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Best Places To Visit In Maharashtra Near Mumbai During Monsoon

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Monsoon is a favorite season for most of us living in India because it brings us an escape from the intense heat of the summer. The soft Breeze, the cold raindrops and the divine beauty of monsoon are what make it one of the most beautiful Seasons. And so what better than going on a trip during monsoon. So if you are planning a trip to Maharashtra in monsoon or you live in Mumbai and want to go someplace near it, then you are in the right place. There are many places near Mumbai where you can go just for camping, rafting or normal vacation to escape from the busy schedule of your life and get indulge in some kind of adventure holiday. Some of the locations are so close that you can just go there with your backpack, travel light and leave as soon as you can.


Karnala | Best Places To Visit In Maharashtra Near Mumbai During Monsoon

Trip to Karnala is one of the most beautiful road trips that one can have from Mumbai. It is full of mesmerizing views of the Sahyadri ranges and the City itself is a peaceful one did not much noise. A person can relax and enjoy the lush green environment and the tranquil atmosphere that is complemented by the rain. And if that is not enough one can visit the bird sanctuary in the canal are which is located at the base of Karnala Fort and the lake.


Khandala | Best Places To Visit In Maharashtra Near Mumbai During Monsoon

If you are a Maharashtrian you must have heard of Khandala and even if you are not still must have heard Khandala in the famous Bollywood songs. Khandala is a beautiful place near Mumbai which is full of greenery and lakes It in one of the most popular hill stations during monsoon visit.

You can touch the clouds on the top of the hills and during heavy rain, you can go on enjoying the beauty of the city or, can plan a trek up to Tiger point or shooting lake which gives you a Majestic view of the in Khandala, which is sure to mesmerize you.


Lonavala | Best Places To Visit In Maharashtra Near Mumbai During Monsoon

Lonavla is supposed to be a pleasant place to visit, the year, but the best time to visit it is during monsoon because then it gives you a very beautiful green and peaceful environment. It has beautiful lush Green Hills and is very famous for relaxation and adventure activity like hiking, trekking and other such. Some of the most famous places to visit there are the Bhaja and Karla Caves and Lonavala Lake. Lonavala also houses the best lake of the state Pawana Lake which is famous for lakeside camping. Every traveler who visits Maharashtra always has camping in Pawana Lake on their to-do list.


Matheran | Best Places To Visit In Maharashtra Near Mumbai During Monsoon

It is one of the most visited and most beautiful hill station in the state and is located above 2625 feet of sea level. It is a must go place during the monsoon, to escape from the hectic schedule of your city life and just enjoy the peaceful and triangle atmosphere of the greenery in the area.

And if you are visiting here, then one of the must-visit places is there will be the Echo point which gives a beautiful view of the Sahyadri mountain range. You can also get a full 360-degree view of the Western Ghats from the Panorama. Which becomes alive in the monsoon season.


Alibaug | Best Places To Visit In Maharashtra Near Mumbai During Monsoon

If you wish to drive to the spot near the city of Mumbai during monsoon then Alibaugh is your go to the location. The city has mesmerizing beaches where you can enjoy the mesmerizing beach camping, although they may be off limits in the monsoon season, one can still watch them from the Fort near the spot to enjoy the view.

The places many such ruins from ancient Forts like the Forts built by Portuguese, Mughal and Maratha architectures. trekking is also something one should try when visiting here.

Lohagad Fort

Lohagad Fort | Best Places To Visit In Maharashtra Near Mumbai During Monsoon

This fourth is more close to Pune and is popular among people who are looking for an adventure tours in nature. And so it can be taken as one of the best spots for a holiday vacation. One can go and look at the mix of history and culture in the area and there are some studying views to look at and feel the awe.

Some of the famous places to get such a glimpse are the Tung and Tikona Hills and the Pavana Dam. Although the fort looks beautiful all year round, it is the most majestic during the monsoon. And if you want to feel a strong gush of cool wind, then Wind Spot is the place to visit too.


Kolad | Best Places To Visit In Maharashtra Near Mumbai During Monsoon

If you want to do rafting then and this small village is the place you need to visit during monsoon or at any time of the year. Tera number of lakes and beautiful waterfalls which make the whole village one hell of a spectacle during the monsoon.

And enjoying nature is not just the only thing you can do there, you can choose from a number of adventure sports like rafting and trekking. Not to mention this makes this place is one of the most popular tourist locations during monsoon, and so you need to hurry and book your trip in advance.

Vihigaon Waterfall

Vihigaon | Best Places To Visit In Maharashtra Near Mumbai During Monsoon

If you are a fan of waterfalls and want to visit a place that is full of greenery then Vihigaon waterfall is the place you need to visit.

Which place is most beautiful during the rainfall season because doing then, the waterfalls are in their prime.

Not just waterfall, you can go from a variety of adventure sports such as river rafting and rappelling in the area. The location is far from the city and so does not have many accommodations, so one needs to bring their own food and water.


Igatpuri | Best Places To Visit In Maharashtra Near Mumbai During Monsoon

Which is the place covered with touch screen fields and located at the Western Ghats, which makes it looks no less than heaven during the monsoon or not?

It is the perfect spot to escape from the hectic city life and enjoy the waterfalls and nature. You can go on tracks which are easy to do here and refreshing for the mood.

Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat | Best Places To Visit In Maharashtra Near Mumbai During Monsoon

If you are planning to escape the city and go to a place where you can literally touch the clouds, then Malshej Ghat is the place you are looking for. The hill station is located 7 and above sea level. The location is very nice for relaxing and always has great weather and nice views, that complemented by the monsoon.

The location does not have just beautiful mountains and clouds, but one can see some really nice views of quails, flamingos, and cuckoos.

Mulshi Dam

Mulshi Dam | Best Places To Visit In Maharashtra Near Mumbai During Monsoon

Diphtheria is located not far from Mumbai, just a three-hour drive. So you can pack your bags and just go on the tour all by yourself.. The place is considered as the best for sports for an escape from the hectic busy city life. You can see the dam in the area in its prime and can enjoy the view of the thick fog in the area, which gives the sensation of as if you are walking through the clouds. The cool atmosphere, fog, and the lush green environment, this place is a real beauty for a trip for a refreshing experience.

Randha Falls

Randha Falls | Best Places To Visit In Maharashtra Near Mumbai During Monsoon

This is also one of them popular waterfall located in the area, which is really popular among the tourists and thousands of people visit it each year. The place is most beautiful to catch during the monsoon season, where one can have the Majestic view of the high waterfalls and the stunning view of the mountains which are covered by the mist.

One can reach the locations that have those views through a trek. But if not, then there are well paved routed to those locations as well which are more preferable during the monsoon season.


Lavasa | Best Places To Visit In Maharashtra Near Mumbai During Monsoon

Well, one often wishes to visit a place which is charming and makes you feel refreshed for a holiday. So what better than a drive to Lavasa, a budget-friendly place where you can have the beautiful lakeside views, amazing resorts, and an overall pleasant monsoon environment.

It is a place full of nice spas for you to relax high-class restaurants. And then trekking is still an option in the area, or if nothing else get into your comfortable clothes and go on a walk around the location, enjoying the serene views.


Mahabaleshwar | Best Places To Visit In Maharashtra Near Mumbai During Monsoon

You must have heard of this place from someone or the other. After all, it is the Queen of hill stations and is most famous amongst the couples and family people. The location is full of really beautiful and stunning views of The Hills covered with lush green treason it makes the whole area become alive and majestic during the monsoon season. There are a number of places to visit here,  from Morarji Fort and Mount Malcolm to Pratapgarh Fort and Arthur’s Seat. Apart from these locations, the Mapro Garden is a tourist favorite as well.

Well, this brings us to the end of the list of locations that you can visit during monsoon season, just pack your bags and leave for one day trip or go on a week-long vacation, have a relaxing time and just enjoy with your friends or loved one. You can choose from a number of options for outdoor adventure sports or to visit the some of the best camping places near Mumbai or just enjoy the majestic and serene beauty of the nature that the hill stations other locations in Maharashtra has to offer you during the monsoon season.

7 Watersports In Goa That You Must Not Miss Out On | Swayourwat

7 Watersports In Goa That You Must Not Miss Out On!

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Summers are quite an easy way to feel the goodness of water and sports. With the intent to have fun and better summer experience, water sport activities are just enormous, thrilling ways to feel especially with water sports in India. While we speak of water sports in India, there is just one profoundly activated and ideal state for you, that is Goa. Goa makes it a perfect spot to spend summers while having fun with water rides.

The calm and cool beaches with crazy events on the line keep the people engaged and enthusiastic even in hot summers. Goa offers its customers with a variety of best water sports such as the Scuba Diving, Parasailing Boat Ride, Banana Ride, Bumper Ride, Jet ski Ride, FlyBoarding and White-Water Rafting. This caters a kickstart to the customers with their unending fun in Goa.

Furthermore, water sports packages in Goa are also available for the travellers to have complete and effective fun on the exclusive rides of water sports. The water sports packages in Goa involve Parasailing, Banana Boat Ride, Bumper Ride, Jet-ski Ride and a Speed Boat that is significant for Parasailing. The complete package to end, tajes up to 30 to 40 minutes of your fun, yet, it could be a summer for long lasting memories. Water activities in Goa can be loads of fun and experience.


With the perfect combination of Drink and Dine, Goa offers its best services as a destination to live moments not only for India but also to people across the world. Adventure sports in Goa involve a passion and adventure in not only the experienced people with dives but also the travellers to experience the best.

These adventures thus, involve certain cheap water sports in Goa with their best such as Scuba Diving and Snorkelling, Parasailing, Windsurfing, White-Water Rafting, banana riding, Kite surfing and fly boarding. Not only this, Goa also provides its travellers with not just water sports but also with variety of other adventurous activities like camping, hot air balloon flight, ATV Biking, hiking and trekking.


The best beach water sports in Goa include a variety of Beaches like the Baga beach, Calangute beach, Candolim Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Palolem Beach, Manderem Beach, Miramar Beach, Bogmolo Beach, Coco Beach and Querim Beach. Thus, the best beach for water sports in Goa permits the whole of India to conquer the best out of it.

  • Scuba Diving In Malvan

The cheapest scuba diving takes the hold in Malvan, a small town of the nearly two-hours journey from Goa. Malvan Water sports are very famous with the stretch of all sorts of water activities and are increasing by the growing days. The seasonal appearance of the people is mostly in the months between September to July.

The expenses range for 2500 INR per person that involves the services of food, photography, videography and pick & drop to ensure the best deals to the customers and their experiences. Scuba diving packages in Malvan, involve the effective planning from breakfast and lunch to diving and ensuring safety.

The package thus looks out for pick and drop, breakfast and lunch, Professional PADI Certified Instructor, videos and photos, diving and ensuring security, certification. Underwater scuba diving at Malvan is the best adventure sports in Goa that provides the learners to go underwater and feel the completely different world of an aqueous environment.

  • Parasailing Boat Ride

Parasailing in Goa is the most wanted experience across the travellers to take a perfect look of nature as the bird’s eye view. Parasailing is usually taken as an after sport across the sea’s coastline. Parasailing is also recalled as the Para Ascending and enhances the pulses when one goes on top of the area on high edges across the coastlines.

Parasailing is provided with the best beaches go Goa especially, with a minimum of 10 minutes of duration. The beaches especially famous to provide the services of Parasailing are Calangute and Baga Beach. The offers take a way out to minimise the fear of water from people minds and giving them a relishing fun out there.

The parasail is made to ascend and glide from the air with a brightly coloured texture to provide a quick look from far off distances immediately. In the activity, the parasail is connected with the boat and moved wisely along the coastline while air forces it move up. With an efficient boat, nearly two to three person can parasail at the same time, yet, it is conquered to ride majorly just one person with the parasail, effectively.

  • Banana Ride

Banana rides are easy going and fun way to experience water directly, provided especially in the beaches of Goa. Banana rides are inflatable boats shaped like a banana. These banana boats are connected to a speed boat that drive through the sea.

The banana boat is then turned upside-down while taking huge turns across the sea. This ride can capacitate with nearly 4 to 6 people in the ride. This ride is not much dangerous and is suitable for the adults as well as the children to ride on. The not-so-expensive ride is considered much more convenient and safer that the rides like water-skiing or any other towed-water sports, similar to tubing rides.

Furthermore, life jackets are always a call out for safety and precautions for the people.

  • Bumper Ride

The bumper ride, also called tubing makes the use of a donut shaped raft that is tied to a speed boat and scaled with a high-speed ride towards the waves, This features so much fun and amusement for the travellers and experience-seekers, that it cooks the best of interests for all.

It is especially meant for the water-lovers to enjoy and have the best experience in water. With security for the people, they put on the jackets and then the people are told to hold back with the rubber raft. With this the thrilling speed takes on the taste of salt across the endless sea with seemingly enormous fun and mesmerising adventures.

The bumper ride is thus quiet a fun and unique ride for travellers and is a holiday favourite tour for people.

  • Jet ski Ride

Jet Skiing is another most thrilling and unique rides in Goa, to look at. The features of Jet Skiing are just crazy and fantastic to hold for experiences across the Goa memories. Yet, this could be more of learning experience for the first-time enjoyers or the people fearing water to hold on to.

Jet skiing is a very adventurous ride with cutting high speed waves to chase through with around 100 to 135 hp. Also, the beginners would not have any difficulty in turning around with the ride as it is easy to ride one with effective coaching. Jet Ski price in Goa varies around with Rs. 400, 1000, 1500 for 2, 10, 15 minute of trips with the boat, respectively.

Jet Skiing also referred as water scooter is a great living up experience to enjoy a complete different area of interests.

  • Fly Boarding

Fly Boarding in Goa is just a new water sport boosting across, with the storming concept. This ride is again demanded by lots of people travelling for experience. This requires quiet a swimming skill by one to enjoy the perfect blend of ride and fly.

FlyBoarding is a completely new experience where a fly board just like a hoverboard is meant to ride on, that lifts the person above the water to fly. The engine once turned on will exert a force under the feet of the person while the person is required to lie flat on the stomach side. This then will stretch the person horizontally through the water.

Once the person gets familiar with the vibration beneath, the operator enhances the level of thrust gradually. After the improved sensation, one can lift his legs above the waist to help him deal with the water and lift it out to the air.

  • White-Water Rafting

White-Water Rafting is a time to extend towards Goa’s quite mesmerising ride. This ride is enjoyed with the boats on the rivers crossing the times with fun and enthusiasm. With the jackets on the chests for security, people can even join who have a bit of the phobia for water, with no such dangers on course.

Yet, it is not specific to say that it can be a complete learning experience with no such fights with water. White-Water Rafting is considered an extreme and competitive sport with more fun together with colleagues to sail the ride. This has been on boards since the year 1811 when the Snake River was explored.

The River was then, quiet difficult to be explored, when came the pumping of River Rafting. While more than thousand of people to go through river rafting every year, it is quiet an experience for the people with friends and colleagues to enjoy making bundles of memories.

Conclusion There is no doubt that goa is one of the most popular spots for holidays – a well-known one. This does not imply that there is nothing left to discover in the city! There is a lot left to discover and that is what keeps travelling here fun!

Unpopulated Cool Destinations To Help Beat The Heat | Swayourway

Unpopulated Cool Destinations To Help Beat The Heat

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Summers can be really miserable when the temperatures rise to new heights and leave us in a sweaty mess not feeling like doing anything. At that hour, we wonder about how to escape the heat by heading straight to the cool destinations. Here are our top 7 picks from India we bet you wouldn’t have thought about and are sure to render you the solace away from the crowded cities.


Located amidst the Nanda Devi and Nar Parvat mountains, it’s a lovely ski resort in Uttarakhand. Surrounded by lovely oak and coniferous trees, Auli serves for most scenic landscapes and fun tourist activities such as skiing, trekking, camping, and a religious visit to Badrinath temple. Skiing fans gather every year for various ski events. Another well-known spot is the Auli artificial lake which is the highest manmade lake in the world. It was built to create perennial artificial ski slopes. Book your tickets right away with any tours and travels website and enjoy the local cuisines and sightseeing this summer.


 With lush hills, vast areas of tea plantations and amazing weather, Munnar is a great summer vacation destination. Situated in the Western Ghats in God’s own country, it is home to the endangered Nilgiri Tahr, exotic waterfalls and hiking trails. Some of the things that one should definitely try are staying in a tree house, mountain biking, and elephant safari. Being a big exporter and importer of aromatic oils and local chocolates is also the reason why this place is loved.  There won’t be any travel and tours agency that would not brag about its beauty and quality time one could spend. June to September is said to be the most favorable time to visit.


Often referred to as the queen of mountain ranges, Udhagamandalam or Ooty is a little hill station to fulfil your summer escapade with family or friends. Situated in the Nilgiri hills in Tamil Nadu, it provides activities like horse riding, boating due to a good number of lakes present and its highlight, the toy train ride! Also while you are visiting, don’t forget to stock up the organic foods and spices that are worth every effort. Ooty is rich in varieties of medicinal plants and eucalyptus trees which have great significance in medical purposes.


If you want to visit the north-eastern states, Shillong is undoubtedly the best choice. Due to the presence of pine trees and mystical waterfalls, there is absolutely no dearth of natural beauty and it is also the only hill station that can be accessed from all sides. Enjoy the flora, fauna and the manicured gardens along with a myriad of exciting activities. Waterfall rappelling, cave exploration, and yacht riding has really promoted the travel and tourism factor here. The world-famous region Cherrapunji recorded for the highest rainfall is also situated in the area. Momos, tungrymbai, jadoh are among the most famous attributes and they are worth everything.

Horsley Hills

Located at a height of 4312 meters, this series of hills in Andhra aims to be the perfect getaway to relax your summers providing breathtaking views. Unravel your adventurous self and indulge in rock climbing, elephant rides, water walking, zorbing, and fish spa. The minimum temperature recorded here is 15 degrees which ensure a pleasant trip.


The capital of Jammu and Kashmir proves to be one of the most favorite locations for a summer getaway in north India. Experience paradise itself with the serene atmosphere here. Known for its houseboats, Shikara rides, and floating gardens, Srinagar is definitely a must-visit destination recommended by all the tours and travels companies. Kashmiri pashminas and carpets are high-quality stuff that has great value overseas. The artisans are known for their talent of carving on walnut wood.


Among one of the less known spots in India, Pachmarhi is situated in Madhya Pradesh and is the only hill station. Apsara waterfalls, Pandava caves, and Bee fall are some of the tourist attractions and a culmination of forest greens, rock paintings and prehistoric caves of the Buddhist era. Apart from this, colonial-style churches are established here which attract a lot of people. Visit here to refrain from the hustle bustle of the city and soothe the self in the company of nature.

For a real-time astounding experience in the scorching summers, these places are sure to have an ever-lasting impact on your mental and physical well-being and can change lives in ways you won’t expect.