed with stunning landscapes, pristine water, and soothing beaches. Goa is also considered as the most sought after the place when it comes to water sports. There are a bunch of water sports activities offered suitable for all age groups. Be it a group of friends, family, backpackers or solo travelers, all come to Goa to have a great time away from the busy city life and enjoy an extensive array of water sports.

So, if you’re in Goa next time and looking for some adventure, be sure to check out Amboli Ghat and enjoy its amazing water sports, exhilarating trekking range, and incredibly rare wildlife species. The natural heritage of this place is so vast and serene that it will surely be one of your best and memorable adventures of your life.

Come, Explore Lake Pawna

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Pawna Lake Camping in Lonavala region attracts tourist from all over India. As a tourist spot, it is famous for lakeside camping and it is only 25 Km distance from Lonavala, nearby Mumbai and Pune. The lake is one of the popular artificial lakes located 10 kilometres away from Kamshet on the old Mumbai- Pune highway.

Pawna Camping has become an important campsite after the construction of the Pawna Dam. This place has an ancient history which one can unravel with the exploration of the historical forts such as Tung Fort, Tikona Fort, Lohgad Fort, Visapur Fort. Trekking trips to well-known mountain peaks such as Tikona, Tungi and Rajmachi are a joy to the nature lovers. It is an unforgettable experience in Mother Nature’s lap. Due to its serene beauty and cool weather, people prefer camping. It is the best way to lose yourself in the breath-taking scenery of Pawna Lake and valley and unwind. This campsite near Lonavla is surrounded by lush greenery. Experience the peace and tranquillity of nature at Pawna Lake.

Camping in Pavana is a unique experience combining adventure and ease of being closer to Mumbai and Pune. The lake brims with water throughout the year and is located at a secluded place at the end of Pavana dam. The best time to camp is in the winters, which extend from November to March, with night-time temperatures ranging from 12-15 degrees. After the extended winter, summer lasts for just two months between April and May. Even then, the weather is pleasant 18-20 degrees during the day, and the evenings are surprisingly chilly.

Pawna Camping is a camping hotspot near Mumbai and Pune, for the tourists. June to December is the peak period for the tourists as thousands of people come here to relish the monsoon. It is a memorable experience to stay at Pawna. It is an ideal way to enjoy your weekends and get away from the hustle-bustle of city life and spend time with your loved ones. A fun-frolic affair, Pawna Lake camping is not only about the pristine lake. Enjoy barbeque sessions beside a lively bonfire, & lot more with adventure camping offered in group packages. By the day, you can take up recreational and outdoor activities, relax and enjoy life at your own speed. At night, gather around the campfire (the much-needed source of warmth for most nights) and bond over the hot served delicious food sprinkled with some fun stories. You can also try your hand at cooking BBQ or just lie back and indulge in stargazing. All of these make Lonavala camping experience of a lifetime for you and your buddies. Varied groups visit Pawna Lake like family, corporates, friends, and couples.

Everyone who comes to Pawna is sure to carry a piece of it in unforgettable memories when they leave.